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Hillary Clinton's Excuses for Losing the Presidency Part 6

Updated on January 18, 2019

Summary Listing of Hillary Clinton Presidential Loss Excuses Even Today.

  • 28. Colluding Trump campaign officials
  • 29. Stupid Americans who can't tell the difference between real and "fake news"
  • 30. The "broad assumption I was going to win"
  • 31. Goosefer
  • 32. DC Leaks
  • 33. Data from the Republican National Committee
  • 34. Technology
  • 35. The FBI
  • 36. Deplorables
  • 37. Team Hillary was too honest

Hillary Clinton excuses #28 thru 37 for losing the 2016 presidential election

This is a continuation of Hillary Clinton's excuses of why she lost the presidency for the second time.

The legend is still the same.

  • Hillary's excuses are in quotes and bold font.
  • My Comment start with B: and unbolded font.

28. Colluding Trump campaign officials

"We're getting more information about all of the contacts between Trump campaign officials and Trump associates with Russians before, during and after the election," said Hillary.


  • After three investigations zero evidence found on Trump or the Russians colluding on influencing the election. What information, and who is the we that is getting it?
  • Hillary Clinton and the DNC alleged there was any Trump Russian influence on the election. They used the alleged hacking of the DNC servers that somehow got to Wikileaks. They never denied the authenticity or veracity of these DNC emails, and yet they ignored their contents which much be deemed authentic. The contents showed Hillary Clinton and DNC conspiring to cheat on the democrat primary campaign, and showed that they were successful in getting senator Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat Primary.
  • It is plausible that DNC staffer Seth Richards actually leaked these emails to WikiLeaks. And we can’t ask Seth because he died under strange circumstances after the leaks were published?
  • John Podesta the top DNC person had his DNC server password as “password”. Does that kind of password really take a Russian Hacker to break? An average cyber smart grade school kid could have done it.

29. Stupid Americans who can't tell the difference between real and "fake news"


  • Hillary Clinton calls Americans stupid, and she says it as if she is not American.
  • Where does an American find real news today?
  • Didn’t it die when Cable News Television was born decades ago?
  • The “News” today especially from the main stream news networks is mostly their opinions sprinkled with the minimum of facts.
  • Donald Trump the candidate and Donald Trump the president was right when he said that the main stream news media is Fake News.
  • Once again, the emails from the DNC servers were never contested as being fake, so what is this FAKE news that Hillary Claims that cost her the election.
  • She didn’t have a problem when president Trump had all sorts of his White House conversations leaked to the Fake News media.

30. The "broad assumption I was going to win"

"I also think I was the victim of a very broad assumption I was going to win. 'It doesn’t matter what you do to her ...'"


  • To this day she still thinks that she should have won the election Not because she was the best qualified candidate, or even qualified at all, but because she is a woman. In addition, she took the hit from the DNC in 2008, when they chose an even less qualified, unaccomplished, and virtually unknown Black senator from Illinois.
  • She thought that the DNC and the country owed her the presidency. Because, it was her second run, and she is a woman. The last election was to get a black man into the presidency. Now, it is a woman’s turn to get to be president. And Hillary thought that she is that woman.
  • And as with all of the Hillary Clinton excuses for losing the presidency, there is at the same time the boast that she won the popular election by three million votes. How does winning the popular vote square with all of these Hillary excuses? It doesn’t, it is illogical and makes no sense.

31. Goosefer

"You know, basically the group running this was the GRU which is the military intelligence arm of the Russian military and they have a very sophisticated cyber operation, in bed with WikiLeaks, in bed with Goosefer, in bed with DC Leaks," said Hillary.


  • Once again, when the DNC password for the head of the DNC was password, do you really need a very sophisticated cyber person like Goosefer to crack that password?
  • There has been no proven connection of Goosefeer to WikiLeaks.

32. DC Leaks

"​And you know, DC Leaks and Goosefer, which were dropping a lot of this stuff on me, they haven’t done anything since early January. Their job was done," she said. "They got their job done."


  • The leaks may have done their job, but it was the contents of the emails that showed that Hillary Clinton and the DNC were doing shady things trying to and successfully influencing the Democrat primary.
  • Is Hillary really saying that even those these emails are true, and they show her influencing the primary that we shouldn’t have know about them?

33. Data from the Republican National Committee

"I think that the marriage of the domestic fake news operations, the domestic RNC Republican allied data, you know, combined with the very affective capabilities that the Russians brought."


  • It was not fake news as the emails told the truth. And it wasn’t the Russians that created the content of the emails, much less leaked them.
  • Focus on the content of the emails, and not the delivery.
  • There is no proof once again, that Donald Trump or the Russians had anything to do with the DNC email leaks.

34. Technology

"And what we saw was, in the election particularly, and I appreciate what Walt said, the first time that you had the tech revolution really weaponized politically — before it was a way to reach voters, you know, collect fundraising, do things that would help the candidate who was behind the messaging — that changed this time, and it changed for a number of reasons we should talk about."


  • Yes, emails use the technology of the Internet.
  • But that doesn’t change the content of the emails.
  • And it was the content of the emails that showed Hillary in a bad light, and even a criminal bad light.
  • It showed her influencing the Democrat Primary.

35. The FBI


  • The FBI through then FBI Director James Comey was sanctified by Hillary and the Democrats when he absolved her of any crimes connected to passing Classified Emails on her private unsecured email servers.
  • Then when he reopened the case shortly before the election, and closed it back again just before the election. He was then the bad guy. And the Democrats were calling for him to be fired.
  • It was the FBI that got her the get out of jail free card.

36. Deplorables

"And all of the Trump people go around screaming, 'Lock her up, lock her up,' and all of that," cried Hillary.


  • She anyone that even thought about voting for Donald Trump as deplorabes.
  • She disrespected the American People and America, and she thought that was a winning presidential campaign speech.

37. Team Hillary was too honest

"And we did not engage in false content," she said. "We may have tried to put every piece of information in the best possible light, and explanations, but we weren’t in the same category as the other side."


  • I would admit that she wasn’t in the same category as the other side.
  • The other side didn’t call Democrat Voters deplorables.
  • The other side didn’t try to influence the Republican primary.
  • They did their campaigning and listened to the people across the country.
  • They did their press conferences, while Hillary didn’t do much campaigning, and only one press conference.
  • They didn’t try to ambush Hillary at their primary.
  • We are not Donald Trump is not a winning presidential campaign platform, but that was the only one for the Hillary campaign.
  • It lost!

The Queen that calls anyone that didn't vote for her the Deplorables


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Masters 

      11 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD


      So true. Yet, she keeps writing those books that put her out in public. At least the democrats have told Bill Clinton that he is too volatile to campaign for them. We also have Biden, Kerry, and even Michelle sniffing at 2020. What a primary that would be.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      11 months ago

      Hillary is a scary joke. I haven't heard a word she has said in a long time, and I am better off.


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