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Homeless at 80+: The Growing Pandemic of Greed

Updated on July 31, 2017

Examine of Greed

G. Grasping all we can grab and still want more. We want because we want as much as we can get whether we need or not. We want it because it is there and maybe you have it.

R. Repressive of all social Justice with no concern for the damage it does to others. It is regardless of whether our actions in Avarice affects others negatively or not. We do Victimize other innocent people by our Demanding Greed. The demand of My Wants do Take first place.

E. Envies anything and everything that other folk have or may have. This envy is the Green of greed. Envy ensures no one else deserves a share in any economic fairness. They have a me only policy and belief system. Justice and Fairness only counts when it is Them, the person consumed by his own Selfish interests..

E. The second E in Greed. Edacious means Glutonous and greedy, grasping and selfish. From (Canadian Dictionary). The definition of Greed from the same book states that (Greed is the desire to possess and own or consume everything that our eyes look at or our ears hear of (Food, Wealth, Possessions, materials, Things) and this regardless of who or what it (Hurts, Injures, or Damages and Destroys.) Greed is a DEFINITE disease Pandemic and has to be controlled and eradicated.

D The "D" in the word Greed stands for (DESIRE) and (DESTRUCTION) Greed demands that all things belong to person who exercises it and is consumed by it. Greed causes despair in the victims of it and eventually will completely disorient the perpetrator. Greed is alive and well in our Western Society and to varying degrees around the world. A True PANDEMIC. Greed is never, ever Satisfied.

We cover up incidences of greed by using trite sayings such as; (It is just Business) (Market Forces) (Supply and Demand) (The Guy with the Most wins) and a few others that I have heard. In one conversation I had with one of our so called Elite Real Estate people. I quote him now (Business is Business and Love is Bullshit.) When asked about people hurt as a result of action being taken the answer was "Not My Problem". As you can see we can convince ourselves that we are not being greedy nor are we consumed by it in our use of a myriad of trite sayings. Any word that sounds good to Salve any conscience we may have.

Greed has many facets and ways of disguising it from ourselves and of course making sure we do not have pangs of Remorse. The always present ingredient, always, present, in one or more of it's forms is "DEMANDING". There are a few ways of being "Demanding". Demanding is one of the points of the "D" in greed.

Having looked at and maybe gained some light as to what constitutes Greed. We must now ask ourselves what harm can come from Greed. Greed makes our Food more expensive. Can make our (Roofs over our Heads) our homes out of reach for the ordinary "Joe" or "Tom and Tamara". It also comes back round to take a big Bite out of the backside of the Greedy-Selfish person. It makes him poorer in the wealth that really matters. That is Family. Friends, and true genuine respect. It may take a while for their greed to be noticed but noticed it will be. Society is not entirely Blind and gets to the learning stage in the fullness of realization.

GREED is one of if not the most destructive diseases for and to a community or society. It can destroy a civilization more efficiently than a war. Being from within.

Now to Homeless.

I have worked with and served the homeless going back decades. One truth I have learned is that if we type set the homeless person into a particular category then it is easy to brush them aside or totally ignore them. WE can blame them for the plight that they are in. Here are some of the type casts I have heard (All Druggies) (they're Alcoholics) (They have Mental problems) and a few other excuses to not do anything to help. I have also been told that they"re ex cons and do not deserve help; So I say as Jesus did Let him or her who has no fault step forward. We must now be given some truth (ONLY a small percentage of the homeless have these set backs. Some of them have just fallen foul of the RAMPANT GREED and uncaring in our social system. Some of them have not done anything that one could justify their being put on a discard File. It is my "Emphatic" Belief, Strong and Determined that absolutely "No One" not "Any One" should be placed in the discard Bucket. All of Humanity has an inherent and God Given Value; All are worth saving and Housing. We must learn, once again, to give empathy, sympathy and agape LOVE. Reach out with the "Hand of our hearts to give true help and project human concern and Care..

