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See How Easy To Have A Hole In The Bucket And A Blanket To Call Home

Updated on July 13, 2009

Homeless in America

The day starts like any other. Wall Street is brushing their teeth and getting on the elevators, while texting to a corporate friend about their choice of what will be for lunch that day. A high class woman adjusts her $150 pantyhose and grimaces at her Versace heels having a speck of dirt on them. It's just another typical day.

A couple of blocks away, a man, woman and/or child finds themselves in line. The soup is being poured, the clatter of government issued dishes, and the clanging of pots and pans chime in the distance. It's not the music on an IPhone, but it'll do. A man with a scraggly beard wipes the soup from his chin. The woman reassures the child he will be able to catch the city bus in time to get to school. It's just a typical day.

There are 675,000 homeless persons in America each day. Almost a million people who will call a cement slab home. Almost three quarters of a million people each day find themselves experiencing the following:

  • relationship strain-high divorce rate
  • cramped shelter conditions leading to increased health issues
  • their kids are taken into foster care where they are passed around in a broken, failing system. These kids are unlikely to have parental contact or contact with other siblings
  • unless they receive community services, there is a 95% increase in jail costs, 57% MHMR services, and 32% increase in ambulance services.

Homelessness is not free problem!

Almost all of the homeless population are MHMR. No, it's a huge misnomer that most inmates are MHMR. Hardly ever do MHMR persons commit crime. They are misunderstood and unable to communicate and find themselves in vicarious predicaments that led to false imprisonment. If a law is broken, they often were trying to meet basic needs that society overlooked to train them properly to request and obtain.

A disproportionate sector of homeless are the alcoholics, coming in distant second. They don't stay homeless as long as the MHMR in my belief because they are better functioning and knowingly and willing committing crimes landing them in jails all across the country.

Second to the last are the drug addicts, who, like alcoholics, find themselves more able bodied and capable of manipulating the system. They have a bit more resources like willing people to house them for a short time. They bounce from couch to couch in search of the next high.

If you talked to people in my community, they would argue up and down that veterans make up a huge portion of the homeless population. However, that is simply untrue! They have the most resources available to assist them. Even if they are indigenous to my area like the mesquite trees, they are as whole, the most minute slice of the homeless pie.

A lot of people eronously believe that homelessness just occur in the big cities. However, a greater number of those in rural areas are now finding themeselves on the streets in these tough economic times. Problem is, rural areas rarely have shelters and fewer still, resources and financial means to service these people. Homeless people in rural areas often have to uproot their families or loved ones and go to higher populated areas to seek these much needed resources, taxing the local tax dollars (see aformentioned comment about homelessness not being a free problem).

I find myself absolutely disgusted by those who want to blame this predictment on personal fault. The homeless indeed made bad decisions landing themselves in their current state. However, we all lose jobs, lose houses or apartments, lose a car, or miss a payment on a bill. We usually call a parent, friend, or uncle to bailus ot and we go on to the next problem as if all is well. Some can't access this sort of gratuity. Lesser still, they may not eve be able to acquisition the loca public services because of budget cuts or poor funding. Wow, how close we all are in pulling up a slab and sleeping overnight near a crack house! We should be ashamed!

Just how differently could our lives be if someone lended a hand or donated to a charity....but I'm not saying that you should run out and find the closest person in a sleeping bag on a street corner and dig out your change either....leave that to the people who drive up in the vans serving soup while you fidget with your Ipod....


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    • Enelle Lamb profile image

      Enelle Lamb 8 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      There but for the grace of god go I...I know we all have our challenges and financial troubles - my 'ex' recently moved into his truck (for the second time in less than a year) and it's difficult to explain to my son why I can't help.

    • AsherKade profile image

      AsherKade 8 years ago from Texas

      I mostly certainly agree! However, you won't find a politician or city official willing to create such a program. Why? It isn't their "problem" and it isn't "important"~ or it's too much of a bother to regulate and organize. Talking about a celebrity who was a sex offender, or talking about improving the downtown appearance has more votes and appeal. And, if you kinda twist reality a bit, you find that some homeless people do pick up recycled types of trash so the can turn it into change for food!

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 8 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      All I can say is it must be better to be homeless in a warm climate than a cold one. I don't get it,when some homeless people are too proud to take help from their family if they can.It's better than being on the street.As for those who can't ,why is it so crazy to have them do something useful for the community as well as for themselves cleaning up the trash ,or something else that's useful in exchange for a place to sleep and take a shower,and at least three meals a day.It's better than putting them in jail at taxpayer expense.