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Hillary Clinton for President-What kind of role model will she be for the future women of America?

Updated on April 1, 2015



Stand by your man?

That's a little extreme in the case Hillary's marriage to Bill Clinton. I say that because if you know anything about their marriage, before and during his Presidency, then you know that he had countless affairs with countless different women and Hillary was, and is, aware of them all.

One Smart Lady.

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is a well-educated, intelligent and strong-willed woman. She attended Wellesley College and went onto Yale and was even named one of the top 100 lawyers of our country. With her brains, ability and drive, she was almost guaranteed a successful future. And she has one. Sounds like a picturesque role model for the future young girls of America, right? Maybe on the outside....but what about what kind of woman she is personally? Does she have morals, what about her character? Did she set a good example for her own daughter growing up?

Well, somewhere in the middle of attending prestigious schools to becoming the U.S. Secretary of State she married Bill Clinton. Precisely on October 11th, 1975. The general public knows about at least two of the affairs he has had during their marriage and there are certainly others that we don't know about. And yet, to this day, she remains married to him. Now, every woman is entitled to their own choice of how to handle their marital problems and whether they choose to stay and maybe get counseling, or perhaps burn all of his belongings and leave for good.

In Hillary's case, she has obviously chosen to stay. Why she stays? No one really knows. We could speculate that she just keeps up the good wife act to save face so she and her husband can move forward with their political careers. Or that she forgave him and they are living a blissful life together or maybe they live completely separate lives, never see each other and she has boyfriend of her own. One never really knows what goes on beyond closed doors.

The View from below.....Simply Stated

Take away the presidency, the money and power. You are left with a husband and wife. He has cheated on her over and over again. She stays with him. As far as we know, she has been 100% faithful. A loving and devoted wife, mother to their only child. If Hillary was your best friend you would probably tell her to leave him after the first time, because in most cases, if he does it once, it won't be his last.

But, she stays and keeps a smile on her face for the public. She stays with a man who publicly humiliated her by making the evening news about his infidelities. Where did her honor go? What can we tell our daughters about a woman whose husband was caught cheating on her and it was spread all over the media, yet she still stays with him. Are we sending a message that it is okay for your husband to break his vows of marriage because he has a lot of money or he is in a powerful position? So then it is okay to stand by him and let him do whatever he wants? Where is the strength and confidence in that?

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is an intelligent woman who has implemented great ideas for our country. Her ability to execute and carry out plans is not the issue at hand. The issue is that she chose to stand by and let her husband make a public mockery of what a marriage is supposed to be. And for what? A political agenda? To save face? For whatever the real reason is, we(the public) will never really know. What we do know, is how it looks and if she intends to run for the presidency, every parent will need to consider what kind of role model she will be for our young girls.

How personal is TOO personal?

Does her personal life(past & present) affect your political opinion of her?

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