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Hillary vs Donald

Updated on May 4, 2016

Round One Begins With Hillary Throwing the First Punch

Hillary Clinton, poster child for the elite power structure of Washington, wasted no time in climbing into the ring with Donald Trump. Now that Kasich has finally dropped out of the race Trump is now the official target - the candidate that threatens her race for the presidency and reign as the Queen Bee of Washington Politics.

In her initial strike, her first one-on-one interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper, she wasted no time in planting her first psychological punches using key words to begin playing the expected mind manipulation of the voters; once again assuming that the voters / WE THE PEOPLE are just too stupid to see through the games.

In her interview Hillary referred to Trump as "a loose cannon" no less than 4 times.
A loose cannon is defined as: "a person who cannot be controlled and who does or says things that cause problems, embarrassment, etc., for others." She attempted to use the term derogatorily against Trump. Bad choice, Hillary. In order to turn our country around and to loosen the strangle-hold Washington has held around the necks of WE THE PEOPLE for way too long, this is exactly what is needed - a person who cannot be controlled and who does or says things that cause problems, embarrassment, etc., for others, (namely the corrupt politicians responsible for the abuse of power that has brought OUR country to the state it is in now.

She also referred to her 25 years within the Washington Political Arena - another bad choice. Hillary's past record and 'experience' is exactly what we need to vote AGAINST in order to bring about the changes OUR country so desperately needs.

So, sorry, Hillary....WE THE PEOPLE are listening but we are no longer willing to be manipulated by the very people who have brought us to this point in time and history. We are no longer willing to allow corrupt, career politicians to continue getting rich by pandering to special interest groups and lobbyists. We the People are no longer willing to provide a free ride on the backs of the American Tax Payers who have footed the bills that Washington continues to incur at an alarming and unsustainable rate.

We want, we need, and we now demand change. We NEED a "loose cannon" to root out those who have manipulated WE THE PEOPLE and have taken OUR country away from the PEOPLE. We need someone who has not been part of the political structure that has caused the problem and IS the problem. We don't want just another politician who will take up where the previous politician left off....we want and need DONALD TRUMP, a man who is not part of the political quagmire of this country, in the White House.

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