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Homeland Security, Making America Safe One Groped Child At A Time

Updated on March 22, 2012

Is that a bomb in your pants or am I just happy to feel you ???

..... "It's, It's a Ballroom Blitz"

You Won't Be Needing These Anymore ,,,,,
You Won't Be Needing These Anymore ,,,,,

"Random Searches" vs "Random Profiling"

I see Homeland security still mandates "random searches" of suspected terrorist killer mothers, and their potentially bomb-toting children at airport security check-ins. What mother would EVER let a stranger do this to her child (or herself) without demanding the arrest and registration of the perpetrator as a sex offender? She never would, unless of course she is given a rubber-gloved hand pat on the back by an agent of the government, assuring her not to worry, "we are only doing this for your own good and your child's safety"? Makes ME feel profoundly safer (and think "better them than me") when our government chooses compliant, innocent American women and children to search, frisking them obscenely without any worry of repercussions in the name of safer airline travel. Shouldn't they instead logically "profile" more realistic threats to our security and risk "offending" those few who are, damn the potential lawsuits? This video shows true "random profiling", that is selecting someone presumably at random with practically no chance of being a threat, just to make it "fair" to those who are chosen because they are a potential threat. Are potential threats ever "randomly ignored", just to make it fair to the non-threatening widows and orphans who are also randomly chosen for searching? How often do you think these "random searches" have the good fortune of occurring with those whose actual threat is real, and where some kind of "profiling" SHOULD have been logically applied to them anyway? Is the POINT of these searches to keep them random and presumably "fair", or is it to actually CATCH someone before they have a chance of doing any harm? These two options aren't mutually exclusive, but they aren't coequal either. Those running our government (and a few working for it) do not need any help making themselves look foolish on a regular basis, but this video truly does that for them. Even more so, it shows how we the people who tolerate this in a "oh well, what are you gonna' do" kind of way are the bigger fools, exchanging our liberty for what seems like a bit of security and ending up with an abundance of neither.

I suspect these "random searches" aren't as random as the gullible citizens of America deceive themselves into believing, distracted as they are by having their "crotch grabbed" in public. Our relatively realistic fear of more terrorist incidents occurring on yet another airplane, (or anywhere else), has apparently over-ridden our more useful and natural fear that those we allow to run the federal government will use ANY excuse they can, to wrest from the American people even more power, more than the constitution has legally given to them, if only "we the people" let our guard down for a moment and allow it, (this time in the name of our own "safety"). A government that fears the ruckus of those few who absolutely SHOULD be "profiled" and searched as a legitimate potential threat before they board an aircraft, and yet seemingly possess NO fear of administering almost "pornographic" x-rays and nearly gynecological "random searches" to those thought too weak or too naive to complain about it, is a government wildly out of control. This video shows brilliantly the government's typical solution to a profoundly complex and difficult problem. THIS IS the America our fears will lead us to, one in which we can justify spending our own tax dollars to make us feel "safe" to fly, but as a consequence make us ever increasingly UNSAFE from ultimate government intrusion and control of our daily living in the name of our personal "protection" Our government, its agencies and those working for them have more fear of "profiling" potential terrorists, than they now fear groping our own citizens, whose own taxes pay for these indignities and lost liberties. The only way this could ever happen is for we good citizens to allow ourselves to become too busy or too afraid to stop it. I will never let fear or a hectic life become a fair swap for the liberties I was freely given by all those who sacrificed their lives to gain, protect, and preserve them. Should a representative of our government ever feel the need to be grabbing around my crotch, they will find what a generous GOD, Sam Colt, and a soldier defending the 2nd Amendment to the constitution put there ,,,,, };>{>

Americans, Don't Let Your Countrymen Mess With America

GOD Will Bless American If We Let Him
GOD Will Bless American If We Let Him


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    • Matthew Hotaling profile image

      Matthew Hotaling 

      7 years ago from Missouri

      I agree whole-heartedly about this atrocity. I for one, have never flown on an airplane or other flying aircraft, mostly due to my fear of flying (i wasnt born with wings you know) but now will never use the airlines due to these intended protective ordinances. For one, a most creative way to be a terrorist would be to arm a child with WMD or whatever, but not my child! You wanna touch my kids privates uncle sam? you'll have to touch mine first and that isnt ever going to happen. Disney World? Ill drive the 18 hours in my car. Traffic accidents kill more they say...ever heard of a backroad? I live on one!


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