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Hillary-Bernie The Unbeatable Ticket

Updated on March 7, 2016

Before Bernie's revolution, there were already conversations, debates and discussions around the topic of Hillary's running mate. All that has changed once the "FeelTheBern" revolution has started. The crushing defeat in New Hampshire by Bernie Sanders must have certainly changed the calculus for Mrs. Clinton. In fact, it is probably not farfetched to think that Hillary's campaign considered a repeat of the 2008 scenario where she lost to candidate Obama. There is something interestingly similar between the "FeelTheBern" revolution and the "Yes We Can" movement of Barack Obama. Mrs. Clinton was burned before; she still has the scars to prove it.
Nevada first, then South Carolina later re-assured the campaign that maybe, just maybe Mrs. Clinton will be able to pull it through this time. And of course Super Tuesday gave the campaign a much needed boost to move cautiously forward as the possible nominee.

Who is going to be Hillary's running mate? First, she has to clinch the nomination. By most analyses, she will. Even the Bernie's camp seems to have already set the expectations for the outcome although one should not expect Bernie to give up the fight. Contrary to most politicians, Bernie internalizes the issues he debates during the primaries. To give up early is to abandon his supporters who have vested so much in his message. Bernie is however a realist. He knows it's near impossible to overcome Hillary's lead in the race for the nomination.

it is time for Hillary to also recognize that the road ahead is not so smooth and the fight for the Oval Office will be fierce. There is however one man, Bernie Sanders, her challenger, who is able to make the general elections a walk in the park for the Democrats.

Hillary made the mistake of under-estimating Bernie's ability to challenge her and almost paid the ultimate price of losing the nomination to him; she would be wise NOT to do so again when she chooses her running mate.

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