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Historical Posts by James Dubreze

Updated on July 4, 2012
James Dubreze
James Dubreze

Facebook Historical Posts

The Analogy of the Cock Fight:

There cannot be two cocks of equal strength in a match of cocks, sooner or later one cock will have to win the match. And from there the rest of the cocks will help create a system of check and balances to minimize the power of the big cock.


A friend of mine told me that the only reason why I could have come up with an analogy like this, it’s because I have never participated in a real match of cocks. He said had I participated in a real match of cocks, I would have realized that in a real match of cocks every cock takes their fight into their own separate whole.


The state of any consciousness is relative to its environment, but it is not the only place the mind speaks out of, because within the environment they exists microcosmic reality of the whole spectrum. And it is from there that the grand ideas are derived from. The greatest thing of all is that the reality of every environment is displayed right there on the internet, one just have to be attentive enough to tap into them. Nevertheless, when there are social constraints within these microcosmic environments it's for the purpose of a cause. However, the critical mind does not accept to any cause without understanding first the whole purpose.


President Hu Jintoa spoke at Yale and said “As a yen of a river where the waves behind drive on those before, so that a new generation always excel the last one, young people represent the hope and future of the world, they are full with vitality new ideas and creativity. I sincerely hope that the young people of China and that of the United States will join hands and work to enhance the friendship between our two people, and together with people of other countries to create a better world for all. “

He also said that “to be frank with you I’m a materialist, a Marxist who actually believes that the development of the political infrastructure must be compatible with the economic foundation.” He said China’s economic system suits its social development. He emphasized that there is no modernization without democracy, and that China will continue to work to develop a democratic society that is built base on China’s laws.


It was FDR who said - “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” This is a statement I strongly believe in. I also believe that “the fear of being wrong” is also part of the “fear” that FDR referenced to in that statement. It is this quote that has prompted me to come with this thought.

As individuals, we should never be afraid to make mistakes. At times mistakes are that which we learn from. Those who are afraid to be wrong are also afraid to be right, because they fear of being wrong will always prevent them from noticing the mistakes which could have helped them (to be right) or improve.


There are two reasons why Marriage Equality is a Civil Right, the first one rest on the scientific evidence which proves that an individual can be born a homosexual. The second is the implication that the homosexual person need not have sex with the same gender to be accepted as being gay. As far as I understand, the Gay Community does not impose on anyone that they must prove their homosexuality to be accepted as a Gay person in the community.

What is more important to keep in mind is that even if a person couldn’t have been born Gay the idea of Marriage Equality being thought as a Civil Right would still uphold from the stand point of the fourteen amendment.

Since it has been proven according to specialist that someone can be born Gay than it would seem as though the right of the homosexual person is protected under the article one of the constitution which states that “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

What we understand as “unalienable rights” are divine rights which are not binding to any laws. These rights are given to us by nature which means that we earn them form the time that we are born.


Those who said that money is success couldn’t have been so wrong. Money is the advantage point of success; it is what one does with it that will determine how successful one is. People do not remember us because of how much money we have, but instead because of how we have influenced their lives. Beyonce is not successful because of how much money she owns. She is successful because her songs have touched the lives of many others. She just so happened to have a talent that attracts a lot of money, but had her talent not drawn that much money she still would have been successful for the lives that she has touched.


I was kicking it to this beautiful white girl on the train, and as we continue our conversation I glanced over to her right, and I noticed a burnt black hand. I said to her take a look over to your right, she did precisely that. I asked her are you thinking what I’m thinking. She bluntly said NO! But she said no deliberately without given it a thought, but I had already sense it from her reaction that she knew where I was headed. Then I said to her - you see, this is why I like white girls because at the very bottom of my skin we’re the same. But of - course that doesn't mean I don't love black girls, I truly love all people regardless of race and color.


Those who influence the world have very little freedom than we care to know. In fact their freedoms are invested in the effort of making the lives of those they influence just a little better if not worst. If you think this statement is not true you can ask the new president of Haiti Michel Martelly how his freedom now compare to when he was an artist. Dr. King had no freedom, John F. Kennedy had no freedom, Nelson Mandela has no freedom, Malcolm X had no freedom, Mr. Farrakhan has no freedom, Kimjongil has no freedom, and if President Obama has no freedom no need to ask about President Gaddafi. What this statement aim to forecast is that to some level, the leadership position is more like a personal sacrifice rather than anything else.


This question I asked early was answered from an interview which Amy Goodman conducted with Canadian physician bestselling author Gabor Mate about a discussion on his new book “The Realm of Hungry Ghost” superseded by our addiction to drugs.

Dr. Gabor Mate Statements are as follow:

“There is no clear distinction between the identify addict and the rest of us, it’s just a continuum among which we may all be found, except that the identify addict may be suffer more than the rest of us”.

