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Hillary (re)hired David Kendall, Bill's lawyer, with regard to Lewinski

Updated on May 17, 2016
B David Ferrel profile image

B David Ferrel graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in English. According to the common theme throughout, his current fascination is quite evident.

Kendall, with relation to the Whitewater trial for the Clintons

David Kendall, with relation to Bill and Hillary Clinton: the first time he came into the picture was with relation to Whitewater. Well, Kendall Starr also -- oops! I mean, Kenneth Starr, though "Kendall Starr" is a cool mental pneumonic. Kendall was the frontrunner in the Whitewater trial. David Kendall was also Bill's "oral s..x is not s..x" lawyer. Anyway, though Kendall was successful in his defense of General David Petraeus, Clinton was indeed impeached on 19 December 1998.

Then the very next year, Clinton was acquitted by the Senate. What, why, and how are all questions that the owned and controlled media never covered. The U.S. Federal gov't is quite shady and evil, and the U.S. mass-media covers for the crimes.

Clinton's Impeachment

Back to Whitewater

The Whitewater Development Corporation and the Federal trial in 1996. On top of being a failed business venture, from the start this was an illegal business venture. Jim and Susan McDougal also took part in this fraudulent "business venture." Susan McDougal even served more time because she refused to "rat out" Hillary Clinton.



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