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Hill Reveals Senator Corker is Uninformed

Updated on February 9, 2015

Authorizing war with US construct ISIS

When I received an article by Jack Kenny, "Obama to Seek War Authorization from Congress" on February 7th from Laura Alcorn's Conservative 2 Conservative list in my email, I skimmed through it and noted another uninformed elected official. This time reported through the Washington newspaper The Hill. The Hill quoted Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn) chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, as saying he thought a request to Congress to authorize military action ("a war authorization request" precise wording) was "forthcoming" and that he would be "disappointed" if it were not in hand by the end of the next week or sooner. Jack Kenny's article illustrates that Corker is following an established track by quoting Josh Earnest as saying the White House was proceeding on developing such a request that could 'earn bi-partisan support."

This stuck in my mind as another congress-critter who has not registered the bigger picture of the paradigm as informed researchers have. Is there at this point, with the shear volume of books and documents out in the public sphere, an excuse for any elected official to not know the game being played, especially in the wake of Bengazi revelations? Meaning that Congressman Corker appears to be promoting the idea of approving a war authorization, which will benefit criminals on our side of the great pond and facilitate a long-term continuation of the techniques and constructs they create for use. I sent the article copy to Manticore Group for review.

Manticore Group's network of analysts largely hold a consensus that the US has no business being involved over in the middle east and North Africa with regards to ISIS at this time, due to who and how this situation came to fruition.

I, personally suggested to the group, that the situation probably should be left in the hands of a responsible third part; that leaving the Administration involved seemed to me to be just asking for more trouble, even though they've already sent planes and personnel over there to ostensibly pound on the 'bad-guys'. I expressed I believed that those behind the Administration's below-the-table activities would be profiting in resources, equipment, and government contracts in the course of the subsequent authorization. Since when do we reward thievery? Since when do we reward creating monsters just so we have someone to fight on a battlefield? Oh wait! Since 2001, that's when! I dripped the obvious with sarcasm to the email group, "haven't learned much have we?" was my initial comment.

Senator Bob Corker. Republican Tennesee


Creating Monsters, Mayhem, and Solutions

If the US has created ISIS, to be the monster on the battlefield for us to fight as a means to uphold the US economy via war commerce, should we engage ISIS despite the moral bankruptcy on our part?

See results

Meme's in our midst

One of the younger members of Manticore Group chimed in a quick text response stating, "The Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the US intelligence community at the highest levels."

Now most of the veteran members of Manticore Group have a different view of who controls who, based on many volumes of well researched books, documents and incalculable hours of reading, questing, and verifying. (Who says American's don't read? What kind of talk is that? Now politicians don't and it can be argued based on conduct and choices they've made in their lives and careers whether or not they can still be defined as Americans...)

One of the veterans replied back in the dialog to the young member with information that could certainly benefit Congressman Corker too. He said, "perhaps we can set aside that popular meme, detach from it for a moment, and objectively consider the distinct possibility that the Muslim Brotherhood is a creation of the CIA, MOSSAD, and MI-6, and that ISIS is their latest creation for the Intelligence community's pals on Wall Street, referred to in the vernacular as "the military-industrial complex". The CIA created the SAVAK in Iran in 1953 and helped the Shah run it until 1979, when the Iranian people threw off their CIA-Puppet "Shah" and created the "Hostage Crisis" which plagued our first Tri-Lateralist President, Jimmy Carter. This was the CIA's first "known" over-throw of a government. From that embedded link above:

Internal QUOTE: The Shah's goal was[6] to strengthen his regime by placing political opponents under surveillance and repress dissident movements. According to Encyclopædia Iranica: A U.S. Army colonel working for the CIA was sent to Persia in September 1953 to work with General Teymur Bakhtiar, who was appointed military governor of Tehran in December 1953 and immediately began to assemble the nucleus of a new intelligence organization. The U.S. Army colonel worked closely with Bakhtīār and his subordinates, commanding the new intelligence organization and training its members in basic intelligence techniques, such as surveillance and interrogation methods, the use of intelligence networks, and organizational security. This organization was the first modern, effective intelligence service to operate in Persia. Its main achievement occurred in September 1954, when it discovered and destroyed a large communist Tudeh Party network that had been established in the Persian armed forces[7][8]

