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Hillary Clinton Gets Shoe Thrown At Her, so She Must be Running for President

Updated on April 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton, Presidential Hopeful

Hillary Clinton smiling for a photo op with President Lula.
Hillary Clinton smiling for a photo op with President Lula. | Source

Hillary Clinton Quote

"Is that somebody throwing something at me? Is that part of Cirque de Soleil?"

-Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Might Run for President

Hillary Clinton said during a speech on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, that she was seriously considering to run for President. She was in San Francisco at the time.

Woman Throws Shoe at Hillary Clinton

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Hillary is Speaking. Get Your Shoes Ready...

Hillary Clinton went onstage at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas on April 10, 2014, when a black and orange blur whirred by her face. The object was a shoe, and Hillary had plenty of time to duck.

Liberals should note that George W. Bush was nowhere in the room at the time, so it wasn't "Bush's fault."

A Typical Run-for-President Speaking Engagement for Hillary Clinton

It was a typical run-for-President speaking engagement for Hillary Clinton, when things got ugly, and a shoe came off.

Hillary Clinton was speaking before the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting, sharing her expertise about scrap recycling, when the unthinkable happened. A shoe was thrown at Hillary. She ducked, and it missed.

There were more than 1,000 people in attendance to witness the event.

The woman that threw the shoe was arrested by Secret Service and will face criminal charges.

People in attendance watched as the shoe thrower threw her hands up in the air, frustrated that she missed her target. She calmly walked to the back of the room and was arrested by security officers.

The whole event was captured on video and can be watched on the right.

Who is this Mystery Woman?

The woman that threw the shoe was blonde, and middle-aged, and wore a blue dress. The blonde hair rules out that this woman was Monica Lewinsky - a former acquaintance of Bill Clinton from the White House.

The woman refused to identify herself to reporters.

The recycling institute spokesman confirmed that this woman was not authorized to be in the ballroom for this event.

Only one thing can be said with certainty about the mystery shoe-throwing woman: She probably won't be voting for Hillary Clinton for President.

Hillary Clinton Gets an Apology

The chairman of the organization apologized to Hillary Clinton at the end of her speech. He offered his "deepest apology for that crude interruption."

The Shoe Thrown at President Bush in 2008

The Shoe Thrown at President Bush in 2008
The Shoe Thrown at President Bush in 2008 | Source

The Facts are the Facts

"If you want the facts, it's a size 10 shoe that he threw," said President Bush.

A reporter later asked him to reflect on the incident.

He replied, "I didn't have much time to reflect on anything, I was ducking and dodging."

In Arab Culture, Shoe Throwing is the Worst Insult

Especially in the Arab culture, to have a shoe thrown at you is regarded as the ultimate insult, because shoes are considered "unclean."

Probably the most remembered incident of this taking place was back in 2008, when George W. Bush had a shoe thrown at him by a local journalist during a press conference in Baghdad, Iraq.

Many local reporters apologized to George W. Bush for the incident. He replied, "Thanks for apologizing on behalf of the Iraqi people. It doesn't bother me."

If an Arab says to you, "I'm going to thump you with a shoe," the insult is extremely bad. You never show the sole of your shoe to another man in the Arab culture. It is like flinging animal poop on your neighbor, and calling him a pig. (source: BBC article)

Also, wearing shoes inside of a mosque is strictly forbidden.

© 2014 zeke2100


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      There is definitely something wrong with this country when a woman gets arrested for throwing a non-lethal shoe at a celebrity, but a kid who takes a knife to school gets a few day suspension and a slap on the hand.

    • zeke2100 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Yes, they say she will face criminal charges.

    • maxoxam41 profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      Waow she will face CRIMINAL charges? That's a joke? Isn't there a difference between shooting a bullet and the throwing of a shoe? What about her sense of humor? None, right?


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