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Hidden In Plain Sight The New World Order

Updated on August 24, 2010

Bilderberg Group

North American Union Truck Routes

Open Corridors with Mexico and Canada.
Open Corridors with Mexico and Canada.

The New World Order

Respect Your Republic Don't Lie To It!

How do you hide something you don't want anyone to notice? What do you do? How do you make it so that if you are up to something you don't want anyone to know about in a way that you can get away with it? Well you don't hide it, you just do it as if you were doing something you were supposed to be doing right out in front of everyone. This is a type of socially constructed engineering in where you the person unaware of what is going on are the unwilling victim of another person's plans to use or harm you or to make you do what it is they want. Hackers call this social engineering, it is a way for them to conduct nefarious activities that seem completely benign to those around them. So what does this have to do with the New World Order? Well in a sense we have all played into this game of cat and mouse where we are the mice and the cat has us cornered. In a sense we all have been duped.

Let me explain; we the people believe that we as a nation and as citizens have certain rights and that those rights are protected by law. But we the people elect representatives that are supposed to enforce our will by doing what is best for the greater number of citizens that elected them. But then why do companies and other special interest groups spend billions of dollars a year giving our government officials perks, promises of careers after their political runs as speakers and even lobbyists for those parties? The truth is that our representatives are approached before their name is even on the ballet. They are bought and paid for before they are even elected by the people and are working for those groups. They may say one thing on the campaign trail, but behind the scenes they are doing their damnedest to make sure those groups that have promised them the world if they do what they want get their way. We the people are only the way in for them, we hold the key to their office but those groups hold the keys to their future. From Senate and Congress, to the oval office... they are the players of a major game of cat and mouse.

What if and we have to say what if because we really can't say different; there is a group of people out there that have no place in politics (since they are bankers and financiers) that are actually the ones running the show? Would it really be such a far stretch of the imagination to believe that such a group can actually exist? People say... well come on, we'd of seen or heard of it by now! Well I'm sure we have! We are all the victims of our own closed minds. We choose to believe that what we see is all there is. But we don't choose to look beyond the obvious to those things that are less than obvious. It is like one of those pictures within a picture puzzles, the deeper you look the more you see. The governments are really nothing more than one small part of a much larger more detailed picture. Those governments and people that do not choose to take part in the bigger picture are labeled radicals and enemies of the state.

Now you are saying... this guy must be one of those conspiracy nuts! That's great because hey guess what... you can be the victim of their ruse and enjoy your life with your small piece of the picture... that is exactly what they want you to do and that is exactly what you'll do. I for one have taken a step back and have seen the bigger picture, and once that has happened you can't ever go back to just enjoying that small piece of that picture again. The larger picture is much more terrifying than just what we are told in the headlines of our news.

The powers that be in this world are those very few that have a much deeded interest in the fact they can control the world's economic and political structure. These power brokers if you will are the ones that approach your political leaders through other private industrial and financial filaments to make sure that the world is steered in the direction they wish it to go. Don't you ever wonder why we still are using oil for fuel when we need it more for plastics and other industrial products? Why are we wasting it all by burning it? There is too much money to be made on oil, too much control to be gained by having that industry stay in power. He who controls the energy controls the population. From trucking and distribution of goods, to travel and commuiting Everything we consume, drugs, food, fuel, electricity, water are all the things that are provided to us so that we don't see the obvious truths. We are being controlled and manipulated.

Yes manipulated! Groups of retired and even active members from the Council on Foreign Affairs go to private secretly held meetings at which they spend a few days during the year discussing things like food and resource distribution to the world, financial capital gain and debts, and this is a group derived of high level bankers, ex-politicians, media heads, and giants of industry. These are the members of the Bilderberg Group. This private group of high level mostly rich men and women are the real movers of the worlds commerce and political stages. To them the world no longer has borders. It is a global market place and they treat it like those men and women who trade their stock on the market. It is the worlds biggest craps game. But in the end these people are not the ones that will suffer or benefit from this game. The only thing they get out of this game is power. They have their money and their way of life and it is not threatened by the games they play. We the people are the ones they see as nothing more than human cattle.

So what is their plan? Well it is to divide the world into sects or fronts of commerce to control. They are doing this so that in those world regions the resources and financial sectors can be presided over and controlled easier. By doing this the New World Governments will be able to control the masses in the same way they have the first worlds consumer base. Through media and consumerism they can lull their populations into their trap. Their intentions may be good in a sense that by controlling world population growth and consumption of resources everyone will have the opportunity to have a sustainable life. But when you give power to only a few there are always those that misuse that power for their own benefit. It is a basic human emotion (greed).