In March 1955, the Army colonel was "replaced with a more permanent team of five career CIA officers, including specialists in covert operations, intelligence analysis, and counterintelligence, including Major General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf who "trained virtually all of the first generation of SAVAK personnel." In 1956 this agency was reorganized and given the name Sazeman-e Ettela'at va Amniyat-e Keshvar (SAVAK).[8] These in turn were replaced by SAVAK’s own instructors in 1965.[9][10]

SAVAK had the power to censor the media, screen applicants for government jobs, "and according to reliable Western source,[11] use all means necessary, including torture, to hunt down dissidents".[12] After 1963, the Shah expanded his security organizations, including SAVAK, which grew to over 5,300 full-time agents and a large but unknown number of part-time informers.[12]

END Internal QUOTE.

That article at Wikipedia fails to report honestly. The Shah did not create SAVAK -- the CIA did that for him. And the CIA ran it for him until the people had enough and threw the Shah down in 1979. That is a very important year, btw. We note that in the summer of 1979 Jimmy Carter, having been groomed for the White House by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller (co-founders of the Tri-Lateral Commission), got together with Brzezinski and concocted a plan to draw the USSR into Afghanistan. As Brzezinski would say to Carter in December of '79, after the USSR sent uniformed gorund troops into Afghanistan as they had hoped, "We can now give the USSR their own version of our Viet Nam war". Carter had sent the CIA into Kabul in mid-year to de-stabilize it and threaten Russian/USSR interests there, and it only took six months of CIA mischief to draw the Russians into a ground war there. Who was the enemy which the Russian/USSR troops would fight? There was none until the CIA went to the Saudi bin-Laden family and the Royal Saudi family for help in building the underground guerrilla army called the Mujahedin. The CIA worked with MI-6 and the Pakistani ISI to create the Mujahedin and build its numbers to more than thirty thousand "jihadists". They were trained at camps built by the Saudi bin Laden Construction Company, owned by Osama bin Laden's dad. The "Manual for Jihad" was written (with help by Mohamed Ali) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and imported to the guerrilla schools in Afghanistan, all managed by CIA. They kept a computerized database for their guerrilla soldiers, and the name for that database is "Al Qaeda" -- "the base". The public opinion about al Qaeda had lost much of its frenzied fervor about seven years into the war in Iraq, so the CIA and MI-6 began to cultivate its "morph", which we now speak of as ISIS.

So your assertion that ISIS has infiltrated the Intelligence community could be seen, in light of the above, to be just the opposite, which would have it that ISIS *is* the CIA/Intel community.

Put another way, let's note that across the 20th Century every war which the U.S.A. won produced "no enemy left to fight". And after each victory in the two World Wars, and four serious "police actions" in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, each time, a new enemy magically appeared to continue the demand on Wall Street's military-industrial complex for more war/battlefield goodies to market to the governments involved (and also to the enemies involved). This vents the Wall Street bubble and contributes nicely to the overall "economy", so all the upper-class American businesses could prosper, pay their many employees, who would spend that pay into communities across America to further bolster the economy. Reading the Report From Iron Mountain gives one a vivid clue about this sort of statecraft tactic, for that report concluded that there is no known surrogate for war to keep western civilization viable, functioning.

The so-called "war on terror" is a giant hoax, and to perpetrate it our Intelligence communities spend billions of dollars de-stabilizing regimes and nations abroad, especially when there are natural resources available in targeted zones to line pockets of politicos who call the shots with "policy", both foreign and domestic.

