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Helping and healing our Nation (A Mindstudy Series)

Updated on July 21, 2011

Who Will Help if We Don't

I am writing this hub to make people aware of the need to as as American citizens invlovling our current crisis. The House and the Senate of our national governing body is acting foolishly and irresponsably in a serious issue affecting every American, the deficit. While my writing may relect a lower level of understanding, knowledge and education such a matter, I am putting aside my own pride and risking humiliation in trying to help in what appears to be a selfish indulgence of stubern, unyielding, foolish, stupid pride by our goverment in concern for the citizens it has sworn to serve and protect. I am calling upon every intelligent, educable, learned American citizen to get invloved in what I am refering to as a Mind Study program to help us solve our difficult problems because in the end it is us who will ultamately pay for the problems resulting in constant bickering and gridlock that these selfish, eagotistical politicians are creating.

Invite people to your local comunities as well as successful people to speak and form a thinktank to help people to overcome their personal as well as small business financial woes.
We as American people must rise to the occassion to let our government know that their lack of output about any serious situation involving its citizens will not and cannot be tolerated. I encourage all people on the higest level of education in the fields of enonomics and political science to become active in helping each other to understand what might could be done in resolving our progblems even if it means unseating veteran, longterm incombent congressmen and senators. We need people with the country"s interests at heart and who are seriously devoted to upholding our legal constutational rights. It is clear right now that sworn duties are not being considered but pride is destroying our unity as a nation.

Mr. John Q. Public how will you respond? I will respond by offering up a suggestion that we should meet with our local bank branches to form group accounts joined togerher as an individual group joint account. What does this mean? Individual people, organizations, and business would set up a discussion with their bank executives and excecutives of other financial instutions to form group accounts of people and businesses annonimous to each other to participate in investing a minimun amount of money into a sourt of blind trust and a fee to pay for administrating of these accounts to set up a Certificate of deposit or money market fond that would pay out wuartly devidends to its participants thus allowing them to have some obtainable income and also help the banks to make more money. I ask you to look upon this suggestion as a contributing thought in begging this midstudy series and for anyone capable of looking at this as a serious applicable suggestion to look further into it.

I am doing what your state and federal goverment is not, I am forgetting about my own pride to indulge in serious dialogue that could possibly turn things around for our stats and our country.

We cannot afford to let our serving military veterans, our accomplished citizens who have performed work on behalf of their familes and support of the public to be let down. Our retirees as well as our active public safety, military, and cost gard cannot and must not be cast aside.

America put on your thinking caps. Let's turn this thing around. We have too many people succedding in a country who are suggsessful while our country is about to default on its own obligations. We are so hell bent on protectecting others in the world and defeating terrorism that we have forget about protectiting our citizens in other ways who serve and live here.

Removing curruption and in some cases changing the entire infastructure of existing programs can, will and must make a difference in keeping our country strong by making education and jobs more viable. Everyone who can and are willing to be educated, to become experianced, and who have qulified in sevice to our country here and overseases deserves a right to fair opertunities live and become successful in a what appears to be not such a supperpower as it claims to be.


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    • Lets Learn profile image

      Lets Learn 6 years ago

      This is what happens when personal politics takes over larger interest. This country was always infected by such people. No ideology, whether it is republican or democrat is a remedy for all situations. At times you need republican ideology and some other times democratic. This time when the economy is plummeting surely the republican ideology is not the solution.

      Lets Learn