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Hit and Run "Sin" Foils Mind Control

Updated on April 26, 2010

Hit and Run "Sin" Preserves Free Will

Tactical Sinning Beats Mind-Control

You are going to receive a variety of thoughts that run from the ridiculous to that which you personally detest and regard as the “most wrong thing you could possibly do”. It is as though we are judged in a “sanity court” based on our ability to resist these horrible ideas.

The motives to doing this to a human being are threefold: you weaken the person’s sense of faith in the self, you set them up for even worse electronic harassment for allowing these thoughts to take place (you are treated EXACTLY as though you manufactured these horrid ideas) and thus the psychologically-assaulted victim will be more open for “retraining”/”re-education/social programming.

I insist on curtailing these thoughts because they inevitably lead to a demoralized state in which I “feel sick” - that is, I feel like a disgusting person. This is a very interesting way to encourage good behavior in people slated for “training”. The thoughts must be FOUGHT in order for you to preserve your sense of emotional well-being.

What’s interesting is that you can fight off the “synthetic bad ideas” and then go do things that your tormenters regard as wrong which are good for maintaining your emotional strength. Having sex increases psychological tolerance because it re-assures you that you are a man. It’s hard to convince a man that he is female if he engages in sexual activity based on his own fantasies on a regular basis. What you are doing is possible because it 1. Isn’t wrong 2. Is a REAL act of sin(somehow, it is easier/better to sin on one’s own than doing so out of “outside motivation”) 3. It is PROACTIVE not REACTIVE.

Because I regard sex as technically a sin before God -  I ask for forgiveness. Because you can really “lose your ass” out there, there’s more to routine sex than just having a good time…….it fortifies your male sexual identity. I consider it a “necessary evil” to maintaining one’s state of personal power. So have sex and pray for forgiveness. We all are sinners - we perpetually do things God wouldn’t approve of…….the difference here is that because the act protects you from getting pounded into psychological mush, it is a survival strategy.

Sex and violence are punished in the same way these days. You are only “beamed” when you are committing the act. Thus, commit the act and then pray for forgiveness and then stop thinking about sex. Having regular sex strengthens men right where they need it these days. By indulging this part of yourself and also practicing “pure thinking”, you engage in what I call “hit-and-run life reclamation”. Train the mind to think sexual thoughts and also NOT to think sexual thoughts. You aren’t punished when you aren’t sinning and you are stronger at seeing reality NORMALLY as opposed to SYNTHETICALLY.

If enough of us reclaim ACTUAL REALITY, we won’t be under the thumb of this “electronic Bedeviller” and society will become more and more like it was before Social Programming. By being “bad” on purpose and then working on thinking cleanly the rest of the time - you become a paradox that cannot be sorted out/robbed of your free will. At the worst, you are a Christian who regularly sins, but asks for forgiveness and works on thinking hygienically by will. In this willed state of mental purity you will not be as harassed and you’ll be capable of doing things you couldn’t do before because your mind is STRONGER and MORE DISCIPLINED. At best, you are a freedom-fighter reclaiming our society from a bunch of (mind) control freaks.



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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      great reading hub thanks