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Here is my Bold Prediction: Marco Rubio Will be the Next President

Updated on February 4, 2016

Marco Rubio will be the next President of the United States. America is due for a win. Our last two Presidents, although they might have had their moments, have not been good for the country.

George Bush: Although his domestic policy gets a B-. His foreign policy gets an F. And as in college the F was on the final exam. Bush maintained a B in Foreign Policy. His final exam, The Invasion of Iraq received an F. That was two thirds of his grade. Not the invasion itself was a failure. But the idea was. It was a mistake. President Bush also deserves some blame for the financial crises. Not all, but some.

Then we have Barack Obama. Narcissist, strong socialist leanings. Misspeaks at best. Outright lies at worse. Always has a Straw Man ready to go. I am not even sure he likes the United States and what it stands for. He sees the U.S. as an extension of Western Europe and Western Europe has many sins to answer for. President Obama gets a failing grad on both domestic and foreign policy. He has been a disaster.

My prediction is it will be Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side and Marco Rubio on the other. The Democrats at this point have no choice. The only one left in the race is Bernie Sanders. Honest to a point, likable. But Bernie Sanders is like your old uncle that gets riled up at the family picnic. You listen to him with respect but really don't take anything he says seriously. The evil corporations speech starts getting old after the first dozen or so times you hear it.

So that leaves Hillary Clinton. Oh to be sure Hillary is a gamble. She has many questionable issues hanging over her head with the biggest being the email fiasco. First, if it turns out that she did or one of her staff sent highly secret information over the internet. That is not good. Not good for her and not good for the Nation. Second, even if the F.B,I. does come to that conclusion will the Obama administration bend to justice? Is it party over country? That is an unknown.

Now the Republicans. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are standing in front of Rubio. I like to think that the system will eventually filter out the Trumps and the Cruzs of the world. Lets take Trump. Ego maniac and rude. But also accomplished and he has a reputation for getting things done. Obviously brighter then what he appears. But Trump is about Trump. I have no doubt that he does care about his fellow man. But if the choice was ever between him versus his fellow man. Well. Lets just say you don't want to be trapped in a life boat with him.

His opinions on issues have morphed over time. So much so that I could never say with confidence, he would ever stick to what his current opinions are. He is not a conservative. I think Trump will tire of the process once he is not the front runner. Lets hope so.

Now Ted Cruz. Wow. First, Red Flag. He has no allies in the Senate. Big Red Flag. Second, he wraps himself in the bible. When he gives a speech I get the feeling he is telling his audience what they want to hear. I don't trust people like that. He is not as bad as Hillary. Few are. But still, it's there. Cruz will have a hard time after Iowa. I don't think he has broad appeal and he will find, like Hillary did eight years ago, that you need allies. He will not make it to the end.

Next up is Marco Rubio. Young, attractive, likable. He is not fancy, not rich. Very humble, very Hispanic and seems like an every-man. He can hold his own in a debate. He also has a nice voice. Yes a nice voice. Don't underestimate how that can help. And he can make a good speech with it. I have seen samples before but his speech in Iowa after the caucus was a good example. The Republicans will need to make some type of headway with the Hispanic electorate if they expect to win.

He does have baggage. He did try to move amnesty. But let's be realistic. You can't deport 12 or 20 million people. Whatever the number is the horse is already out of the barn. Shooting the horse is not the solution. The solution is to secure the barn.

I predict it will be Rubio who is the Republican nominee. On the other side it will be Hillary Clinton unless her legal problems come to a head before then. If that happens then Joe Biden may make a run for it or even a Bloomberg. Or a player to be named later.

But in the end it will be Marco Rubio. And if you want a Republican Conservative in the White House you better hope so too.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      I didn't read any compelling arguments for Rubio. I do agree that Cruz is not a viable choice.

      The democrats have failed to put forth a viable candidate, and recycling Hillary, and pushing Socialism with Bernie doesn't really give good coverage for the presidency.

      Whether Trump may or may not be viable, he is certainly breaking the traditional lines of political campaigns. This is good in the sense that our current system led the country to decline since the 1970s, and through 2008, and it still declines today.

      A gridlock congress, and a president that legislates is the tragic result of the traditional two party system. Trump appears to be outside that box, and that is good to a point.

      The republicans have assembled a choir, and not a soloist with the exception of Trump. The democrats don't even have a choir.

      The democrats and the republicans have a tradition much like the Hatfields and McCoys. The voters, especially the loyal party voters have fueled this political feud for over a hundred years, and the results are here today.

      Unless there is a new paradigm for the branches of the US government, don't expect any different results from the 2016 presidential election.


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