ISIS is smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses, all packaged neatly, choreographed and orchestrated by CIA and its pals in other national Intelligence organizations. Never forget this, though -- ALL Intelligence services provide "services" for governments, and in instances such as 9/11/2001, various Intel services work together on fulfillment of the needs of the power elite, which is how you saw the ISI send Mohammed Atta a hundred thousand dollars prior to 9/11 while the MOSSAD was working on compartmentalized scripts (under Dick Cheney) relative to the war-game drills which ultimately facilated four errant hijacked airline flights to zoom about the skies of the most secure air space in the world for almost an hour without military intervention. (Depending on which FAA or NORAD or Pentagon or NRO radar screen you were standing before, one could see between eleven and twenty-one "hijackings" going on at the very time the alleged hijackings of the four fateful airplanes which struck three of four targets that morning in a feat which could only happen if the on-going war-game drills had shut down the NEADS defenses totally, which they did. And that was all done to set in motion the "war on terror", to create yet another enemy. As I was saying:

After WWI, there was no "enemy" so Wall Street and the City of London financial district funded Trotsky and Lenin to head up the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to depose the Czarist system and build the world's first Communist State, Russia. When the Communists proved to be too impotent under Stalin Wall Street and City of London built the Third Reich across the 1930s to create a new "enemy", this time Germany. After we won WWII there was no "enemy" left to fight us, so FDR, Stalin, and Churchill met in 1945 to create the United Nations, which engineered the Communist Threat with which to launch the newest "enemy", (Communism) for We The People over here, and the newest "enemy" for the Russian people over there, those danged Capitalists (Americans) in the West. That totally fabricated Cold War lasted nearly forty years, until the Soviet population brought down the Berlin Wall circa 1989/1991, AFTER which, there was once again no viable "enemy". Hence the early peak events to produce the introduction to the alleged "war on terror", in which no nation-state would be the "enemy" which has always defined warfare in the past -- no, we would now have an international borderless "enemy" called "terrorism" which we could pursue to the ends of the earth while conveniently subduing the American gun-owning public to accept perpetual war for perpetual peace while believing every damned new "enemy" the power elite, using their Intelligence communities, throw at us.

ISIS is just another CIA/MI-6/MOSSAD creation.

The USA has no moral authority to be there, period, and we also have no Constitutional authority to be there. And if we were a wise nation, we would get the hell out of there pronto and never look back. It is the moral solution, and the practical solution, but to do so, and still keep the mil-indust complex pumping, our dearly beloved General government in WDC would need to will need yet another new "enemy", and we already can see whom they are planning to target as the new "terrorists". It is the dissenting Constitutionalist movement, the Ron Paulers, the LIbertarians, and the "Liberty movement" in general. We are to be seen as "lone wolves", extremists, radicalized veterans, mal-contents, and potential terrorists simply because we have political orientation supportive of the Constitution, which is right smack dab in the middle of the plans of the globalizing socialist bankers of the one-world government's new world order.

You can count on two things - SEAL Team Six did not kill Osama bin Laden, and without CIA support there would be no ISIS. Take that to the bank, yes? "


The veteran Manticore Group speaker above, advised the younger individual to check his hostility because that perception "is exactly what the CIA wants us to believe, hold and act upon." He said, "we are being manipulated. Check your hostility lest they use it against you."

He rightly pointed out that many people work with the cretins the youthful response named. To wit those who work with them are a hodgepodge of the wholly-uninformed just-doing-the-job crowd, the variously-informed opposition effort, and those who know full well what they do. Our collective situation, while having been subject to a perceptional vacuum afflicting the voting public and the paid middle management, is not monolithic. At least not quite yet despite the purging within a variety of levels in governance and military by the Administration.

Kerry and Corker at Senate Confirmation Hearing
Kerry and Corker at Senate Confirmation Hearing | Source

More than Muslim or Western ideology: the Onion

I felt the veteran's write up was excellent and accurate to my knowledge. IT was a good example of the onion. Of the onion, I said, "Every layer you peal back reveals the deeper truth. If all you see are the be-headings and child rapes and slavery; the genocide of the Christians (over there); etc, then you only have looked one or two layers deep. The deeper you go the more you find our globals and military industrial complex behind it - instigating it with intent. OUR GLOBALS foremost are at the top of the heap. And it has less to do with religion than useful tools to complete objectives. These globals don't abide any religion any more than they abide national identity or our infamous document of governmental restriction, the Constitution."

