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Hillary Clinton was rejected from NASA: Things you would never know about her.

Updated on June 10, 2017

1. Hillary Clinton collected litter once at her first date: In 1971, during her study at Yale law university, where she met her husband, Clinton, they were going on their first date, Hillary and Clinton wanted to go into the Yale gallery of art, but the museum was closed, and Clinton thought that they could get in if they managed to pickup the garbage in the backyard of the museum. Finally, they could do so and entered the gallery, and they were talking about the art in the twentieth century, then they spent the whole day talking together till the night.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the american politician and the nominee of the democratic party for President of the United States in 2016 election. She was the USA First lady till 2001 during the presidency of Bill Clinton, and she was serving at the senate for other 8 years (2001 - 2009), then she became the secretary of the state between 2009 - 2013 during the presidency of Barack Obama. Hilary was born in Chicago, graduated from the Yale Law school in 1973, and in 1975 she married Bill Clinton, they have only one daughter called Chelsea. This was a brief biography about her live, all this information you may know, but this article is going to focus on the facts that you don't know.

2. Hillary was republican: she said that she used to be republican as her father, when she was thirteen, she participated in a presidential campaign for the republicans, besides that she was the head of the republicans youth club, then moved to be with the democratic camp in 1968.

3. The next president is a " Grammy " winner: in 1996, Hillary published a book called " It takes a village " which is about raising children, and in 1997, she has won the Grammy award for the audio version of the book. And as a side note, she admired the French educational system, as mentioned in that book.

4. She was fired from her first job: Hillary worked after her graduation in Alaska, in the fish canning industry, in 1969, and she was fired because she had declared that the fish may had gone bad.

5. NASA rejected the first lady: when Clinton was 13 years old, and president Kennedy declared that they are going to the moon, she wrote to NASA asking them if she could be an astronaut. Unfortunately, as many other ladies, NASA rejected her saying that they have no women astronauts.

6. 20 years without driving a car: Clinton told the National Automobile Dealers Association in 2014, that she has not driven a car since 1996, she feel bad for that because as a bad side of being a public figure, the secret service took this mission.

7. Hillary Rodham and Clinton: she was called Hillary Rodham even after her marriage to Bill Clinton, but when she became the first lady, she told the media to call her Hillary Clinton. On the same hand, she refused Clinton when he tried to get to know her at Yale library, then after two years in 1975 they got married. in late 1970, Hillary and Clinton used their money to invest in a resort, but it failed and it reached the shutdown point.

8. Her name in the white house was " evergreen ".

9. She was monitoring the mission, in which bin Laden was killed.

10. She tried to join the marines: Hillary tried to join the marines in 1975 but they told her that she was rejected because she is wearing glasses and she is women.

11. She was on the cover of LIFE magazine as a graduated student.

12. Visited 112 countries in four years, since being the secretary of the state.

13. She likes the hot peppers a lot, and " Believer - American Authors " on the top of her Spotify list.


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