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Hillary says "We're in this together" but were her supporters playing by the rules together?

Updated on February 20, 2016

The result are in and HIllary Clinton says “we’re in this together” after her victory, but was she really supported by Nevada citizens?

During the Caucus a video went viral which claims to show Clinton Supporters entering the Caucuas without registering:

The internet is up in arms as people are demanding an investigation. Another voter who goes by PPG113 had this to say on reddit

“The Volunteer was at the express desk, and no one seemed to know that were SUPPOSE to also still allow democratic party registration, though that is a different matter. Said volunteer clicked on hillary on his screen when I told him clearly Bernie, he froze, and on my third repeat, he corrected it as I stared at him. What, if anything it changes, I do not know since it was not my ballet sheet he was marking. After an hour or so, he happened to walk into my precinct and to the Hillary group's tables. Not saying he meant to swing anyone's votes, just thought it was worth mentioning.”

Rosann Demoro tweeted on her twitter @RosaAnnDemoro that she saw clinton supporters changing their shirts to Bernie shirts

She then stated “What makes this so reprehensible is that many voters will not be able to discern truth from fiction. They will conclude the “poll” feeling they were important enough to receive a phone call mistakenly believing they were asked fair questions and then were left with lingering doubts about the viability of Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate.”

It seems there were a lot of confusing things going on at the Nevada Caucus and the people demand answers.


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