It is easy to forget when listening to all the news reports that there is far more at work here than a whizzing match between muslim and western ideology. Quite literally, it is a century old conspiracy (give or take a little depending on which branch of it you're examining). This very much matters because even if you did send military over there to kick ISIS back into the stone age, the only thing you would have accomplished in the process was lining the pockets of those who created the problem just like they intended you to do, and empowering them with success to do it all over again with the next construct.

I personally feel the solution is to keep our Jonny-come-lately posteriors out of the conflict and clean up our governance personnel act here at home, making certain the public is fully apprised as to what has been happening under their noses, in their name.

Bob Bowen, one of the other members of Manticore Group, replied to me on the topic:


You just said in two short paragraphs a whole "Tragedy & Hope" - sized (1,348 pages) book's worth of information ! Yes, those evil people, the face of which resides on Wall Street (read the works of the late professor Antony Sutton), and they in-turn are controlled by the Rothschild Family, owners of The Bank of England; with their International fiat currency clearing house Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland. That fiat currency system is in a state of collapse, so to keep it afloat they create these global wars.

Russia, under Vladimir Putin, has no desire to become a part of that scam, so he got together with the leaders of Brazil, India, China, & South Africa to form the BRICS financial system to operate outside the global cabal under the Rothschild rule. To counter that process, the globalists demonize Putin and his followers and brainwash the people to believe he is the next Adolph Hitler or Mao Tse Tung monster out to conquer the planet under their control.

How do you get the populations of the world to accept this evil scam ? From the Congressional Record of October 18, 1951 is a speech by Rep. John T. Wood (R-ID) entitled "The Greatest Subversive Plot In History--Report to the American People on UNESCO" where the Congressman lays out the plan of UNESCO to accomplish, among other things, the following:

1. Scheme to pervert public education.

2. Teach disloyalty to children.

3. Poisoning the minds of teachers.

4. Teachers urged to suppress American History.

5. Logical teaching methods to be discarded.

6. Truth is to be suppressed.

7. Like a passage from Marx Communist Manifesto.

8. Objective: A one-world government.

9. Corrupting the morals of your children

Remember, this speech was given by Rep. John T. Wood on October 18, 1951 as a warning to the American people to get the United States out of UNESCO, which Congress did. I have read in two different places that Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush brought our government back into UNESCO during their administration. Think about this; during the G. W. Bush administration we were given "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB), then the Obama administration gave us first "Race To The Top" (RTTT), followed by the present education scam called "Common Core" (CC). All of these programs are designed to fulfill the goals of reducing our populations to the status of corporate drones (or slaves) as spelled out in John T. Wood's speech in 1951. Needless to say, John T. Wood was a one-term Congressman, and died shortly after leaving office.

--Bob Bowen
Chairman, Constitution Party of New Mexico

(quoted with permission)

How they went from Rebels to ISIS

Background information you have a need to know.

OH COME ON!:  ISIS just so happens to hack CENTCOM as Obama announces new cyber security legislation
OH COME ON!: ISIS just so happens to hack CENTCOM as Obama announces new cyber security legislation | Source

Author Antony Sutton: Stan Monteith Interview

Constructs: Problem, Solution, Myopia.

Quintas Dias, one of Manticore's earliest members, made the observation that we seem to have a very bad record in creating opposition groups that go rogue and turn against us at some point in the future. Then he added, "Oh wait!...Maybe that was the idea in any case. Keep them munitions profits and nasty repressive laws going, right? Just like the Nazis created the SA or storm battalions to crush the reds and street criminals they were paying to foment unrest in Germany. And when they were done with the SA, what did they do? Oh, yeah then they shot all the SA-biggies, jailed the rest of them, and created the SS to replace the SA on a permanent basis...what goes around comes around...."

