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Smiling Cow meets Roaring Tiger.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Smiling Cow

The Cow & The Tiger.

Roaring Tiger

Zth Time Talks on Terror.

India and Pakistan

Can we Indians shoot first and talk later.Civilian Indians can but they have no Guns,Political Indians in power have Guns but they can't shoot as they do not know how to shoot and people under them the Army can shoot but they are not allowed.Both side politicians want to keep visiting each others country with their family or for TV appearances to be viewed by their family and friends national and international as their family and friends are also in various countries.

We have been talking with Pakistan and our civilians and military and para military men keep dying each day far over 50 years.The total number of men dead is more than those men who died in a war with Pakistan 10 years ago.Cross border violation by Pakistan and cease fire violations are just a daily news by the media.

Now our External Affairs Minister went to meet his counterpart in Pakistan to show he is smarter than our Home Minister but to his surprise he did meet his counter part who spat at us with much more or less spat than Titanic Film Heroine Kate Winslet.

S.M.Krishna thought that S.M.Qureshi was a S.M ( Simple Man ) like him and took him as a S.M but S.M.Qureshi was spitting fire slowly but firmly telling that we Indians ( Politicians in Power ) are not even prepared to talk,while Pakistan was waiting and willing to talk any where and any time and they were not in a hurry.He even said that those who come to talk have Mandate problems and have to periodically go out to telephone.

S.M.Qureshi was uncouth in his talk said S.N.Sinha and the good old lady with jet black hair Mrs.Jayanthi Natarajan said that the speech of Pakistan Minister was Obnoxious.There was no need to keep silent and S.M.Krishna must have corrected S.M.Quershi when he said our Mr.Pillai opened his mouth too large and it was no good way of telling that India keeps telling all the time about Hafiz Syeed and not other major issues concerning Pakistan.

Mr.G.K.Pillai was defended by our congress leaders and spoke person,there are many in this category selected by the President of the Congress Party who come in rotation talking a break for lessons or for home work. Who must talk when for what and where is perhaps a secret that is unknown to any except by our Madam President of the congress party.she works in Invisible mode and is more powerful than the Prime Minister of the country who is supreme in our country for only in his family.

Why do our ministers go to foreign country and why don't ministers come from foreign country to our country as often as our ministers was a question from somebody for which the answer was that they are in a foreign country already so there is no need for them to visit a foreign country.

Did you watch S.M.Qureshi's speech,did you notice how he expressed himself with such force that it took time for him to select appropriate word for showing his anger as he waited to say his speech word by word with unwanted silence.He spoke English in Hindi,a language which can be spoken like he spoke English.Did you see a smile on his face as he spoke.Did you meet his eye as he spoke his hate speech.Did you notice if there was a sign of friendship on his face.Did you notice how he looked at S.M.Krishna as he sat down after his speech.

It is a pleasure for our politicians to get humiliated by outsiders.They do not know how to say Hang Him.Even Journalists from Pakistan said that India lost an opportunity in the peace talks and it is now the next person to go to Pakistan to bring more of uncouth words from others like Qureshi whose talk was also obnoxious as said by Mrs.Jayanthi Natarajan.( Stand by Spokesperson ),of the ruling congress party as also Her Majesty's Voice.

Its now or never the time that we select ministers with Spoken English Knowledge like the way the youngsters like Manish Tiwari and others who are made to talk like TV reporters to be made as ministers.Why was the young Minister who was S.M.Krishna's deputy allowed to go as he was only playing Table Cricket with his girl friend Sunanda since he was given no work by his boss S.M.Krishna.

Let the Old Cows rest and young horses race,lets learn to be strong,India will be a laughing banana republic with old cows sitting in wrong places.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks |xxy.

      Yes the gap also in 76 of India v/s 50 of Pakistan( Maybe)

    • lxxy profile image

      lxxy 7 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      I feel lost in a quagmire of cultural divide, but I do see a lot of information here. Thanks! The gap in culture should shorten as I meet more of your wonderful people. :)