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Hiring Illegal Immigrants

Updated on July 22, 2010

Many Americans have assumptions about the costs of illegal immigrants inside America. Many also believe that our country could not function without the work source that these illegal immigrants have become. The real backbone of all of these ideas is that the government owes American citizens some measure of control over the illegal immigration situation. Such a measure should include the enforcement of the illegality of hiring aliens.

“There are four areas where the estimated costs illegal households impose are much larger than for other households--treatment for the uninsured, federal aid to schools, federal prisons/courts, and the immigration system…. it is certainly not surprising that illegal aliens account for a large share of the costs of the immigration system because so much of that system is focused specifically on them.” (Camarota, 2004) As American business owners strive to compete with countries with an overwhelming supply of cheap uneducated labor they also compete with a country whose populace no longer finds it necessary to do manual labor. While illegal immigrants supply the cheap labor, they would not be so eager to race into the US work market if the companies would not be so eager to hire them no question asked. The US job market would be able to function if not even improve if they focused their hiring upon legal immigrants who would be arrested halfway through the job is completed. “In 2006, the total unauthorized population in the U.S. was estimated at 11,550,000 by the Department of Homeland Security.” (Little Known Facts in the Immigration Debate) If even only two-thirds of that number held jobs in the US and then those jobs are now in need of someone to fill those positions.

It is true that illegal immigrants can be a cheaper work source then the American populace who does not share the desire to do menial labor. It has also become evident in our society that we rely upon that labor force for our economy to prosper and compete on a global market. Once our government enforces the illegal immigrant issue, we could move towards increasing the amount of legal immigrants allowed in every year.


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