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Highest Top Teacher Salaries across Illinois for 2011-2012 School Year

Updated on October 27, 2012

According to the State Board of Education 2011-12 data provided by districts include all pension contributions.

Starting salary with BA followed by highest possible salary in that district:

1) McHenry Community HS. District 156 NA $184,387

2) Oak Lawn Community HS. District 229 $51,314 $138,587

3) Oak Park River Forest SD 200 $54,925 $137,037

4) Reavis Township HS District 220 $55,091 $132,942

5) Township HS. District 113 $50,498 $130,789

6) Leyden Community HS. District 212 NA $130,315

7) DuPage HS. District 88 NA $130,269

8) Maine Township HS. District 207 NA $129,907

9) Community HS. District 128 NA $128,868

10) Lemont Township HS. District 210 NA $128,579

11) Lake Forest Community HS. District 115 $50,116 $127,649

12) New Lenox SD 122 NA $127,096

13) Argo Community HS. District 217 $50,081 $127,043

14) Riverside-Brookfield Township SD 208 $53,008 $126,999

15) Lyons Township HS. District 204 $52,429 $124,780

16) Hinsdale Township HS. District 86 $51,743 $124,714

17) New Trier Township HS. District 203 $51,840 $124,363

18) Fenton Community HS. District100 $51,514 $124,102

19) Woodridge School District 68 NA $123,946

20) River Forest School District 90 NA $123,504

167) City of Chicago School District 299 $50,577 $95,887

According to the data provided by the State Board of Education, in many school districts, teaching can be a very lucrative profession. Of course, the highest paid are veteran teachers who have many years of service. However, are the best teachers always the ones who last the longest in any given school district? We seem to believe so, since their salaries deem it this way. The community has no really way to test for the best, that is to ensure the best teachers get the best salaries. The districts give the recommendations and pat those educators on the back with raises and pensions. Communities have little or no say in the process. Illinois has been known for decades of playing with favoritism and nepotism concerning public civil service employees. Teaching is an honorable profession, instilling wisdom on to the next generation. If graduation rates were 100% and drop-out rates were 0%, then there would be nothing to say about salaries of our educators!

Are educators salaries & pension compensations in line with your communities graduation and drop-out rates?

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    • profile image

      P.J. Messineo 5 years ago

      All names and addresses of each teachers students should be kept for eight years. After 8 years a mailing should be sent to former students, who then can vote and rate the teachers effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the highest. This is based on popular experience, when most of look back, we remember 4 or 5 outstanding teachers we had. Only these great teachers should receive the top rewards and salaries.