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Helping Volunteers with Charitable Donations

Updated on August 22, 2012

I would like to take the time to raise awareness for a friend of mine how is a volunteer and needs your help. Jesse Adam is a volunteer who relies on his car to get around ad help out with the youth of his community. Recently he car engine stopped working and he needed to replace the engine. This was a big expense for him and he did not have all the money.

He relied on the donations of his parents and friends like me to help get his car back on the road. I am now taking the time to help him recoup those costs so he can repay those who helped him most. Mainly his family who gave him around 2300 towards the cost of repairing the car. Jesse’s dad has been out of work for almost a year and a half and this money that went to help him was form his parent’s emergency fund.

Jesse is an awesome person who is very selfless; I know that he feels terrible about having to use the money from his parents

Let’s help out Jesse to pay back his parents and also to get a new pair of running shoes too.

Jesse donated his only pair of runner at the end of the tough mudder (a charity obstacle course that raises funds for soldiers wounded while serving)

Follow the link to the Campaign site and donate a few bucks to help Jesse and his family get back to their helping ways.

Any money that is raised above and beyond the requested goal will go towards his local food drive for the holiday season.

I am sure if he didn’t need it he would have donated his car to charity

Donations4jesse can be made by following the link


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