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History around The Glasgow Green

Updated on September 22, 2010

the football exhibition at Glasgow Green

Rangers and celtic top meet again at the Glasgow Green
Rangers and celtic top meet again at the Glasgow Green
Billy Connelly's big banana boots
Billy Connelly's big banana boots
Possibly the only proper bed
Possibly the only proper bed
Everything in One Room
Everything in One Room

The Famous Glasgow Green

If you are not sure what to do and see in Glasgow, have a look at the Glasgow Green.

We didn’t know what we were going to see or do when we arrived looking for the place where the women hung their washings and apparently where the famous teams of Rangers and Celtic had played their first ever football match. As we walked around we kept an open mind. There was grass and grass and more grass and as we were about to leave feeling disappointed, we then discovered, there were poles, just four or five left, which the women of Glasgow had used to hang their ropes on and hang out their washings after being at the Steamie.

The People’s Palace reflected the sunshine towards us. We pulled our coats around us unconvinced that it would help, on the crisp frosty morning.

We stood for a minute of two wondering what to do. I had come prepared just in case we found the poles. While we got our cameras set up, I then hung a washing rope on to the poles. Firstly I produced a Rangers football top. Then I produced a Celtic football top. One belonged to my son and unusually the other to his best friend. We hung them on the line and stood back to admire our exhibition. It wasn’t much, but it was the traditional rivalry between the two Glasgow Football teams who had begun that rivalry all those years ago on the Glasgow Green.

Later we popped into the PEOPLE’S PALACE where we basked in the tradition of typical Glasgow life. From a single end in a tenement to the boots of Billy Connelly, life in Glasgow is on show. This museum is called the People’s Palace because if does indeed represent the “People” of Glasgow. In our opinion we decided that apart from the Transport Museum, this was the best museum in Glasgow.

We photographed our wee exhibition and moved on to the next place of interest.

Later that evening my Son and his friend put on their shirts and went off to play football together at the new outdoor sports field near Rutherglen, not quite the Glasgow Green, and they weren’t rivals either.

Find the People's Palace and Glasgow Green

A markerPeoples Palace, -
People's Palace, Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Glasgow City G40 1AT, UK
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