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Herman Cain the Godfather’s CEO is Taking the Presidential Campaign Race by Storm

Updated on November 8, 2011

Herman Cain A Man with Style

A bold, fresh candidate with no political background, yet bringing forth strong ideas about how to change our economy and get it back on the right footing, has taken the GOP aback. Herman Cain, the current CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, is an American success story looking to become the first president since Eisenhower who has no previous political experience at the local, state, or national level.

What makes Herman Cain so compelling is his rise from poverty. His father worked three jobs at one time to help support his family. He could be one-step away from the Republican nomination. Herman Cain is an average man, with the business experience, and insight about how the government unduly affects those who run everything from large corporations to small to one-person businesses.

Though Cain’s skills at debate are quite remarkable, he does not converse in the political doublespeak of his opponents who have gotten most of their experience in government. Where all statements are carefully crafted to not offend anyone, they do not really say anything. Cain’s easy going approach and signature statement about the effects of career politicians, “How’s that working out for you?” has made him an instant favorite which many who have been turned off by the political process.

The Tea Party, a group dedicated to reducing government spending and the national debt has embraced Herman Cain as one of their own. Yet Cain’s identity remains independent with many who hear his practical, effective statements on how to deal with our currently struggling economy.

Cain recognizes that the first goal is getting American back to work. He feels that the current system under President Obama will only lead to more discouragement and even a bigger downturn than before. So Cain has developed the “9-9-9” plan for those above a certain earning level. This plan, which is transitional in nature from the current tax base of personal income to a sales or VAT tax system will pull the burdens of large taxes off individuals and corporations and instead use tax money that is collected when money is transacted.

The “9-9-9” plan is nothing new, but the way Herman Cain envisions the plan being implemented has been met generally with acceptance and even enthusiasm from economic experts who realize that our current situation is untenable and American needs the shake up that Herman Cain is proposing. The “9-9-9” plan reduces the personal income tax rate to 9% on individuals and corporations. The other 9% will come from a sale tax. However, those earning under the poverty level will not have to pay the individual tax as it would cause undo burdens on them.

Herman Cain’s plan is projected to cause massive growth in the both large and small business by chopping out special tax deductions and putting American companies back in the job of hiring new workers and making products the consumers want, not what Washington D.C. is dictating.

There is a new candidate making waves on the national scene, a man whose business experience and knowledge is sweeping the country with the excitement of possibilities. Herman Cain is taking the presidential race by storm.

Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain Debate

Herman Cain breaks down his 9-9-9 plan


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