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Hillary Clinton's E-mail Scandal is a Scandal

Updated on July 5, 2016

With over 60% of Americans of all political persuasions distrusting the likely next president, Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal is just that. Just last week, former president Bill Clinton had a 30-minute conversation with the current Attorney General for the USA, the head law enforcement official. The meeting was meant to be secret, and happenstance, but when a reporter found out the story broke. Then, no photos were allowed. Both of them claim it was all innocent, a chance meeting, when their airplanes were at the same airport in Phoenix, AZ. They just talked about grandkids and such. The optics were VERY bad and even the Attorney General admitted it should never have occurred to placate those who are suspicious of the Clintons. Face it, over 60% are in America, for one reason or another.

Hillary is no doubt furious at the whole event because it DOES look suspicious. The Attorney General is the one who would charge Hillary with wrongdoing for the e-mail scandal while Hillary was Secretary of State. Then, a few days later, Hillary is deposed by the FBI for 3.5 hours after 10 months of seizing thousands of emails and interviewing her staff, some given immunity from prosecution. The Attorney General said she would not interfere with the FBI findings and prosecute if the FBI warrants such. But as time went on, it was found out the Hillary may choose, if elected president, to keep the Attorney General. More bad optics. No wonder so many distrust her. But there is more…

The FBI has now decided not to charge Hillary with any wrongdoing regarding her email server and official emails on it that was in her basement of her home while Secretary of State. Even though, in the past 10 months, many attorneys have said Hillary, at minimum, did unethical things and broke State Department policy rules. She was grossly careless about handling State Department emails but unintentionally. Really? A server that was wiped clean before the FBI got it?

This scandal has produced plenty of smoking guns, but no fire, yet. When the Attorney General met with Bill, did some private agreement occur while talking about grandkids? Maybe this: if there is no prosecution, then the current Attorney General will remain when Hillary becomes president?

Basically, the FBI, after 10 months of investigation has declared that Hillary’s actions were just an infraction of the rules and policy and not worth prosecuting during an election year. This is akin to a car with no front license plate and the cop sees it and feels it is not worth his time because it is an infraction of traffic laws (that cars must have a front and rear license plate). Maybe there was some backroom calls about not prosecuting her before the election because that would insure Trump getting elected?

Makes sense. Now, Obama is even campaigning for her like the chump he is. Why? Because she is his third term in office, with minor variations. All of this is just disgusting and I still do not like Trump any better. I think he his only less trustworthy as a person by 10%.

What a shitty election cycle this is. America is falling apart, slowly. Great empires always do.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 19 months ago

      Event the hearings about this reveal she is getting pass.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 19 months ago from California

      Oh the black mail material our enemies have on her. I think I have come to the conclusion the only privileged people in our country are white women.