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Hillary Clinton is Lying About Email

Updated on August 21, 2015

I was a devout Clinton fan. I thought she would be the next President of the USA. I was 100% behind her and planned to vote for her. I felt that nearly all women would vote for her partly because she was the same gender as them. I thought her experience would make her an excellent candidate. A sure winner.

That is no longer. Like many Americans, I thought the email scandal was minor, was insignificant, and that she had handled it in a very good way. That is no longer. She is looking more and more as a guilty person who is hiding some "details" and trying to brush aside reporters who are digging for facts. Her "off the cuff" remarks about it only shows she is becoming much more worried about the FBI investigation and how it will derail her bid for the presidency. Frankly, I no longer trust her. She is becoming evasive when cornered about this issue. It is not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue, it is a legal question.

The mounting problem is growing like melanoma for her. She did not hand over the email server that was wiped cleaned, the FBI compelled her to do it or face a subpoena to force her. That, in itself, shows it is serious and not just a mishap. When Clinton said she had handed over every email work related, it was later shown to be a lie. That is, when a former adviser turned over 15 emails he had sent to Clinton on Benghazi. These messages were not among them that Clinton provided. The issue is not whether they are important, but it is veracity. If she is willing to lie over emails, my god, she will lie about anything. But worse is that in March, she said she had used a personal email account to conduct government business, which is a violation of federal regulations. But, then, reporters traced it to a private server that was in her home! She used this private email server to keep her business private despite the fact that she claimed that she had released all emails. In June, investigators found that hundreds of classified emails were found on the private server. Some of them were top secret from intelligence activities. On July 7, Clinton said that she has never received a subpoena. That was a lie because on the very next day, the chairman of the Benghazi committee showed that she did receive on March 4! OMG!

As reporters continued to look, it was found out that she never got approval to use a personal email server at home from the State Department. Let's remember this is not partisan. The two main investigators are FBI director Comey and the U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, all Democrats under Obama. Maybe this is originating from Obama because of his VP planning to run for the office? After all, Obama and Clinton are not buddies but Biden is. Of course, the Republicans.

In a poll, only 2% of Americans thought she was telling the truth. Those are just diehard fans, idiots. Clinton lost my vote. Time to look elsewhere.


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