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Helping Communities Thrive - Auditing Corporate Charity

Updated on April 22, 2012

The Young Girl Selling Striped Candy-Straws

This hub for today, April 20, 2012, will be dedicated to a young girl who came into Starbucks asking me if I wanted to help a womans home by buying one of her striped candy-straws she was selling. I felt really bad seeing her walk out after telling her no. Maybe she was an angel in disguise?

Starbucks Campaigns Against Unemployment - Customers Can Buy $5.00 Donations

Now right here at the counter in this Los Angeles, California, Starbucks, is a campaign they are having to help Americans become employed again by customers buying one of their $5.00 tickets. Now how do we as a people really know where all the money is going to? I don't really see a change in the economy, unemployment is still high across the United States, and I just love to write about government fraud. Why enroll at the University of Phoenix to get your college degree to get ahead when you can just work at the school as a sales person, sue the University of Phoenix for fraud, and walk away with $9.5 million dollars.

University of Phoenix Pays Two Former Enrollment Counselors $9.5 Million Dollars Each

You can read about how two sales people who worked at the university made $9.5 million dollars a piece right here:

When Will America Change For The Better?

Maybe America should do something right for once so that every job market is equally fair in terms of employment so that young girls don't have to walk all around their neighborhood selling candy-straws to help their communities thrive. I should've just told that young girl to go and apply at the University of Phoenix for an enrollment counselor position and use the $9.5 million dollars to help the womans home she is helping.

Although the University of Phoenix will never hire me as an enrollment counselor, I will continue to find ways to help people who really deserve it because there are so many people out there in the world today who are struggling financially, who are homeless, and there are children out there who want to make a difference by being active in their communities.

When is this world ever going to change for the better? It's time to start auditing fraud so the whole world can be a better place to live in.


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