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Holiday Food Boxes, not a gift for the poor!

Updated on January 25, 2012

Selling $ 5.00 worth of food for $ 10.00

Franchise grocery stores have quite the scam going on. They are selling food boxes marketed to the middle class as a helping hand in feeding a local family in need. The truth is they profit from the sale of these boxes by packing the cheapest food in them and sealing them up with lots of tape. Those who fall for the scam do not know what is in the box. If the purchaser was able to open the box they would find $ 5-6.00 worth of food selling at at a profit margin 2 to 1.

The contents of these food gift boxes are only a few very cheap food items. Most help boxes have 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese, the kind with the dry powder cheese ( average price is 4 for a dollar ), a small jar of the cheapest peanut butter ( average price $1.89 ), a small bag of white rice ( $.89 ), a small can of beans ( $.50 ), and a box of oat ring cereal ( 1.89 ). The cost for the company can range from $ 5.00-$6.00 to make up the boxes. They sell the boxes for $10.00. That is a $ 4.00-$5.00 profit on each box they sell!

Nothing makes me more disgusted than scamming families during the holidays, especially during hard times. If you see these boxes for sale at your franchise grocery store skip these boxes and pick out some items on your own such as a bag of oranges, potatoes and a large oatmeal container. Chances are anything you pick out will be more helpful to a family in need than what is inside these sealed up boxes. Your items are most likely cheaper for you and healthier for a family facing hunger.

I wonder how many of us have fallen for this scam. It is one that plays on the good intentions of people during the holiday season and takes money from families who may need some help themselves. These boxes really help no one and I suggest that we not buy what we do not see! My guess is that the store chains that offer these boxes have made a considerable gain from the sale of these boxes and most of the people who buy them never see what is on the inside. So, don't get scammed give responsibly and look before you purchase.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell


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