This is the accusation, that ISIS is not the first construct the powers-that-be have created for nefarious purposes. The creation of these constructs go a long way toward making the American people, government officials, and corporate actors look either like idiots not recognizing what the rest of the world knows commonly or like part of the criminal network controlling the "great dumb show" as described by another anonymous Manticore Group member.

From our point of view, America who has its hands thoroughly filthy in the creation of ISIS has no business pretending piety and throwing money, resources, and lives at the very construct it designed to deliver its financial stability, profit and political control facilitating the decline of nation-states and creating an environment ripe for instituting an illicit global government. This is putting the fox in charge of the paradigm hen house, and additionally it empowers the same corruption to hammer in another gi-normous fib, that Russia is intending to roam the world seeking conquest of opportunity and thus must be pushed into a corner till it reacts in self-defense, lashing out, justifying the west initiating WWIII to demolish the big bad Bear. Senator Corker was a sponsor of the 2014 Russian Aggression Prevention Act, for example. It's all the same process being used over and over on the inhabitants of the paradigm, both foreign and domestic; create the problem, provide the solution, and profit off all the myopia.

Or you can go back to sleep with Jack Kenny's regurgitation of the common meme in that article above, "The power vacuum created by the predicted “cake walk” in Iraq in 2003 opened the door to the Islamic State that is now spreading terror in Iraq and Syria."


So, here comes the President's request for war authorization ('er funding the criminals and their enterprises) to be swallowed hook, line, and sinker per that epitome of scholarship, Congressman Corker of Tenn, who would be disappointed if it was not provided by the White House.

How deep is your pocket? They believe it's deeper than your mind. Does this include Corker? Or is he just another product of thought insemination? Good boy. Sit. Roll over and beg. Now vote to sign the blank check.

-- What is done in your name that you don't know about, or of which you were not duly, clearly, and accurately informed on, can not only hurt you, but also impose system-fomented intellectual ignorance, rip an arm or your legs off in undeclared wars while classifying you and your fellow veterans as threats, steal your children, and crash your economic system, while in the same breath calling you an extremist because you know how its being done, demonize your nation's Constitution or those who uphold it, and for speaking into the great ether threaten to rendition you under the auspices of national security. And don't forget paying for it all out of your own taxes...adding insult to injury. Ignorance is not exactly the bliss you think it is. Resolving ignorance is the first step toward improving the situation. I digress to my Fulghum comments of 2008...Fulghum's law of integral strangeness has implied that monsters come in theoretically small packages, have five inch fangs, and big rubber lips for which the cure is stripping, a shower, and donning a completely clean set of uninhabited clothes. Well I'm here to inform you the package looks like an octopus, makes King Kong look small and tame, but the solution is essentially the same.




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  • profile image

    Rodney Richter 

    3 years ago

    It came out today on the television from Obama that he is asking for a war authorization from Congress.

  • Cyrellys profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Montana

    Hi Jim! Yeah if you thought that ride was wild you should see our other dialog strings in the email group. One thing about the comment by the young member in the article, just a few hours after I posted the article here comes my european buddy with a video of the same statement by Admiral Lyons. I haven't asked but it wouldn't surprise me if the young member picked up his version from that neck of the woods. From Feb 8 2015 All News Pipeline article by Live Free or Die: 4-Star US Navy Admiral SLAMS Obama While Sending DIRE Warning To ALL Of America!

    the embedded video of the Admiral's statements:

    I can totally understand why so many believe the MB is the one doing the's just their paradigm hasn't really filed the void as yet. They don't have the whole picture. The big picture is necessary to put an actual dent in the problem.

    Spinning wheels won't kill you in a car, but it quite likely will when you're facing depoulationists with a bug in their bonnet and constructs like MB and ISIS in their hands.

  • FitnezzJim profile image


    3 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Wowsers! After that read I feel like an ant that tried to tame a militant centipede run amok. Nevertheless, keep on telling it true.

    Up and interesting.


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