As previously mentioned, I have worked with and for the homeless for decades but never really thought that I would join them. I have rented houses here in my present community for thirty plus years. Have had to move (within the last ten years) four times due to so called DemoVictions. In the last two months I was displaced from the house I was renting for at least Five years. I could find no place to rent for some time and would have been sleeping out in the weather, had it not been for the (Friars of At-One-Ment) Franciscan Friars of Atonement, So my homelessness was not complete for very long, I moved into the Pastoral House. I have always had a great love and respect for the "Friars of Atonement" and I would, most definitely, encourage anyone discerning a career in Religious Life to consider the Friars. Knowing them now, they would be my first Choice. The "Friars" w ere founded in the United States By Fr. Paul Watson and have a stated Mission for Christian Unity. Of all religious Orders I have found them to have retained their "humanness", when they speak they tend to speak to our Humanness and they are willing to interact with the ordinary Joe and Mary Anne. They exude a welcoming stature. I have a great respect for them and will always recommend them.

I neither Drink Alcohol, Except for Communion wine, nor have I ever used any Drugs nor do I now. I also DO NOT have mental issues. Then, you ask, "Why were you Homeless?'. I would agree, that given the current (encouraged) belief system of our Social thinking, this is a fair Question. I will try to answer it Fairly Though I will very likely be Biased to an extent. I became homeless because the rules governing Rentals had been drastically eroded by our past government and protection for Renters had been destroyed so that Landlords had free play to do just as they liked whether their actions were just or not. Let the so called Market forces determine any outcome. So I was made homeless with the full collaboration of that Group who governed us until just last month. The Landlord wanted to build another house on the property and to allow for that he had to demolish the one we were in. When asked for an extension so that we could find a suitable place His answer was "That was not his Problem". His certificates were not in Place. So we were Homeless through no Fault of our own. Air BnB and other online temporary rental networks with the promise of riches have removed a lot of properties from being available to the local Market. Also offshore Investment buyers buying up lots of houses and keeping them empty so they can flip them caused more removal and of course the Landlords asking exorbitant rents that really cannot be justified.

I would suggest, Having worked to help the homeless for many years that the most folk suffering homelessness in this day and age have none of the above ailments. I, do also believe that those who suffer from those ailments should not be construed to homelessness. In the "America's" our countries and societies were built and developed on Christian Principles, unfortunately, these principles have been eroded slowly since before the second world war. That erosion process has sped up over the last 'twenty' to .30' years. It has now reached "WARP" speed. We can alter our course, simply, by returning to our Christian Roots, Will we? depends on our, Social and Political, Will. The Erosion started from the top; from the very people we chose to represent us. It will be returned. improved only with and by a push from the lower and middle classes..Our leaders seem to have become the Hogs at the trough. Just take a good look at the "Cash for Access" parties thrown by our self serving "Reps" and the supporters they have.

Emotions Triggered By!!!!

Like all social ills of injustice there are effects and ills caused by being Homeless. I will endeavor to place these ailments in the order that they Happen. there are a few steps on the emotional downside and Slippery Slope trail downward when one does become homeless. The first one, of course, is Shock and Disbelief. We are shocked and surprised that this is happening to us. (NOT ME.) We of course have difficulty in believing that it is actually happening to us. That we have become the victims. Then comes Anger. We are angry at ourselves for allowing this state to come about. Loss is next. We feel a deep sense of Loss. The loss of of our self worth, self respect and our good pride. A great disgust at a Society that allowed this. Depression and despair. Acceptance of the of the "Unacceptable". this last preys on one's mind and deepens the depression in the final Stage. This last is when the urge is strongest to give up and you feel that there is no way to turn for help even to find a sympathetic ear.

For a better understanding of Homelessness.

Let us try to construct an Anagram from the Word.

H.- Hapless, Hopeless, Helpless. Feelings weighted on those who have the misfortune of Homelessness. Deeper in this "Pit" when they have not caused it.

O.- Onerous, Ostracized, Outcast. The way those who deem to pass by on the other side view them. How They, those who ignore the Homeless view them. They do not need to ask their story because they have already Judged and decided they Know the Story.

