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Hillary and Democrats Trump Russia Collusion Big Bang Theory [F1 323]

Updated on June 18, 2019

The Universe of Politics

Hillary Clinton and the DNC and democrats in congress created a new political world

Hillary Clinton and the democrats created a Federal Case out of a hole in the ground. Forget about the old, making a Federal Case out of a mole hole. The created a federal case out of nothing that existed in the real world. At least with the mole hill, there was something there and you just blow it up all out of the proportion to make it a big Federal Case.

The real Big Bang Theory - Not the political one.

Scientists have come up with different theories of how the universe and even our world came into existence. They finally settled on the Big Bang Theory.

  • They claim that there was a singularity that was the genesis of the universe. They estimate that it all began about thirteen and a half BILLION years ago.
  • And then our world didn't exist until four and a half billion years ago.

Now, thirteen and a half billion years after the Big Bang, we have followed the universe by its historical trail. That is the way they determined the time factor.

  • The scientists claim to know a lot about the universe, even though we are looking at it with intelligence that is only about ten to twenty thousands of years in existence.
  • It is just a theory, but that is the one that the world scientists have embraced, embellished and continue to feed on.

What the scientists don't know about the Big Bang Theory

A scientific theory is only good until it is replaced by a new theory. After all, it is a theory and we don't really know if it is a fact. As we learn more about the universe our theory may change.

But until it is not proven to be totally wrong it will stand, at least for the moment.

What the World Scientists don't know about the Big Bang?

The answer is simple, they don't know how it got started.

  • They also don't know how long that the singularity was in existence.
  • They don't know really anything thing that existed before the theoretical Big Bang.
  • They don't know why this chain reaction started.
  • They don't know how it started.
  • They don't know how the singularity was created.
  • They don't know pretty much anything before the Big Bang.

Yet, that didn't prevent them from telling us the chain reaction of the Big Bang once it started. They even give us a timeline for the creation of the universe.

As we don't have any better theories today, we accept this as probable.

What does the scientific Big Bang Theory have to do with politics?

At this point, you are wondering why this Big Bang Theory talk has been put into the political social category.

The answer is that there is a lot in common between the scientific Big Bang Theory of the Universe and the Hillary Clinton Big Bang Theory of the Russian Trump Collusion to influence the 2106 presidential election.

Comparison of the BBT for the universe and the BBT for Russian Trump Collusion

The comparison starts today.

What do we know about the Russian Trump Collusion of influencing our presidential election in 2016?

  • We know that the investigation of the Russian Trump Collusion continues as does the scientific BBT.
  • We know that the investigations have not come up with anything that can be used to prove it beyond the claim that it exists. This is also true of the BBT for the universe.
  • We also know how long ago that the Hillary Big Bang occurred.
  • We also know the time line from the Hillary Big Bang to now.

What we don't know about the Hillary Big Bang

The main thing that we don't know about the Hillary Big Bang Time Line are the facts that formed the theory.

  • It has been a year an a half, and while Hillary and the democrats have dumped on the American people their theory of the Russian Trump Collusion, the facts,or at least the discovery of new information seems to give more questions than answers.
  • That is the more information we find, the farther away from the Hillary Big Bang Russian Trump Collusion it puts us.
  • The investigation has over time wandered far afield from the original Hillary Clinton Big Bang.
  • It is like we have gone through a political Worm Hole and we are disoriented and don't know where we are anymore.

This disorientation actually is working toward Hillary's favor.

  • She doesn't really had to support her Big Bang theory anymore because no one remembers that she even said it.
  • What we do know is that there has been no evidence to support the original Hillary Theory.
  • Not only didn't the investigation determine how the election was influenced, but they don't know who did it, if there was an influence.
  • Next thing that isn't known is how did this influence work. Considering, the Hillary won the popular vote by more than three million votes.
  • That alone is a theory that hasn't been explored.

The investigation has gone no where since they were started well over a year ago.

  • The investigation isn't even investigating the Russians, or the Collusion with Trump.
  • Yet, they are still investigating president Trump.
  • The Question is Why?
  • The answer is that if they terminate the election, then Hillary has no excuse for losing the election.
  • An election they she was given every advantage both legal and illegal to win.
  • She lost one point two billion dollars of her financial backers campaign funds.
  • She had to explain to them how that was possible.
  • Also, if the investigation is terminated, then the democrats don't have a platform for 2018, much less for 2020.
  • Their entire platform is invested into the bogus Russian Trump Collusion investigation.

The answer to the genesis of the Hillary Big Bang Russian Trump Collusion

The answer is really simple.

It started when Hillary and the DNC falsely claimed that their DNC servers were hacked by the Russians to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Now if we dispel that premise, the whole Hillary BB Russian Trump Collusion disappears, and anything built on that theory disappears with it.

  • There are no facts to support that allegation of Russian Hacking the DNC servers
  • The DNC servers have never been investigated by any US agency including the sixteen Intelligence Agencies.
  • Without the government investigation the Hillary claim of Russian Hacking the theory dies for lack of proof.

Unlike the BBT of the universe, we can go back to the beginning of the Hillary Big Bang.

  • The lack of the government investigating and concluding that it was Russians causes the theory to fail.
  • Having the government make this conclusion as they did without actually investigating the DNC Servers invalidates their conclusion.

It is a lesson in symbolic logic

We have the end result that the contents that were on the DNC servers was published by WikiLeaks. and that is pretty much a fact.

The logic of If the emails were published by WikiLeaks that it must have been the Russians that did it is not a fact.

Using an example of symbolic logic.

If P then Q versus the reverse If Q then P

  • Where P = It rained
  • Where Q = the sidewalks get wet.

If P(it rained) the Q(the sidewalks get wet) is not reversable to

If Q(the sidewalks are wet) P could be any number of things that resulted in Q

  • For example, it didn't rain, but someone rinsed the sidewalks from a hose.

Apply this logic to Hillary's BB

Q is still Wiki leaks published the DNC emails

But P is not known.

It could have been a leak, like from someone in the DNC like Seth Rich

It could have been a hack by a bright grade school student because we know that DNC head John Podesta's password was 'password'.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      I agree. The rule of law appears to be the same as the Einstein Theory where space bends. Applying this to the rule of law also shows how bent it is today. The democrats bend it, and have bent it out of shape. They have bent it so Hillary, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, the State Dept and even the Obama presidency have been held untouchable, while their no evidence mere accusations have spawn several investigation against Russia, Trump and his staff.

      The rule of law when not bent would put all of them on the same line. But we know today that the line has bent.

      We need the Inspector General to start making some indictments, including against Robert Mueller, and the Obama appointees in the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ and the state department. If this is not done soon we cannot have a normal 2018 election. It will just be a replay of the 2016 election.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      2 years ago

      Unraveling this ugly mess is difficult, but things are starting to take shape. If Clinton and others get away with this, we are lost as a nation. The rule of law will be dead forever.


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