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Homeland Security Strategies

Updated on December 2, 2016

Let's roll! Military and Federal agencies need to be unleashed!

There are many tools that we can utilize in the fight against Islamic extremism or what some just generically call terrorism. Using a little bit of common sense can take you further than what you think. Political correctness must become a thing of the past, and we should never avoid action, to protect someone’s “feelings”. We do need to follow the supreme law of the land, the US Constitution. We have a President, and then we have Congress, and lastly, we have the court system. They all serve a purpose but checks and balances must be in place and they must be enforced. If you are going to ignore the rule of law, then we might as well just become Russia or China and bow to a dictator. We are a nation of laws, and while we take measures to secure our country, we must go through the proper channels in devising a game plan to beat these 7th century barbarians back to where they came from. If we lose our liberty because of trying to defend ourselves, then the terrorists have won, hands down. We need to come up with strategy that keeps our Constitution intact, and at the same time, shows the enemy no mercy. I don’t buy the whole, “It’s not consistent with American values”. We either fight force with equal or greater force until we walk away victorious, or we don’t fight at all. Our National Security Agencies can be functional again if they can do what they do, and are not restricted by political correctness.

Down with political correctness!

We live in dangerous times, and the times are complicated by media bias, political correctness, and an uninformed citizenry. Most are not aware of the issues of the day because they have tuned out, when it comes to current events, politics, and other news of the day. Some say that in a “polite society”, you are not to publicly discuss religion or politics. The reality here is that these are the two things that most people should be talking about. It is the avoidance of these subjects, that has crippled our society, our electorate. Uncomfortable subjects need to be discussed, and the omitting of these subjects from our daily routine has critically damaged our American principles and values. A person needs to be able to bounce his/her ideas off someone that thinks differently from time to time. It is the only way to continue the lifelong learning process, in the classroom of life. “Deploy the truth”, the only way to win a war with the enemy, is to speak honestly about what you are facing (Gorka, 2016).

Our approach to fighting terrorism, needs to be based in common sense, an indomitable spirit in the face of adversity, an undying will to win at all costs, and a plan that has been battle tested, with evidence based results, that have proven effective on the battlefield with Islamic extremism dating all the way back to the Barbary Wars (1801-1805), and on the battlefield of ideas. We need consultants, maybe from the IDF, as Israel forced to meet these challenges daily, due to the proximity to their enemy, the Palestinian Authority, in which the terrorist organization known as Hamas runs the show. To devise a plan to fight, we must understand the motivation of the terrorist groups involved here, and understand what makes them tick, ideologically and financially. Al Qaeda, the primary enemy that existed before ISIS, had a different way of doing business, and a different end game, or goal. Al Qaeda provided funding and manpower directly, via trained personnel, through terrorist channels that include the likes of Osama Bin Laden. ISIS however, has created its own terrorist economy by producing currency in the form of precious metal, utilizing and selling resources that they have acquired through land that they have taken by force, in pursuit of their Caliphate, in preparation for Armageddon. Strategic cities like Mosul, were taken by ISIS so that the vast supply of resources, and manufacturing capabilities, gave them how to supply and fund their operations. They created a free market version of a terrorist organization. Al Qaeda only wishes to inflict pain on the west via attacks that operate like Psyops, in that it psychologically damages the American way of thinking. This is intended to have effects on the economy, and Americans’ overall wellbeing and overall functionality. ISIS is preparing for the end of the world, so their end game is a bit more consequential in nature. Al Qaeda is not looking at a Caliphate, and is not attempting to take land, or rule western countries. One is hell bent on conquest, the other is set on disruption, and attacking freedom and liberty through Psychological warfare, or fear if you will.

Terrorism evolved

ISIS is a new breed of terror, because it is essentially an ideology, not so much a standing army. The ideology invades feeble minds, that are vulnerable to manipulation. The first issue of relevance here is the awareness when attempting to do battle with such an enemy, that bullets, regardless of load or caliber, and explosives, spanning from a simple IED to a nuke, cannot defeat this enemy in the literal sense. Our focus, needs to be on discrediting this ideology, making the fascination that young people have with these thugs, go away by employing a Psyop of our own. We need counter propaganda, to off up the antithesis to the terrorist mentality, and the life of terror. Military action can be used, but not in the same conventional way, because a lot of their attacks are inspired by ideology, and carried out by individuals that have fallen prey to the propaganda, and not necessarily someone that is receiving funding from the group. This is what makes ISIS so dangerous to western civilization. ISIS is also far more advanced in their operation, and much smarter. Al Qaeda would use cell phones for communication, and to manage logistics and movement of its people. This poor judgment by the technologically challenged group, allowed out military to pinpoint their location and take them out quickly (M. Weiss, H. Hassan,2015).

Identifying the enemy is another must, if we are to be successful with a national security strategy. If you cannot say the words” radical Islam”, you cannot fight “radical Islam”, period. Currently in London, they have just elected a Muslim Mayor. Recent estimates have revealed that around 500 British Muslims, have at some point traveled to either Iraq, or Syria to join forces with ISIS, or some other terrorist organization (Stakelbeck, 2015). The 5 basic missions of DHS, per the “2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review” are difficult to carry out, since a mention of Islam cannot be found and the so called “violent extremism” term that they use to classify terrorist acts along with the term “manmade disaster” (Cantrell, 2016). The terms take the attention of the motivation for the attacks, and shifts focus to political correctness, and fear of offending someone.

Keep It Legal, Safety vs Security and the US Constitution

Border security is extremely difficult because our immigration laws are not being enforced. The Executive Branch thinks that they can nullify laws by simply acting like they don’t exist. Nullification as understood in Federalist Paper 78, is that Federal law can be nullified by way of the courts, and that there is no other way (Levy, 2013).

Our focus should always keep in mind that the supreme law of the land, the US Constitution, must be followed to the letter. We need to use the tools and knowledge that our founders gave us to protect liberty, and elect leaders that will act morally responsible in the face of adversity, just as our core values of excellence state. We must also carry out the mission, that is the American Experiment and help to carry it well into the 21st century, by keeping the promise of God given liberty, per our core values regarding integrity. Without liberty, the Terrorists win. If we give up our sovereignty for security, then they have beaten us. America was founded on an idea that the individual can govern himself, and that he didn’t need an all-powerful government to tell him how to live his life, or to protect him. Now these very principles are being used against us and they are starting to take advantage of our generosity. We can still live in a free country, while simultaneously destroying evil in the world such as ISIS. We did it in the 1940’s during WW2, we did it again in the 1980’s with communism with the tearing down of the “Iron Curtain”. These generations weren’t any better than we are now, they just had the undying will to win. That is what we are currently lacking. We need to set our National Security Agencies loose and let them do their job, the tools are there, the policies are in place, and they must be allowed function without interference from the Executive Branch. When America can work unrestrained, that is when we shine the brightest. “That shining city on a hill” still has untapped potential, and we need to unleash that potential.


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