He continued to say:

“If you look at the brain circuit involve in addiction - whether it’s a shaping addiction or an addiction to an opiate like a heroin addict, we are looking for endorphin in our brain. Endorphins are pain relief chemicals. It also happens to be the love chemicals; they connect us to the Universe and to one another. Now, that circuitry in adult doesn’t function very well, as the circuitry of incentive, and motivation which involves the chemical dopamine also doesn’t function very well”.

Gabor Mate said:

“Stimulant like cocaine, Chrystal met; nicotine and caffeine elevate dopamine levels in our brain, as for sexually acting out, as does extreme sports, as does alcoholism and so on. The issue is why do these circuits not work so well in some people? That’s because drugs within themselves are not surprisingly addictive”.

Which then forces us to ask if drugs are not addictive than why is it that some of us can’t get off of them?

Dr. Mate answered:

“What I mean by that is that most people who try most drugs never become addicted to it. So they have to be susceptible, and the susceptible people are those people with impaired brain circuit. And the impairment is cause by early diversity rather by genetic”.

WOW! Never heard that before, I guess that would explained why Bobby Parker is the way he is.

“The human brain for the most part unlike any other mammals develops under the influence of the environment. That’s because from an evolutionary point of view we develop these large heads, large fore-brains, and to walk on two legs we have a narrow pelvis which mean we had to be born prematurely otherwise we would never have been born. The head is already the biggest part of the body”.

I always knew that our environment effect our decision making process, but never had any idea that the environment was also the main cause of our addictions.

Dr. Mate continues in his explanation by making a comparison between the early development of the human being and the horse.

“Now, the horse can run the first day of life whereas human beings are anti developed for two years. That means most of the horse development happens in the uterus and for us it is left to happen in the environment, and which circuit gets develop which don’t depend very much on our environmental input. When people are missed treated, stress or abuse their brains don’t develop the way they are to – it’s that simple”.


On a different note, in regard to the presidential seat of the United States, a job that comes with so much pressure, why does anyone wants to be president of the United State anyway? Obviously it can’t be the money because no amount of money can equate this level of pressure. We’ve watch President Obama assumed president of the United State January 20, 2009 in just six months after; his hair had already turned gray. Now with the republican having a whole of congress, he might have dyed it again by now. The initiative to run for the American presidency cannot be at someone’s free will because no one is crazy enough to put themselves through that pressure. It would have had to be persuaded by a circle of friends who wants their members to gain the political power of the chief of staff.


“We have to make a distinction between racism motivated by intention vs. racism resulted in affect of consequences.” Dr. West

Dr. West sometimes speaks in a way that is not so easily understood if one is not paying attention to his words. I have typed what he said during his short interview with Amy Goodman so that we can go over it together.

Racism motivated by intention can be regarded as the purest form of race hatred. For example: the Tulsa Race Riot, conflict motivated out of pure hatred at a time very similar to where we are now – politically and economically tense.

Now, when the brother talked about racism resulted in affect of consequences his talking about policies that have affected black, brown, poor people in general. For example: Some would argue that the no child left behind act enacted by President Bush had graduation rate go down, school rating go up. As a matter fact the link that argues that is writing below.

The latter is not always noticeable. The people who write policies that could affect poor whites and blacks don’t do it because they think the result would be in the disadvantage of black, brown and poor people.

Sometimes the intention could have resulted out of self interest which would have had nothing to do with the person being a racist, but has everything to do with the person being insensitive to the black and brown struggle.

As Dr. West have showed us, YES it is true that we have to be able to differentiate when the racism is motivated by intention, and when it racism resulted in affect of consequences. Both are important to worry about, the only exception is that racism resulted in affect of consequences can cause more damage to poor blacks and whites.


Banalization is also a form of mockery; it demonizes the leader to have him look to the public like a joker. Never in the history of America had the United States president portrayed as a joker. It affected me for the reason being that back in the 60 blacks were portrayed similarly.

The worst critique someone can give is in the form of mockery. We should never critique people with mockery. Not only does it have no positive result, but it’s not constructive. Only uneducated people use mockery to critique others.

Mockery also tells the person who is being critique that his concepts are affecting the mocker. Mockery is usually a last result attempt when the mocker cannot debate the ideas that he/she opposes. If someone believes that the president is not doing well painting him as a joker will not solve the problem. In fact it even makes it worse because you have given us reason to believe that something else could be behind the motive.

When educated folks are in disagreement with an idea they don’t make fun of it, they debate it. The result of the debate is what is considered a constructive criticism. Therefore, criticism is valid only when an alternative is available.

