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Highway Terror in Denmark

Updated on August 23, 2016

What happened?

Early Sunday morning the 21st of August a family car was hit by a 30-kilo concrete-rock on the Danish highway. The big concrete rock was dropped from a highway bridge by what is suspected to be more than one culprit. The victims were a german family on their way home from vacation, in the car was the father, mother and their 5-year-old son. The mother died at the scene, the father is currently in hospital with a critical status, and the son got away with some scrapes. The type of concrete in the rock has been identified but the place of origin has yet to be found. The culprits have yet to be caught, but it is suspected to be a minor terrorist attack. Then Monday the 22nd another rock was thrown, but this time, no one got hurt.

Then Monday the 22nd another huge rock was thrown, but this time, no one got hurt. Since the first incident, a lot of similar situations has been reported to the Danish police.

What's your opinion?

Should the highway bridges (worldwide) have more security?

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