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Hillary Vs. Trump Political Debate

Updated on September 28, 2016

What happens at an event is all about how it is perceived.

Have you ever watched one of those movies that showed the same event from different perspectives? Each time the events play out, a different character is shown and you learn why they did what they did. I love this kind of movie. It goes to prove that when you look at someone or an event there are so many behind the scenes or alternative scenes that go into any given moment that you as a viewer actually might never see, except in a movie that actually shows it.

I’ve been pondering a lot of this in the past couple of years. In the United States, we so often don’t get a lot of the information about any given event. I was one of the people on the streets in 2008 knocking doors and pushing to get Obama in office. He is and was one of the greatest orators of our time. That man can get up in front of a podium and before he’s left, we all love him. He knows what to say and when to say it. However, he appeared to be one thing before he was elected, and once he was elected he was different; he wasn’t anything that I thought he was. He created a persona of what voters wanted and gave only what we wanted to see. He created a perception for us. It’s unlikely that we as Americans have ever really seen the Real Obama. And now eight years, later, our country is really in a bad place and a lot of it has to do with the fact that he doesn’t have any idea of how to get anything done.

Lifelong politicians are quite perfect and polished!

Lifelong politicians learn from early in their careers to remain polished. To make sure that everything they do in his or her life is politically correct so that he or she can avoid any scandals or question marks or bad perceptions. The American people will see exactly what that one politician wants them to see. If they are good at their job, then they will appear to be almost inhuman in his or her perfection. They will have the perfect clothes and the perfect makeup and the perfect hair. It’s all so perfect. (And we as voters want perfect and polished.)

And then when they get into office, he or she will likely not do what we elected them to do. But they will look very good not doing anything. He or she will still know what face to show us and when to do it. It’s a part of politics and because of that we should just accept that it is what it is. So who really cares, right?


It’s time that we all started caring. It’s time that we start demanding that our politicians are more human and less polished and that they say what is on his or her mind. We need to start electing people who haven’t spent 40 and 50 years in office and no longer can even relate to the very people they are supposed to be serving.

I’m fed up with it. I don’t believe the politicians who are “over the top polished” and you shouldn’t either. They tell us what we want to hear and then do whatever they want to do once they are elected.

As I watched the Presidential debate, Hillary comes across as so poised and perfect. Her hair is perfect. Her makeup is perfect. The very words out of her mouth are so practiced and perfect.

Trump on the other hand is a bit crude and non-polished. His hair isn’t perfect (although he thinks it is). His responses aren’t polished. He’s rather unrefined, especially with someone who has so much money. He’s not perfect in any way.

Demand that your politicians say what's on his or her mind!

Once again, the words out of Hillary’s mouth are forming to resonate in such a refined way and once again she is just telling us what she thinks we want to hear. That women has been in some sort of political office since she was 18 years old. She has this part of the game down. She knows how to make me and you think she is very Presidential and a good candidate for office. She is a lifelong politician.

It’s for this very reason (and a whole lot more) that I stand behind Trump in this election. He hasn’t ever held any political office. He’s been living in the real world for all the years that Hillary has been in office. He’s been making a living interacting with people who aren’t a part of the political process all of the time. I find it refreshing that he speaks his mind and that he tells it like he sees it. Politicians don’t do that. We may never know what a politician is really thinking and that in itself scares me quite a lot.

If you’re offended that Trump speaks his mind, I’m offended that other politicians don’t really tell us what they are thinking. What they aren’t telling you, can really hurt you in the long run. It has already in the past 8 years that Obama has been in office. He had a lot of things he didn’t tell us and Hillary represents just another politician who will never tell us what she is thinking only what she wants us to hear. And that’s quite terrifying! I mean why doesn’t she feel like she can tell us exactly what’s she’s thinking.

What’s the reason? Think about it!

I guess it might be the behind the scenes things that she doesn't want us to see. The thousands of emails that she erased to cover up any info she didn't want us to know about. The dead in Benghazi. Or the money she takes from countries that don't consider women equals and do terrible things to their women. Or maybe it's her failing health.


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    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 19 months ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      Did well in first debate, can't wait for next debate...

    • NikaWest profile image

      NikaWest 19 months ago from Sunny Florida

      Awesome Trump!