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Home Grown Terror

Updated on July 11, 2013

Greetings, please allow me to share with you a recent Phycology of Terrorism assignment that I submitted at American Military University. The parameters of the assignment presented by our professor, was as follows: For this week's discussion, please consider Unger's statement above related to the possibility of the emergence of an American terrorist group. By this I don't mean Islamic or other types of "sleeper cells", the kind we most often see in movies and hear about, as possible threats, in the news. This discussion question is about homegrown terrorism. According to our readings so far, we know that terrorism groups comprised solely of U.S. citizens have existed in the past, so this is not at all an impossible thing. What conditions currently exist that could foment terrorist ideologies among members of our own society? Identify and concretely link to your ideas at least one concept from your assigned readings to date:

“A house divided cannot stand” Mark Ch. 3 v.25

Every four to eight years within our nation a new Commander-in-Chief is elected via the foremost prime example of democracy at work. This individual ascends to the stature of “leader of the free world” and is thus attributed the prominence of perhaps being the most powerful human being on the face of the Earth. That being stated, even in our country where freedom is held with the highest esteem; when researching American history it can be discovered that there have been factions and or group of individuals within our nation that resent and disagree with the election of our nation’s leader so vehemently that they plan and plot the demise of the president of the United States of America.

Most notably the assassinations of presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy; although there were also the murders while in office of lesser known presidents James Garfield and William McKinley. These disturbing facts within American history along with the assassination attempts on the lives of Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan could lead one to ponder the existence of terrorist organizations within the United States; as the assassination of a high ranking political figure is among the more lofty goals of a terrorist faction.

After all what political figure is more prominent than that of the president of the United States of America? Therefore compelling one to consider the act of murdering the president of the United States as an act of homegrown terrorism; as the involvement of a foreign nation has never been proven regarding an assassination of an American president.

In closing, in regards to Professor Unger’s fascinating document, I can only imagine that the individuals who committed the reprehensible act of killing and or attempt to kill an American president were not acting alone. The groups supporting such people would be more than likely some sort of fusion of the “Right-Wing Authoritarianism, the Social Dominance Orientation Scale, and the Attitudes About Reality mindsets.” (1) The most disheartening concepts of groups such as these working in unison to under mind the democratic process in America is as Professor Unger so poignantly stated “none of these are positive developments. It would indeed be a victory for the enemy if they can turn us into people who think more like themselves.”(2)As our enemies know “a house divided cannot stand” (3)

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