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Throwing the First Sexual Stone

Updated on October 12, 2016

"Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump said. “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.”

Since Friday, October 7, 2016, the previously recorded conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush has been played over and over again. Everyone pretends to be traumatized by Mr. Trump's remarks. But come on, who are we kidding? Since the dawn of time there has emerged a band of women who only date men who have amassed large sums of money. Women, who pursue these type of men, pay little to no attention to the man's physical looks, his personality, his intellect or his moral rectitude; rather, the chase is all about the size of the man's bank account. In some engagements, it is exactly as Trump suggested. The woman gains access to the man's money and his status and the man gets his ego enlarged and his libido satisfied. The more money that the man has, the more attention he gets, the more attention he gets, the more opportunities he has to engage in any type of sexual fantasy that he desires. So why in the world is everyone appalled by what Donald Trump said?


In 1970, the late Blues star recording artist, Little Milton, put out a song that went something like this "If walls could talk I am sure they .. ." Following along that same line of thought, I suggest that if all of our sexual thoughts and all of our sexual activities were secretly recorded and then propitiously revealed, like Donald Trump, we would be mortified. But hold up, you have to give Mr. Trump credit, he refused to buckled under. Instead, he apologized and played it off as just "Locker-Room Talk." Maybe if walls could talk we would all have to drop our heads, tuck our tails in between our legs and lowcrawl back the way we came. Worst yet, some of us would probably have to face criminal charges.


The vast majority of us try to keep our sexual secrets to ourselves. We thank God that we don't have the Jewish Pharisees of the first century breaking into our bedrooms, prying us loose from the individual or individuals with whom we were committing the sexual act with and then parading us up and down the streets screaming, "I caught so-and-so in the bed with so-and-so and doing so-and-so." No, indeed, we do not have the Pharisees of yesterday rushing into the privacy of our bedrooms. Instead, we have individuals who secretly record our actions and then covertly leak the information to the media. After leaking the information, these same individuals stand in the shadows and allow the media to expose other people's sexual sins? Wonder why these individuals don't come forward themselves?


Perhaps it is because they remember what Jesus told the Pharisees when they dragged an adulterous woman before Jesus and demanded that Jesus render an immediate verdict as to whether the woman was in violation of the Mosaic Law. John records that as Jesus sat there listening to the accusations against the woman, he bent over and started scribbling on the ground. Moments later Jesus stated, "He who is without sin among you let him cast the first stone at her" (John 8:7). Now let me interject what John failed to address. The sin that Jesus was referencing was a sexual sin. As sexual reproductive creatures, we wrestles daily with the weaknesses of our humanity and our sexuality and at sometime in our lives, we have all, either through deeds or thoughts, committed a sexual sin. Now back to the adulterous woman.


Jesus after asking for the sexually sinless ones to cast the first stone bends over and resumes scribbling on the ground. Scripture states that one-by-one, starting with the older ones first, the woman's accusers walked away (John 8:9). The encounter ends when Jesus straightens up sees the woman all along and asks her, "Where are your accusers, has no one accused you?" The woman replies, "No one sir." Jesus tells her "Then neither do I condemn you. . ." (John 8:10-11). Wonder why the woman's accusers walked away and wonder why it was the older ones who absconded first?


What a beautiful story! It by no means exonerates Donald Trump but it does warn every self-righteous male about the hypocritical dangers of casting the first sexual stone. When men, who by nature are usually more sexually aggressive than women, cast sexual stones at each other they simultaneously convict themselves. At least that is what Matthew 5:28 implies. The scripture reads "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." On the other hand, if Matthew doesn't get the average heterosexual male then Romans 3:23 will. In fact, Romans 3:23 condemns us all. It reminds us that all of us have sinned and fallen short of God's righteousness. So in a larger sense, Donald Trump is somewhat correct when he calls Paul Ryan and John McCain hypocrites for ridiculing and denouncing him for his Locker Room confessions. From a biological perspective, it is highly probable that every red-blooded heterosexual male, to include President Obama, Mike Pence, Tim Kaine (maybe) and Joe Biden, have clandestinely lusted or perhaps entertained the thought of being in the company of another woman other than their wives. Luckily, thus far, their private sexual thoughts have remained out of the pubic domain, as they should.


It is a fact that one's unrestrained sexual proclivities and the pursuit of those sexual proclivities has the potential to jeopardize one's political career as well as destroy the framework of one's family. No doubt, Donald Trump is in hot water with his wife but she knows that the man is the same man that she dated and subsequently married. Over the months, I have watched Donald Trump soften much of his rhetoric and I honestly believe that he is a far more honest person than Hilary. The problem is he talks too much; he speaks without thinking; he is completely transparent; he is chauvinistic to the core; he hasn't a humble bone in his entire body and he is a horrible liar but Donald Trump's moral foundation is indicative of the moral foundation that Americans now embrace. So when Americans condemn Donald Trump for sexually exploiting women, for not paying federal income taxes, for discriminating against African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Americans with disabilities, for flip-flopping on key political positions or for his many alleged illegal activities; America condemns itself.


Millions and millions of women were offended by Donald Trump's remarks, and they should be, however, the majority of these women know that as gross as Trump's comments were, they made a crude and a half-way valid point. That point is that in the circles in which Donald Trump travels there are a multitude of gold-digging women who flock to be in his company. The truth is Trump's remarks were demonstrative of the male and female relationships that he is accustomed to. Maybe we all should perform an introspective review of our own sexual mores to determine whether or not we are just as guilty as Donald Trump. It might be that the politicians, the powers-that-be and the naysayers who are calling for his ouster are more adept at hiding their own sexual fantasies than Donald Trump is at hiding his. If we are all guilty of sexual sins, as Jesus' remarks imply, and we are, then Scripture has a warning for us as well, "Be careful or your sins will find you out" (Numbers 32:23).


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