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Hillary Is A Liar

Updated on July 15, 2016

What did you expect?

Of course Hilary Clinton is a liar. After all, she is married to one of the best liars in American political history. But we have to put these things into context. All politicians lie in one form or another, because they have to. That's just part of the game. No one can deliver on promises they know they can't keep, but you have to make those promises to get elected. Everybody with 1/10 of a brain knows that Mexico is not going to pay for a 5 billion dollar wall on our border, but Donald Trump has parlayed that lie into a viable presidential bid.

Politicians have made false promises for centuries and, once elected, often have to lie their way out of tight situations. Some of those lies and related deceptions border on legality, or teeter on ethical or moral ambiguity. Some are just outright crimes. Richard Nixon lied about getting us out of Vietnam to get elected, lied about the escalation of the war after being elected, and then resigned in disgrace after lying to the nation about Watergate and the crimes he and his administration had committed. Lyndon Johnson abdicated the presidency after revelations about his repeated lies about the progress of the war in Vietnam made it obvious that he was not going to win re-election.

Those are some very serious consequences to some very serious lies. George W. Bush and his administration lied and exaggerated the country into an unnecessary war in Iraq, with disastrous results, yet the individuals involved have inexplicably escaped persecution. It seems that indiscretions that cost us upwards of 2 trillion dollars and thousands of American lives now escape the attention of the "lame stream media" and the public in general.

Ronald Reagan lied to the public about the Iran-Contra affair. Just to refresh your memories on that one, we ILLEGALLY SOLD WEAPONS TO IRAN (IRAN!) in order to fund a war in Nicaragua that congress had explicitly said we could not get involved with. That was a really sleazy and hypocritical thing to do.

I am listing these recent presidential lies in order to give some perspective to the obvious Clinton lies about sex and political 'divertissement'. While their lies are provable and in your face, they do not even compare to the despicable and deadly lies of many past Presidents. The Clintons deserve the hits they have taken, and, with all things considered, should be excluded from public life at this point. As a Progressive, I am appalled and saddened by the ascendance of Hillary Clinton, but she is all we have right now. If the Democrats were running ANYONE else right now, they would trounce Donald Trump.

So I will bite my tongue and vote for Hilllary in the end because she has played the game well and Trump is such a friggin' nightmare. I mean, Trump is, and would be, the dumbest thing America has ever created.


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