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Hillary Clinton has made "Hard Choices" in Leadership; That's Why She Resigned

Updated on May 12, 2015

Presidential Hopeful, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton | Source

Hillary Clinton's Book, "Hard Choices"

Hillary Clinton's Book, "Hard Choices"
Hillary Clinton's Book, "Hard Choices" | Source

Clinton's Book, "Hard Choices"

According to CNN, Clinton's book "Hard Choices" took a nose dive in week two of being on the shelf, sharply declining in sales by over 40%.

Her book went on sale June 10, 2014, and she has traveled across the country promoting her book, and secretly testing the waters for a campaign for the White House in 2016.

Hillary Wants to Be Your President

In June 2014, Hilary Clinton continues on her early campaign efforts to "test the waters" and make speaking engagements around the country, or is this a book tour to promote her memoir, "Hard Choices"?

It is so hard to keep up these days with Hillary Clinton. One day she is testifying before Congress that it is completely her fault for the Benghazi scandal, the next day, she is promoting her book. Pretty soon, it will officially be her campaigning efforts to secure the Democratic bid to run in the Primary election. In all honesty, her cross country tours are really to garner enough positive public support to get elected as President in 2016.

How is she faring?

Many Americans are still trying to figure out if she is as poor as she claims to be.

Hillary Clinton made public comments in 2014 that she was "dead broke" as the Clinton family was leaving the White House, mainly attributed to the indiscretions from the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal. Her comments were to connect with middle-class families, so real working middle-class America can relate to a wealthy politician such as herself. However, she is not broke anymore.

The answer to her money problems were due to Bill Clinton's speaking engagements, and she took notes. For example, Bill Clinton made $1.4 Million over a seven-day speaking engagement in May 2012 at a Czech business summit. Not bad for sharing one's opinions publicly!

UNLV Doesn't Want to Fork Over $225,000 to Hillary Clinton

But now, it is starting to backfire on Hillary. The University of Nevada - Las Vegas student body booked Hillary to speak in Oct. 2014 for a small speaking fee of $225,000.00 USD. With the 17% increase in recent tuition costs, many are questioning if it was really worth it to book such an expensive speaker. The student body President, Daniel Waqar has publicly asked Hillary Clinton to return the speaking fee since she is no longer dead broke, and UNLV students are feeling the hurt on their wallets.

There is no word yet on if Hillary will oblige to this request, but one must remember that it isn't cheap to run for President, er, I mean, go on "book tours" to promote one's latest book on leadership success. I mean, if she hadn't resigned, the responsibility might have made it's way up to the President. (Read my related Hub: "NBC/WSJ Poll: Americans Think Obama No Longer Fit to Run the U.S. and 12 White House Blunders")

Hillary Will Speak at Your Next Event, but Please, Hold Your Shoes until the End!

Hillary is making her rounds across the U.S. speaking to various groups on literally anything that she has expertise on. For example, she spoke in April 2014 on the topic of scrap recycling to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries employees at their meeting. The result: Hillary had a shoe thrown at her by a woman. This can be read in detail in my previous Hub: "Hillary Clinton Gets Shoe Thrown At Her, so She Must be Running for President."

Look this Way!

Photo opportunity
Photo opportunity | Source

Let's Ask Ourselves: "Should I Vote for Hillary?"

It is time to re-think why it is a good decision to vote for Hillary Clinton.

She resigned from office for failing to act responsibly to safe American lives in Benghazi. So why, if she resigned from Government office, does Hillary deserve to get a promotion to the highest office of the land?

It is a fair question to ask. The answer is that she should not be promoted. She should not be given this honor to make hard decisions about American lives. It's no longer about making history. Our troops are fighting for the freedom of others, and deserve better than a failed politician that is coming back for more.

I certainly can't tell you how to vote, and that is every American's right in this great nation.

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If Hillary Clinton were to run for President today, would you vote for her?

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