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Homegrown Canadian Terrorists in the Algerian Amenas Attack

Updated on April 3, 2013

Homegrown terrorists, that is, citizens of a country sympathetic to the terrorist quest, are a real fear in the USA and in Canada. Both countries have had a few.

Now, the deadly at the Amenas gas plant in Algeria, had two Canadians involved. Both men were only a few hours from Detroit, living and going to school in London, Ontario. Both were friends and came from nice middle class families. Both men were part of the terrorist group that were involved and both were killed in the action.

Xristos Katsiroubas and Ali Medlej were found in the bodies after the deadly attack by Algerian police. The two men were part of the group that had taken hostages. Xristos came from a large Greek family, while Ali led an unassuming life in Canada playing soccer. Both men were often seen praying at the Muslim Mosque, which has 30,000 Muslims. Ali was a college grad in 2007, while Xristos did not complete college. Former students indicated that Ali was a very nice man and funny, very outgoing and never talked about Islam. Xristos was often seen at his uncle's cafe and people who knew him had no clue he was associated with any terrorist group. The same can be said of Ali.

Yet, the fact remains the these two Canadians were an active part of the terrorist group that assaulted and killed those in Algeria


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