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Homeless Survival in Savanna GA-Part Two; Being Self-Sufficient

Updated on February 5, 2014

A sign of the times!

Here is one productive dead-falls that I have used myself.

This is a simple dead-fall that does work under the right conditions. However, it should be sheltered from elements as much as possible.
This is a simple dead-fall that does work under the right conditions. However, it should be sheltered from elements as much as possible. | Source

Preparing For The End Of Days.

Some people have called me a "doomsday advocate" because of the fact that I believe that society as we know it could be headed for serious trouble. However, I see myself more as a realist that strongly believes it will not matter what political party you chose, or any action you take, you will not change the outcome that was predicted in the Bible from coming to pass!

It has also become apparent to me, that there is a trend, or maybe more appropriately, a movement of people who are taking drastic steps to prepare for the fall of civilization as we know it. This movement is nothing new, and it is often fueled by hoaxes such as the Mayan 2012 end of the world hoopla or, the Y2K foolishness at the beginning of the twenty first century. Even though I am not one to fall for hoaxes, I am of the opinion that things could, and probably will get much worse, with the potential of the collapse of the economy.

In fact, there are some economists that believe that 2014 will be the year that we suffer yet another Stock Market crash to revel the 1929 stock market crash! So, if this is truly the case, what are the steps that can be taken to prepare for the possibility of society collapsing? Or, more importantly, what steps can one take once this does happen? Now there are many that have the opinion that Christians will somehow magically escape from anything really bad happening. This to me is only wishful thinking. The reason I believe this, is because I think things will gradually become worst up until the time of tribulations that is spoken about in Revelations.

In the city I live in, it is apparent, that more and more people are losing their homes and are being forced to find other forms of shelter. This has become obvious to me, just by noticing how the lines to the soup kitchens are steadily growing. Not only this, the assistance being given by the Government is becoming less and less and one day will end completely. This is why I personally feel that everyone should become more aware of how to survive without the aid of the government, or anyone else for that matter, except God!

Good Wild Eats!

All forms of grass are edible, and yet one still needs to apply caution.
All forms of grass are edible, and yet one still needs to apply caution.
Cattails have roots that can be cook like a potato, and even taste a little like them.
Cattails have roots that can be cook like a potato, and even taste a little like them.
Dandy Lyons, one great little weed, it looks ugly in the lawn, and yet has some wonderful attributes.
Dandy Lyons, one great little weed, it looks ugly in the lawn, and yet has some wonderful attributes. | Source

Hunting and gathering-a lost art.

It my opinion, our society has become extremely lazy and has adopted the attitude that the world owes them something. We also have allowed ourselves to be disconnected from nature. Because of this, a lot of people in this modern world will have problems if they suddenly find themselves having to live off the land.

This does not make much since to me, especially considering that there is so much eatable food right under our feet, even in big cities! Take for example, the Dandy Lyon, which is a common weed with many great attributes. This is one weed that can be prepared easily without much effort, either cooked or uncooked, Another example of this would be the acorn that can be used for making flour or tanning hides.

All it takes is a bit of know-how and willingness to do the work that is needed to become self-sufficient, or at least more able to adapt to the high prices of food and medicine. My view is, if the native people of the world could learn to live off the land, why can't we? Of course we have now inherited a world in which many of the natural resources are either greatly depleted or diversely effected by pollution.

Overall there are more edible plants than none edible plants and there are things you can look for that will help you to identify the ones that are dangerous..One useful tool that will help in finding what plants are safe, is something known as the "Universal Survival Test." which I provided bellow this section.It is good idea to to have as much knowledge as site I found (Wilderness Survival Net) puts it like this...

"Nature can provide you with food that will let you survive any ordeal, if you don't eat the wrong plant. You must therefore learn as much as possible beforehand about the flora of the region where you will be operating. Plants can provide you with medicines in a survival situation. Plants can supply you with weapons and raw materials to construct shelters and build fires. Plants can even provide you with chemicals for poisoning fish, preserving animal hides, and for camouflaging yourself and your equipment."

When it comes to fungi like mushrooms, extreme care should be taken, for there are some poisonous mushrooms that can be easily mistaken for "safe" mushrooms. However, there are some guidelines that can be useful in assuring a successful mushroom hunt.One good rule to go by, is to not to eat any mushrooms that have any bulbs or "gills" on its steam. Besides this, fungi that grow on dead trees are always safe.

