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Hillary or Trump?

Updated on August 10, 2016

Pros and Cons: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary -


  1. Hillary Clinton has political experience.
  2. She knows how to keep a level head in times of being ridiculed.
  3. Hillary knows what it's like to deal with foreign ambassadors and such.


  1. Hillary is a lier.
  2. She supports abortion.
  3. Hillary defended a rapist.

Trump -


  1. He is a very accomplished businessman.
  2. Trump is pro-women.
  3. Donald Trump is traditional.


  1. Donald Trump does not know when to shut his mouth.
  2. Trump is a hothead.
  3. He can't handle ridicule from his own countrymen, so how will he handle it from foreign diplomats?
  4. Trump thinks that just because he is rich, he can be a president
  5. He will insult a foreign diplomat and get us in trouble.

So the choice is yours: The woman who lied? Or the man who doesn't have control?


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