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Homeless and Refugees

Updated on October 15, 2019

One of Turkey refugees' camp

Turkey being a country of the Middle East, situated between Asia and Europe gets lot of refugees that run away from their native countries for many reasons, most of them want to go to some rich countries of Europe, so, they use Turkey as a gateway.
Turkey being a country of the Middle East, situated between Asia and Europe gets lot of refugees that run away from their native countries for many reasons, most of them want to go to some rich countries of Europe, so, they use Turkey as a gateway.

Today refugees are a world wide problem

Welcome to our article (71) Today refugees are a world problem

Dear readers, homeless refugees today are a worldwide problem. In this article, we are going to talk about these refugees problems, as we did in our last article called, Where are, we heading now, where we talked about problems that the world is facing, like the hot weather that has increased the fire hazard in Australia and some houses have burned down; the cold and abundant snowfalls in central Italy that has caused an avalanche that destroyed this Hotel Rigopiano and 29 people perished; the excessive rainfalls in northern California that has put in danger Oroville Dam. We believe that these problems have been caused from global warming, and therefore, humanity is responsible about it, since global warming is caused from burning fossil fuel. But there are other problems that humanity is causing.

We must say that today the greatest problem is caused by the refugees, because they come in by thousands. By claiming refugees’ status, they go to any country they want. Now this is a problem, because it affects the entire world, in different ways.

As we know, the world today is facing many natural challenges, so, it is going to be hard for us to solve this other challenge of the illegal emigrants, which I believe is being caused by humanity itself. Anyhow, they come in as refugees that run away from their native lands, for different reasons, in the new countries that they arrive these refugees have no home to go; so, they become the homeless refugees. So, let us talk about the homeless refugees, because this is a major problem that the world is facing today. So, where are we heading now? Because we don’t know where this refugee’s problem will take us.

But first let me talk about what is happening right now, because this involves the refugees, for the last couple of weeks, the entire world has been following, what the new President Donald Trump was doing in America, and he has done several things since then, some of which are about the illegal refugees. But this is not the only thing that we want to talk in this article, even though there are several things that run parallel with what Trump has done and his policies about refugees.

As I was saying, because we were following President Trump, we were not looking or thinking about the illegal emigrant in Europe, and as you know, we have written about them in some of our previous articles. Anyhow, here we want to talk about refugees’ issues, because there are many issues that they cause, so, let us see what they are, and who are the refugees.


Refugees try to cross boundary

These refugees have been stoped to reach their destination from a fence that has been erected on a boundary to stop them entering the other country.
These refugees have been stoped to reach their destination from a fence that has been erected on a boundary to stop them entering the other country.

Many types of refugees

There are several types of refugees in the world. But I believe that the status of refugee should be applied only to those people that through no fault of their own are left homeless: this can be due to earthquake, like the people in central Italy, or any other natural disaster; also people that run away from wars, since they can be killed if they remain there; people that are persecuted because they belong to groups that are generally persecuted and killed if they remain where they are. I believe that the free world should help these people, as explained above because their life is in danger.

Now, the refugees from a natural disaster, being native of the land where the disaster has occurred, they have all the right to be refugees and do not need to be classified. But the rest of the refugees that come from outside need to be classified according to their refugee status, and then helped accordingly. This of course should be subject to the fact, that these said refugees do not pose any danger to the country, and the people that live in that country that they go to. If they pose any danger to the country they go to, that country has the right to evict them and send them back to where they came from.

Now, we can talk about those refugees, that may not be real refugees, because they are not in danger of dying or being killed, if they remain where they are. But they leave their homeland and go to leave in other countries, because they believe that they can live a better life wherever they go. Here we must ask ourselves, is the life of these people in danger? Or is it so bad, that they must go to live somewhere else? Or, is it their attitude the reason why they cannot live in their native country? You see, they want to emigrate, because they don’t want to make the effort to live where they are.

These are the reasons that the countries that receives these refugees should ask, before they are classed as refugees. Because there is a chance that they can stay in their country of origin, if they realize that everywhere you go, you should work and earn your own living, without demanding support from other people that may not be able to support you, and therefore, upsetting the entire community around them.

But this is what most of them do, they don’t care when they move to another country, they believe that this new country must look after them, even knowing that they have never contributed a single cent to that country, they are selfish. They say they are looking for work, when there is no work even for the native people of that country. So, they are a problem because they are coming in by thousands, and therefore the country that accepts them, is having trouble to feed and control them.

Now, what we have said above is not the worse aspect of these refugees’ problem, because there are also the terrorist elements that come in as refugees, and then kill innocent people in the country they go to. So, we wonder where are we heading with these unwanted refugees? Therefore, we would like to know, if they are refugees and where these refuges come from.


Some refugees travell by sea

Refugees use all sorts of opportunities to go where they think is safe fore them. this group of refugees have embarked on a boat and reached what seems an island in the Mediterranean   Sea
Refugees use all sorts of opportunities to go where they think is safe fore them. this group of refugees have embarked on a boat and reached what seems an island in the Mediterranean Sea

Where refugees come from

Trying to explain where refugees come from

As we were saying above, there are many refuges in the world, coming from different countries and background. Most of these refugees are normal people that have become refugees, they never intended to become refugees, but they did, because they were pushed from unforeseen natural events or wars to become refugees. Now we can say that these are the real refugees, because they never wanted to be refugees, but they are now.

There are also some would be refugees that we can say, they are not real refugees, because there has not been any sudden event that has pushed them out of their homes, and they had to live in the streets. But what is happening here is that these people standard of living is generally poor, so, they are not happy with the way they are living their lives in their native countries, so, they want to emigrate to another country because their countries are poor.

So, they willingly become refugees, hoping that they could emigrate to another country under the status of refugee, since if they are refugees usually they are being helped from the government of the country they go to.

Now that we have explained our views about the refugees, let us look at the countries that go to help the refugees. Because the countries that receive these refugees, should be careful, because there can be all sorts of refugees around, and some of them could be people with a violent reputation, which very likely one day can become terrorists. People that could become terrorist don’t need to be terrorist when they leave their native land, but they can become terrorist, because the country they go to cannot give them what they imagined they could have. So, because their expectations are not met, some of them would become thieves and terrorist. Well at least this is how I see these refugees’ problems.

I believe that this article is becoming too long, and there is still a lot more that we could say, especially why there are so many refugees today, when in the past most people did not become refugees, even when things in their country went to wrong ways. So, we will try to imagine what is happening in our next article, refugees and their problems.

See you soon.



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