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Hold on to Your Knickers

Updated on February 27, 2017
Media Brainwash
Media Brainwash

Round One

Political Editorial

We are witnessing greatness smothered by idiocy.

Truth, smothered by fake-news.

Progress stymied by power hungry politicians controlled by a puppet master whose goal is a socialist government, the fall of capitalism, and the collapse of Christianity.

Trump on the other hand is not subject to these tactics. He is immune to the hype…as a matter of fact he thrives in it.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 “Our” President Trump will give his first speech before Congress. I look forward to it being filled with boos, grunts and groans, and interruptions. By all accounts the Democrats liberal bag of tricks is designed to cause as much havoc and disruption as humanly possible without the use of military weapons, homemade devices or anything to cause physical harm, which is what they may really want. But it won’t phase Trump.

He will stand tall, give his speech, flash that million dollar smile, and maybe even go on the offensive and attack. After all, he is not known to sit back while eggs are tossed.

Of course this is all guessing.

We could have a peaceful gathering of crumpets and tea.

Our cousins across the pond have heated sessions. Very rarely are they remotely calm. The English, in all their splendor and pompous royal pageantry take delight in a good heated debate. We, on the other hand expect to have milk and cookies and hand out participation awards to make everyone “feel” good.

And in this Corner...

From the very beginning of Trumps candidacy I was on the fence. I thought a rich guy like him was seeking self-gratification in the political arena. I even posted a picture of him and Biff, from Back to the Future, side by side in comparing their appearance.

My friends loved him.

My Wife loved him.

Me, not so much.

I saw him standing behind the podium in various places being booed. I listened to the media making him appear as a womanizer, especially after the “tape” was leaked. Then it went on to mocking a disabled reporter. Everything he said was scrutinized, blown up and smeared.

Then one day I was watching Facebook Live. Someone was at a Trump rally inside a huge auditorium. The camera was panned all around showing the crowd filling the seats to the rafters.

“What do they see in this guy?” I wondered.

Later that night on, NBC Nightly News, they talked about the Trump rally I had just watched that afternoon. They reported a smaller turn out of supporters. Inside the arena they claimed were scores of anti-Trump protestors.

I shook my head at the blatant lie.

So began my studies of his speeches and blocking out the media completely. I stopped watching TV news all together and got my information in the raw from the Associated Press web site. I downloaded his speeches and did research on Hilary and the Socialism infiltrating the Democratic Party.

My eyes were open anew.

I became a Trump supporter and a firm anti-Hilary activist.

I believe both Rep and Dem are puppets ruled by the same puppet master.

I believe Trump went with the Rep ticket because he couldn’t win without their support.

I believe that both parties will try to undermine his efforts because he is exposing the faults at the Federal level and they don’t like having their knickers exposed.

And finally, I believe the majority of the so-called Millennials are fooled because they are brainwashed by the news media. They listen to stars from Hollywood, and the music industry who tell them how to think, how to vote, and what is right or wrong. These lemmings don’t do any research and just take for granted what is told to them as truth. The puppet master is counting on them to remain deaf, dumb, and blind.

I suspect Tuesday night won’t be pretty. It will be worse than a Three Stooges plumbing job. There will be plenty of pipes but with the water going to all the wrong places.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      20 months ago from Florida

      Congratulations! You have become a 'free thinker'! One that tries to find the facts, is not loyal to a Party blindly, without knowing the truths about the politicians and those that they answer to.

      I applaud that you discovered the bias, the deliberate lies of the 'news' media, and made an effort to discover what really was going on.

      That is always a shocking realization, a tough pill to swallow, when you first realize that the very powers that be... the highest politicians, the most renowned media sources, the highest ranking servants to the nation... lie, continuously, deliberately, and conspiratorially about a great deal of things, and should you ever get to traveling abroad, you will realize there is no worse place for it than America (save China).

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      20 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I hope he got a speechwriter and a coach. This is starting to get embarrassing. Eventually, even Bush 43 got better at speeches. He was never eloquent but never said anything too nutty.


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