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High values and morals: the key to success? Part 2

Updated on July 14, 2012

Part 2- Realism vs. Negativism

Life is not easy for those of us who strive to do things the right way. Not only do people who try to do the things in the most moral and ethical way have to deal with a considerable amount of people who don’t think it twice to bribe or extort those who don’t agree with their postures but we also have to face the issue of facing the consequences of not yielding, which may include not being able to get a job, being fired, being mocked and bullied and even being framed if we are surrounded by people who don’t keep high morals.

Our world has become so complicated and difficult to live in because of the huge amount of people who don’t care about others that there are more and more laws that affect the welfare of those who want to do things right. For example, here in the United States people who want to establish a business have to get a permit for almost everything. Permits are neither cheap nor free, so a person who is bankrupt and unemployed has a lot of trouble to keep a living. I have personally seen so many homeless people who used to have their houses, and now because the bank has possessed their homes and they got no money, they have to live in the streets or shelters. People can’t establish businesses in the streets without permits or a form of allowance and there are areas where it is prohibited. This happens worldwide- we are creating a world of seven billion people where less than half of them can live modestly. In Africa and other poor regions, people can’t do much to live in at least on the basics. No food, no power, no water… thousands die every day of starvation, dehydration, killed by others who rob their belongings and some commit suicide because they lose their hope. Meanwhile, governments and the rich get richer and richer, and here the key of being educated and pursuing a dream is minimal. There are a few cases were people are able to escape a hellish life, but while they might think it was their dedication and their charisma, this is not true as many people who are just as dedicated, charismatic and hard-working are not able to escape. Luck plays a huge role in the success of those who are poor and find a way to exit poverty.

Realism vs. Negativism

Many people confuse realism with negativism. Negativism happens when you expect something bad on something you cannot foresee. Example- you study, you work hard for an exam, yet you think you will get an F. Realism, regardless of being something positive or negative, happens when you understand that something is going to happen or is happening and cannot be denied. Example- the global economy is not getting better. It’s understandable that people don’t like to keep hearing bad news every time, but to live in an illusion is just as dangerous as living constantly negative. An example of an illusion that no matter how many times it has proven wrong but keeps happening time after time is when people fall in love and expect their lives to change so no problems or unhappiness occurs. Face it- life will not be easier if you get married. There is no Prince Charming, and there is no Princess Pink. Children are dangerously deceived when they are told fairytales without stating the realism of life out there. Some men and women expect their “love” to be as pure as it can be. Realistically you have to understand that in such a sexualized world where obsession with romance and sex has got to the point where mental disorders and evil behaviors such as pedophilia and zoophilia are on the rise, not to mention rape, sexual harassment, abuse of the elder and so forth, you can’t expect to find someone “pure” easily. Today, virgin people are bullied- regarded as gays, weird or so many called names.

This is what happens- if you wait for someone and you get older and older, the possibilities of finding that someone who fills your expectations becomes more and more difficult. 30 year old single men who have never had any relationship before are almost taken as gays. You tried to do the right thing and got to the patient only to be regarded as gay because you haven’t found that someone that fills your expectations? Again, this shows how trying to do the right thing does not guarantee any success. You may want to ask: how do bad boys get a girlfriend so easily? Simple: Pretty talk, babbling romance and some cute words even when they are not meant from the heart. There have been countless, millions of cases of women abused and killed by their partners, yet we still see so many ‘low-lives’ getting a girlfriend and you may ask, how could this be? When will there be a time in which people realize that you can’t always trust what you always hear or read? This is also applied to fanaticism in religion and politics. Decade after decade, we still elect those who talk pretty even though they don’t do anything useful and devastate the economy with their conservative or extremely liberal mindsets.

Is there anything we can do to help those who do the right thing to not count too much on luck to be successful and rather been awarded for their dedication and effort?

Unfortunately, we have let things go too far to find an easy solution to this problem. Lying ourselves into thinking that it takes effort and hard work to be successful is not going to solve this problem. Sometimes, it works, but it does not always work. There are many people who are successful via the easy way- lying, cheating, deceiving others and being hypocrite. The lack of stability in the jobs, the scarcity of happiness in the workplace, the high percentage of divorces and romantic splits, the increasing obsession of sex and the endorsement of wrongful competition- which means those who attack others in order to better sell and do business, shows that unfortunately, those who have been and will continue to be born in these times will have to count on luck to be successful other than anything. Certainly, hard work and a great effort may help reduce the probability of having bad luck, but it does not erase it. This may sound pessimistic, I know, but it’s worse if we lie to ourselves. We are too many people in the world and we continue to get more people here without trying to decrease this problem. Therefore, what can I say… good luck. Stay positive but keep realistic.


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