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Heroes Around Us

Updated on July 22, 2014


Who is a hero? When people mention the word 'hero', positive attributes come to mind. A hero is one who puts his best foot forward for the sake of others. They are the ones whom others can look up. They can be defined using a wide array of adjectives. It all depends on the person doing the defining. Many people refer to how heroes are strong and daring, and never frightened. Others say heroes are those personalities that are caring and thoughtful about those around them. A hero puts others before oneself. Some are quick to put it forward that a hero is always definitely popular.

Who, however, is a hero? What does it take to become one?

The Origin of Heroes

No, not the ones that come from galaxies far, far away.....

The term hero has its origins in ancient Greece-"ἥρως" (heroes). It originally referred to a demigod, the product of a mortal human parent and an immortal god. Many consider them the mortal beings that could reach the gods and challenge them. Slowly, as time progressed, the word hero came to refer to those who in the society who came to achieve great feats that were either too daunting or perilous. It has also gone to cover personalities such as protagonists in written works and superhuman characters in fiction.

Upon all consideration, a hero is that person in extraordinary circumstances that prevails in the end against the odds.

Who is your Hero?

Every person encounters heroes along the path of life - people they can look up to and have every belief and faith in take a child for instance. In the child’s eyes, the parent is always right. Everything the parent is said is seen to be the gospel truth and the child does what the parent directs and does. In the child’s eyes, the parent is that hero who is perfect in all sense. Most people go through this phase.

Scholars look at important people in the worlds history and based on their achievements deem them as heroes to look up to. People they can inspire to be. Others look at the important people among them who undertake in activities they themselves find difficult, stand up for issues they themselves can’t or those who raise crowds of followers by their speech or conduct.

People expect heroes to achieve certain standards and maintain them. Moreover, there are heroes in both aspects of life, both negative and positive. There are those whose heroes are those that break laws and challenge authority. They have the air around them suggesting that what law enforcement agencies say or do does not affect them. They are self-purportedly above the very laws that govern them. People view them as daring and brave. In addition, when they fail to do as expected of them by their fans or followers, if they fail to keep up to the legends that they are, the people lose respect for them.

There are those deemed heroes by rising above adverse conditions in life to become wealthy, powerful and influential. People see this is more so when they return the profits of their ventures to the societies from whence they come. This is usually regardless of the means through which the money has been obtained. Those deemed heroes tend to make errors in judgment that more often than not are the cause of their downfall.

Expectations of a Hero

A hero is required to provide sound judgment and direction to those who look up to them with questions on what to do in certain situations. It is required of them to give the appropriate advice in all situations to enable those dependent on them to have solid and right basis for their undertakings and positive attitude growth.

A perfect example is the relationship between a parent and child. The child, as said earlier, does what the parent directs and copies the parent’s actions. This us as, put simply, parents are heroes to their children. It is common to hear children saying that when they grow older, they would want to be like their parents. Such heroes have a moral obligation to provide the necessary guidance and directions to those keenly following them for direction. So, to answer the question that is on your mind:

Who is a Hero?

Contrary to many views, a hero is not that one individual that amasses a huge following. They are not individuals who entertain followers by a showcase of bravado or those who show disrespect for law and order. No, those are not heroes.

A hero is that individual who rises above common views of things and is not swayed by the perception of the crowd. A hero is that one individual who sticks to the right thing even when abandoned by those who deem it a worthless course. A hero motivates. A hero builds, not destroys. A hero is not a product of people’s praise. A hero is the product of principles.


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