Now I would like to talk some about hunting or trapping game. This becomes a touchy subject because I do not want to condone poaching. Even though, there are times when one is in a survival situation, that may warrant doing so. Personally, I have two rules that I go by and they are:only kill what you eat or use in someway (like using the hide) and only kill when you do not have any other food source.

There are several methods that can be used to "harvest" wild came. One can use slingshot, pellet rife, snare, box trap or dead fall trap. The one trap that I have had the most success with is the box trap or "live trap". The problem is that now you have a live animal that can be very angry or frightened. So if you do use a live trap, make sure you know how you kill the animal humanly. Now when it comes to skinning such animals as squirrels, I have found that the method demonstrated in the video bellow is quickest and easiest way that I know of. The survival guide I am working on, will go into more detail on other ways to skin and clean game.

The next subject that I want to touch on, is survival fishing.This is a little bit different than fishing as a hobby, for in this type of fishing is all about catching and keeping the fish you catch, This type of fishing one fishes like they mean it, for it is all about eating or not eating! This means that your fishing gear must be in good shape, which includes sharp, rust free hooks. It is also important to have fresh good quality line, when you can, or knowing how to play a big fish in on light line.

This reminds me of a event that happened a few months ago, when a camp mate of mine hook into a giant catfish on fairly light line. He plaid the fish like a champ and yet lost the fish when it "rolled" right close to shore snapping the line. This experience taught us to use steel leaders when fishing for catfish!

The area that we fish is a channel that was originally designed for barges that supplied goods brought into town from the Savannah River. The water is not the cleanest in the world, and yet this fish look very healthy. There is no sores or deformities of any kind. We also have never gotten sick from eating these fish. But we are careful not to eat fish more than twice a month.

This channel is also very rich in natural bait, and artificial lures and flies are not very effective. This may also be the case in any area that you may have access to fishing. So where do you get the bait from in the first place? The link that I supplied above will take you to article that I already wrote on the subject of finding bait, and yet I will touch on some of the this writing as well.

  • Finding places where there is rotted wood is great area to find grubs and worms, also make shift nets can be made from the netting used in the widows of tents can be used to catch minnows. we have also used and old strainer tide to long pole as a way to trap small minnows.
  • In some areas you can find grasshoppers that sometimes can be caught by hand or "swatted" with a broom.
  • Small lizards and salamanders make a great bait, and can be found under rocks and logs. However care needs to be taken, for snakes or spiders may also be under these objects.

In the guide that I am working on, I will go into more details on this and other subjects concerning survival. I will write about how to do such things as make arrow heads from glass and tanning hides. In the final article in this series I will go into ways to enter society again after being homeless and those organization that are in place to assist you in whatever challenge one might face while one is homeless.


Common eatable mushrooms that are easy to identify.

This is a mushroom with several nicknames, such as "hen of the woods".
This is a mushroom with several nicknames, such as "hen of the woods".

Uiversal Edibility Test


This method can be used to extract medicines from almost any plant.

Instructions for fried squirrel

  1. After skinning the squirrel, wash it carefully and roll it in flour, then season it to taste by using garlic salt, salt, pepper and maybe some sage if desired.
  2. Make sure that you use enough grease or oil to cover the bottom of the frying pan. Allow the oil to get very hot before you add the squirrel. Do your best to cook the meat slowly so it will be completely done. This will take fifteen to twenty minutes depending on how hot the fire is.

Fried squirrel

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 20 min
Ready in: 25 min
Yields: one squirrel per person is the norm.

Just one of many easy methods for cooking squirrel or rabbit.

5 stars from 1 rating of Cooking Squirrel

An easy way to skin squirrels.

A very informative video on campfire cooking


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    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 3 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Yes I do have a story to tell and I do appreciate you giving my series a read. God Bless!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      I have read all three of your articles on homelessness, and I know that you have enough experience and information to publish a book beneficial to even those who are not homeless. It will give everyone an awareness of how to respond to homelessness, also how to help and perhaps prevent this unfortunate situation for some.

      Anyway, without downplaying the tragedy homelessness is, I think it can be lifesaver for you. You have story to tell. All the best going forward!