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A Secretary of State With Balls

Updated on November 15, 2017
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton | Source

Going out with Guns Blazin'

She ran for President with good ideas, a decent head on her shoulders but little foreign policy experience. In 4 years, she has added so much foreign policy experience to her resume, she would be a shoe-in for the job in 2016 if she wanted it. Since she has decided to exit her current job in favor of running the largest Bank in the world, she really has little to lose by being less than diplomatic when the situation may call for it.

Right now, the Assad government is murdering its own civilian population to remain in power. The international community is powerless to take action as Russia and China have chosen mercantile interests over humanitarian ones by vetoing any UN mandated action. President Obama cannot order an invasion without looking like a bully or possibly committing American troops to the fight. That would be political suicide in an election year. Therefore, little is done while the Assad government continues to bomb its own population under the Russian and Chinese umbrella. That simply did not work for Secretary Clinton.

She had the guts to state the obvious. That the largest economic powerhouse in the world and the second largest holder of nuclear weapons both prefer trading with dictators to the preservation of peace. She tossed diplomatic reservation to the side to remove any doubt of their disabuse of the UN and placed the blame for the Syrian genocide squarely on their soldiers. This took guts and she has that in spades.

Since Obama may not be able to take action and be reelected,. the Saudis may be forced to and appear to be ready to do that. If that happens, it may save lives as the Syrian rebels may be able to defend themselves at least if not win an outright civil war. When it is over and they retake the governmental palace, the world will hold Russia and China responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. We will then have a clearer view of both countries. Where that leaves us internationally will be decided then but Secretary Clinton will have shown how straight-forward she can be on the international stage and perhaps what she is capable of as a future President.


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