If you are not convinced that there is something going on behind the scenes I encourage you to investigate the matter yourself. There is a consortium made up of high level international ex-politicians and private industrial tycoons that talk about world wealth and resource distribution at meetings every year. During these secretive meetings these lords of the world discuss how to best serve their interests by discussing who to lobby to and what their agendas are. This is a crisis of misplaced power. We have lost our freedom through the illusion of commerce and consumerism. There is an illusion of freedom because we are complacent in our world and our standing in life.

So you might be asking, whats this got to do with me? Are you a patriot? Do you love your country? What would happen if one day the United States, Canada, and Mexico united under one union (a North American Union)? We would share a new constitution with those nations, and have a common currency, and the borders between those nations would be opened up. Why would the sovereign governments of those nations want to do that? Well look at the E.U., With one united front those countries now share a common currency and they have a new European Government under which all commerce and resources are shared by each member state. Together they are stronger but those countries that were independently strong before the union had to come down a notch in order to bring their struggling neighbors up a notch. Now think about the global economic crisis, Europe also hosts Greece (a country going belly up financially), if they do then it will domino into every member state and effect their economic viability. Now look at Mexico, we already have problems along the border with violence and drug gang activity, their politics in Mexico hardly mirror what we have here in the United States nor do they jive with our peaceful neighbors to the north Canada. Poverty in Mexico is astounding and in order for the U.S. and Canada to have a North American Union with a bordering 3rd world nation like Mexico. With our nation struggling already with the economic melt down in 2008 and 09 we could be looking at a major depression along with problems that come from adopting the citizens of a 3rd world nation and taking them under a unification. Already the infrastructure is being set in place. Truck routes into Mexico are with a no border policy for NAFTA are built that run from central Mexico through the United States and into Canada. While we talk of protecting borders there are plans in the works to offer all illegals amnesty. I agree with the idea that we should take in the poor and the hungry, but there is a process by which that ideal comes to fruition.

What these power brokers want is to unify the world under what would be called the New World Order. In this idea the planet's resources and banking giants would be distributed to all nations by order of population and need. How would this be achieved? By lowering the standards of living in the first world nations and raising the standard of living in third world nations to bring all the nations masses into an equilibrium. Think of it like scales. There are the haves and the have nots; the way things are now a major majority of our worlds population live on less food and money for a week than an American or European has in one day. The idea is to ween the addicted nations off so much consuming by collapsing their economies while bringing industry and wealth to third world nations. But like us here what comes up must come down. There is an acceleration of this process now. A war between ideas is already in place. The people of our world are being lulled into a blissful sleep so that we will not see that our sovereignty is in jeopardy. It is already happening and the infrastructure to make it happen is in place. Radicals or as I call them Freedom Fighters will be labeled terrorists, to the powers that be they are decedents and trouble makers. This is no fiction, it is real and it is happening all around you. You can listen to the media and see what is in front of you but will you dig deeper to find the truth? You can be blissfully happy with the show being put on for you or you can look behind the scenes to see what is actually at work.

Something is going to happen folks. There are strange things going on and we are all being lied to. It is like the movie They Live where the people are actually hypnotized while the real power behind the scenes is working their agenda. Look into Colorado's International Airport, look into the Georgia Guide Stones, research NAFTA... Look at where your jobs are going, look at the economy, look at the E.U.... Open your eyes and see what is happening.


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    • tamron profile image


      7 years ago

      Many will be deceived! Sad but even when you talk to your closest friends about just the possibilities its just scary how much people trust the government. That is why you be prepared for survival you can't save people who don't want to be saved. Forget about them and get out while you can.

    • Cow Flipper profile imageAUTHOR

      Sean Jankowski 

      8 years ago from Southern Oregon

      It really is frightening isn't it? We have a nation worth saving, if that statement makes me a nationalist THEN SO BE IT! I'd rather be a patriot and love my home and guard it against foreign enemies and domestic than to let those power hungry bastards ever take away the sovereignty of this nation. I will not be a slave for the few. I will provide for my wife and children and be damned the powers that be. They would have to kill me to make me conform to such an ideal, and I shudder at the thought of what lengths I'd have to go through to protect my family.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      8 years ago

      This concept of a New World Order is really incredibly frightening. George Soros is a big fan of the idea and he foresees China leading all of us into the great unknown. This has all the makings of a very bad grade B movie.

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 

      8 years ago

      Proponents of the new world order say they want to improve the lives of everyone in the world, then they hold up China as a good example. China is a land of slaves. For example, factory workers live in dormitories, usually 100 to a room, eat in large cafeteria, and work 14 hours a day or more. This is what will happen to us if the new world order comes about.


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