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Herding Elephants

Updated on May 24, 2012

Two Right make A Wrong?

Pennsylvania is, much like in recent Presidential Elections, seen as a 'battleground state'. It's also become, at some level, a front in the "war on women".

So a right-wing State Representative's proposed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood would seem to elicit some concern from the Romney campaign, or the National GOP. Something like this could be just the thing to rally the folks that rallied at the Capitol on April 28th.

Or could there be a disconnect in the GOP? The obvious disconnect is between the National Party and the States. States from Arizona to Wisconsin have seem GOP Governors wage a series of attacks on workers, Latinos, and the poor. I think what was unexpected was the resistance that these "outgroups" have put up.

But I wonder if there could be a disconnect between the theocratic and plutocratic wings of the GOP. The "Tea Party" is basically a "%1" creation, they have tended to stay away from social issues that would pull some independents away. The religious conservatives that make up a large part of the GOP's base may feel a need to flex their muscle, and remind folks like the Koch's and ALEC.

So the bigger question is, how can the Democrats capitalize? That is a question that will need to be answered in the next few months.


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