To criticize people's task without suggesting to them how they could have thought about their ideas differently makes your criticism less credible. Criticism is always helpful when it is accompany with an alternative. Those who are afraid to debate the ideas that they oppose are also afraid to be wrong, and anyone who is afraid to be wrong will never learn to be right if they are willing to apply mockery as oppose to question.


We are all addicts. The only exception there is that some addiction affects the mind and body worst than another. This by itself is not a nouveau discovery. However, our imperfection is the cause of our addiction. And since we are all imperfect it makes us all addicts. Nevertheless, in order for this addiction to have purpose, it must be influence with the values that we have adopted in our lives. In essence what our addiction is doing is keeping our minds distracted so that it’s not overwhelmed by our imperfections. This is why when we finally managed to quit one addiction we quickly adapt ourselves with another.


"The sign of a highly intelligent person is to recognize the limit where intelligence becomes dangerous." It is reasonable to think if some knowledge can be use for evil than knowledge can be dangerous if fall in the wrong hands. In that case we should be careful not to upload information over the internet that can be use to harm others.


Research is like an oxymoron to new logical concepts, if reason is not careful enough research will have it contradict itself all over the thinking process. Research influences our thought process to arrive at the same understanding that others have came to. When faced with new ideas, it is best to throw all books away, and let our subconscious minds venture into a critical thinking mode. A place where different levels of the mind talk, and question each other to arrived at an understanding that is promising. If we do that those who comes before us will think us for it, for we would have discovered something that got them people thinking about their ideas again.


The naked truth shares no partisanship; the friends are those who are willing to pay for it. And the enemies are the very people it’s out to protégé. This is why in society we have independent broadcasters who are paid by their listeners. It is also the reason why we have social activist speakers, freedom writers and professors from Universities who embraces the truth tellers. The aforementioned should have led us to one conclusion, and that “truth” is not “free”. Those who speak on “truth” if not financially supported by the people are sacrificing their way of life, and comfort for the encouragement of a better society.


This “don’t ask don’t tell” policy leaves everyone in the dark to authorize the most irrational root of conflict “assumptions” to give light to darkness. They say two blind men can’t lead one another, I guess whoever said that was wrong, because that’s exactly what this “don’t ask don’t tell” policy is doing. It allows discrimination between members of the Army without the soldiers knowing that they've insulted the very person who had been placed in command to lead them in battle. Now that the path of justice has been paved for disciplinary action we hope that the soldiers can see beyond their indifferences.


DR. Cornel West "You can't lead the people if you don't love the people. You can't save the people if you don't serve the people".

James Dubreze entertaining the quote:

You can only guide that which you can lead. You can only serve that which you love. And you can only save that which you understand. I’d love to understand how to lead so I can save. And I'd love to understand how to serve so I can guide.


What has made black spirituality a taboo in western culture is the unavoidable implication of black history. It seems as though the deeper you go into black spirituality the more untold black history you are bound to discover. As a matter fact the two cannot be totally separated, black history is built right on top of black spirituality. The more black history you discover, and the more misconceptions you are destined to come across. Black spirituality is therefore part of the fundamental prerequisites that are required for a good understanding of world history.

Economic Concepts:

The capitalistic system is the capital of laissez-faire. It permits less restriction among the transactions of private sectors. It served as a stepping stone to economic inequality, and it allows the economy to stagnate long enough to be confused with real economic growth. The capitalist system welcomes deviations of profits, and yet has no control over the formation of monopolies. It allows the country’s wealth to be purchased, but has no clue who truly own those wealth. After all, we have realized that the capitalist system needs help, and social capitalism is here to give a helping hand.


The strength of our struggle will harden when we have given up on the illusion of prosperity. If prosperity is to flourished than why aren’t we all flourished? Have we not nourished from the same soil that fed us all - than why is it that the equality is so far apart between the masses and the few?

The truth of the matter is that the system does not give ways to equal access to economic success. It is impossible to think that it does because when we look around us, not necessarily within our circle; the problem goes beyond that circle, and it just hasn’t gotten to us yet. It’s a domino effect; it starts from the third world countries to rest on American soil. We are being fragmented, because we have failed to act as a unit. If you believe in the American flag than pledge your legion to the struggle for jobs.


Love within itself is a blessing, and the more people who have love for a person the happier that person becomes. But wait a minute; love is also selfish. It is so because those who are in love for the most part won’t share their love ones. Could we say that the biggest contradiction of “love” is our inability to share our love ones? If you think about it selfishness is not a good attribute for “love” - love is an open heart receptor. It accepts anything that is of a loving nature. Therefore, anyone who’s not willing to share their love ones as an exchange for more love couldn’t possibly be experiencing love at its freest form.


