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Hiatus Over: Time to Speak, Agree & Irritate

Updated on July 29, 2016

Covering the Basics That Have Already Been Thoroughly Debated

Let's get down to business.

I think Barack Obama has been a good President, especially considering the mess he inherited from the George W. Bush Administration.

I also think some of the animosities directed at President Obama are the result of racial prejudice, which unfortunately still exists.

Hillary Clinton would not have been my top choice for President, but I think she is credible and is probably going to surprise a lot of people.

Donald Trump should not be running for President. He points out the worse in everything never citing the things that do Make America Great. He has no understanding of international relations, where you enter agreements and not make deals. The idea of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is abhorrent to the foundation of this country. His name calling, mimicking of physically impaired people and his attitude of that "I" trumps (no pun intended) "We the people."

OK, now that I have irritated many of you, it is time to get down to business.

Rose By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Cute
Rose By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Cute
Annie 14 and still active
Annie 14 and still active

Family Ties Developing

Annie came from the pound. She was a scrawny thing, but she ate more, got bigger and having our first Beagle Hannah watching out for her.

When I was sick for some various illnesses, Annie would always come and sit or lay by me to make sure I was all right. Beagles seldom live past the age of 15, but Annie is a strong little girl, and she may just beat the odds.

Annie has developed a friendship with Rose. She is that kind of dog. They play, sleep and eat together. Our newest, Rose came to us a little over-weight. She has dropped a few pounds and in less than two weeks and has developed into an important part of the family.
Everyone Adjusting

With two Beagles and a two-year-old grandson, our lives stay busy, allowing me the time to listen to all the speakers and examine the backgrounds of the two presidential candidates and reach the conclusion that dogs make good decisions. I hope people can make the right choices.

Beagle Family Update

Anyone who remembers my previous offerings may recall my family has a strong attraction to dogs and in particular, to Beagles. If you have never owned a Beagle or been around a Beagle, it is hard to understand the attraction.

Beagles are loving dogs, but they like to express their independence. They do not really like to do tricks, like fetch or sit up and beg. A Beagle we once had was caught telling another that I was trying to train something to the effect of, "Girlfriend, we are Beagles, and we don't do tricks." She continued by saying, "If he wants to throw the ball, he can chase it. If he says sit up and beg, let him sit up straight and beg for food."

We had three Beagles, Hannah, the wise one, Annie the cute one and Sammy, worse bark but the assumed the job of protecting his step-sisters and became my son's best friend following a near-fatal auto accident.

Two of our Beagles had to be put down. Hannah developed a form of dementia and was almost blind because of cataracts. Sam developed a growth on his spine and could not control his hind legs. We miss both.

We still have Annie, who is 14 years old and had a couple of close calls but bounced back. We also have a new addition.

Rose is a rescue Beagle. She is larger than any beagle we had, but she is the kindest and quietest dog we ever had. She has been a good addition to our family, and she seems to be very happy as the newest part of our family.


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