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Hillary's Diazepam Pen for Seizures Mystery

Updated on August 10, 2016

Video of Hillary Clinton Allegely Having Seizure On-Camera

As an example of the power of the Internet to uncover interesting and even vital stories that the mainstream media is missing, the mystery of Hillary's what appears to be a Diazepam pen is a classic (see photo below.) Somewhere along the line sharp-eyed observers at the Reddit social media site pointed out that one of Hillary's closest Secret Service agents, Todd Madison, always seems to be holding what appears to be the anti-convulsive medication device never far from Hillary, who in other videos seems to be having a mild seizure.

The giveaway is not any positive identification of the device, but that the media which is usually scrambling to "debunk" such notions is suddenly nowhere to be seen. One attempt by the Washington Post, entitled "Armed with junk science and old photos, critics question #HillarysHealth," skirts the issue, after a page of mocking flimsier examples of possible signs of Hillary suffering a rapid decline in health. At the end of the article the Post sweeps it under the rug by merely noting that one blogger:

"speculated that Madison was holding "an Apokyn pen, used to treat Parkinson’s," in a photo that revealed something in his right hand."

But this begs the question. What is it?

Internet sleuths at Reddit who claim to have experience with such devices made the claim that this device was a Diazepam pen. Upon seeing the picture one posted immediately:

"Yup. When I was scripted benzos (I'm genetically resistant to them but that's beside the point) I wasn't even supposed to drive."

The so far unchallenged identification of the device as an auto-injector for an anti-seizure drug follows hard on the heels of buzz on the Internet that Hillary may be having a mild seizure as more than one person talks to her at once after a speech, over-stimulus being a known trigger for some kinds of seizures.

Of the major news networks, predictably, only Fox News has even touched upon the alleged Diazepam pen, with one of its medical experts medical doctor Marc Seigelman agreeing with the identification of the device, calling it a "valium pen."

Commentators are demanding Clinton's medical records in order to verify her fitness to be in command of the US Armed Forces at crucial, high pressure moments.

As with many alleged secrets and scandals surrounding the Clintons, no one of them alone is proof of anything, but together, as various pieces possibly falling into place, it becomes appropriate to start demanding some answers, and for major media organizations to start doing their jobs.




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