"Anthropologists say that "skin color" and "hair texture" are not significant as race determinants, but DNA has been links African genes to Asia, South America, Oceania and Europe.”

The argument now is this, if hemoglobin types are a more accurate result for determining race, why is it then that blacks are discriminate against on the bases of skin color when in fact the very person who is the discriminator can very well be discriminating against his own race? He is judging the surface while the truth is obscured in the blood stream itself.

Well, these findings proves two things; one skin color is not the main source of discrimination, but instead for economic advancement. And second, discrimination is for the security of a cause rather than it is because of skin complexion.

Read these findings below you’ll understand better. Also let’s not forget the Haitian Polanders - if you truly know Haitian history than you’ll know what I’m referring to, otherwise you’ll wonder why these people in Haiti look the way they do.

"Among 64 individuals from 21 families with at least one known hemoglobin S carrier, African blood group markers were detected in 7 (11%). These findings indicate that hemoglobin S is only one of multiple African genes present in contemporary Sicilian populations. The occurrence of hemoglobin S in white persons of Sicilian ancestry is considered to be a manifestation of the continuing dissemination of the original African mutation." (Taken from the Race Archives)."


The confusion between logic and reason is unavoidable. Some would even argue that they mean the same. What gives it away is the term “logical reasoning”. Obviously, if those two words meant the same the preceded term "logical" would not have followed "reasoning" it would not have been possible. Where "reason" is the sum total which resulted into the meaning, logic is the rule that allows reason to come up with the sum. Logic holes a superior value than reason because logic is often regarded as "laws" that reason must follow to come up with a meaningful answer. For example: the law of conservation of energy is known to have been based on logical principles or we can recognized 2 % 2 = 0 as a form of logic where the " % " is the logic and the #2 as the reason. The picture above is a series of logic that reason must fallow in order to come up with a reasonable conclusion.


Reason is that thin line between knowledge and wisdom. Although there are not identical, at times they can be some similarities, especially when what is being addressed is based on facts. Wisdom for the most part is expressed in the form of cautioned. Where knowledge is totally codependent on reason, wisdom is not. Wisdom takes into account the subliminal messages which at times do not make sense to us. Example: When the loads are that heavy only minuscule steps can prevent them from falling. As you can see the strength of wisdom is base on an educated life experience, not age. If age could determine wisdom mother earth would not have been in this predicament that she's in now. Nonetheless, aging can relate with wisdom, but it is not because of how long one been on this earth, rather the experiences that one has had on this earth.


The meaning of life lies within individual struggle, a struggle for the purpose of gaining happiness. This struggle can differentiates from one person to another obviously, but it is through this process that one evaluates life from their perceptive ability. Although the meaning of life which derived from the person’s perception may conflict with yours doesn’t make what is to him the meaning of life untrue. This statement is true because our values can be different. And if our values are different it will influence how we see life.


It is true that money can’t buy love, but it can surely fake the held out of it - so much so that love is placed on stand by while money suppresses affection to secrete bodily fluid.


Dan Choi a West Point graduate an Arab linguist, an Iraq war veteran was fired from the military under the "don’t ask don’t tell". Dan Choi said “Honor and dignity does not come through tittles, it does not come through class, wealth, pay checks or any other construct of honor that we might think our society says that honor is. It’s absolutely false to think that. Honor and dignity comes from having the ability to stand up to what we know is right.”


We should share our knowledge so that we give others an edge otherwise they'll be led by their anger. You and I may assume that when a presidential candidate claims to love a country by that it means he loves the people of that country while we might be misinterpreting the whole thing. What we want to hear them repeat is that they love the people of that country instead of the country, for the country is just Acres of lands. If a presidential candidate loves the people of a country it shows patriotism whereas loving the country gives a whole different meaning. However, not every president who claimed to have loved the people of a country have actually worked for the interest of the people of that country, it will all depend on their agenda and the will to do what is just.


Love cannot cure racism for love is selective. We do not choose our love ones sorely on the bases that they're not racist, we choose and pick who to love base on feelings, attraction and commonality. What we have in common with our love ones can vary, and it is because of that variability that we say racism cannot be cured by love. For example: a black professor of African studies may find it difficult to be with a white companion, whereas the chemist sees no issue with being with a white person. The difference between the Chemist and the Prof. of African studies is relative to their awareness on the issue of racism as it relate to their past experiences. As far as the white person there is no distinction, it is also a matter of past experiences and commonality. As for me I have no problem with the mix, after all love is just a sentiment of joy as shown in that picture.


They say “when you live in glass houses you don’t throw stones” because if you do
you may end up ruin your own glass house. In this metaphor the glass house
represent wealth, and those who live in them shouldn’t throw stones for by throwing
Stones they’re taking advantage of those who are less fortunate.


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