M.- Malfeasance, Malefaction, Misprision. The Concealment, The cover up, even from themselves of the real reasons that cause this (Society's Most Unworthy Act).If you check your Dictionary you will find that one of the meanings of Misprision is, and I quote (Contempt - Disparagement - Undervaluing of Something) Homeless persons are very definitely undervalued,

E.- Embarrassment that those made Homeless Feel and those who must Bear the Guilt, the real guilt, from TOP government down to the greedy Landlords, Banks, and all those from so called developers to the lowest renter of property, whose greed contributed to and continues to contribute to this Situation. Don't stay under the circumstances is trite advice when the Powers that be have Policies That are Designed to keep you under, Empathy and Sympathy are Required. Good, Honest and Effective "ACTION" is needed to end this curse. Better "Rules", Better And a lot stronger "Laws" are needed to combat this Viral Pandemic.

L.- Lifelessness and Listlessness Become the feeling of being thrown into a deep dark HOLE. Homeless people feel very keenly that they have been buried beneath the very bottom of the discard Pile. A feeling of worthlessness creeps in and grows to enormous proportions. No one deserves this treatment.

E.- Execrate is the way that society looks at homeless people. Execrate simply means to denounce as evil, The fact that homelessness has reached this Enormity is the real evil and should be rightfully denounced and Decried. All of society must reach out to embrace people in any misfortune.

S.- Sadness only partially describes the deep feeling of grief that one suffers when first becoming Homeless. S also stands for the stress that builds up to enormous proportions as one tries to accept and struggles with that acceptance the condition that has been placed on them. It also stands for the (Frantic) and (Desperate) Search to find new accommodation. The feeling of loneliness and being discarded becomes of Elephantine proportion. Liken it to the Mouse in a Duel with a Lion. I'd say that we have to stop being "Self Serving" and become "Self Examining". We must stop looking to be served and search for ways to serve. WE must once again become a people that reaches out with decisive LOVE and also be willing to Demonstrate our Love of each other. Judge Action NOT People.

S. Self Recrimination becomes a growing Cancer that feeds into and increases the self decrying that one suffers. One feels the (Contempt) that others give off as they (Pass) on the other side. Instead of asking why the Circumstance has been brought about, it is always much easier to look with destructive, derisive (Scorn) on the Person suffering from homelessness. A never ending and Downward Spiral is the result of this. It Takes a strong person to scratch, claw, and climb back up. The fact that humans, Male or Female is subjected to this only demonstrates the Broken state of our Society.

Society has certainly become Less caring and More (Narcissist) me serving than in past ages. Very few people care about any one else other than themselves. This will become worse as Face to Face and physical up close (Conversation) and its good (Brother/Sister), which is (Good Communication) is lost to the sickness imposed by Electronic Devices,. Truthfulness will almost Vanish. Morality is now on a declining course. Our young have no sense of what human interaction really is.

My Own Taste of.-

As i have written earlier, I have worked with the Homeless in all of the facets but had not even considered That I, myself would, even briefly become one of them. It Happened. Briefly as I said. Now in my case, I have to admit that I had a Good bit of preparation, training. I have had toi sleep in Holes in the Ground, in Forks in trees, in Mud etc, But that is another story. I had also the Knowledge imparted to me by the people I volunteered to work with. My experience in helping and my Marine training helped me.

Now there is a but and there is always a but. My wife had no such Preparatory training or experience and was completely devastated. This devastation and depression is still with her though easing. She still questions why this was allowed to happen. Some will argue that this would have happened in any case as they try to justify the actions of the Guilty. The innocent are the ones who suffer most in to-days society.

Some will even tell you that there is no greed when rents are going higher and higher as they attempt in there smug way to justify Action being taken that hurts a great swath of our citizens. In one house that i looked at the person showing the House was asked why the rent was going from $2300.00 to $2950.00 (the previous Tenant was there and had been asked what they were paying in Rent). Her answer was and I quote her "Because WE Can". In other words grasp and grab as much as we can whether justified or not. After all we can always blame it on the Market forces; Supply and demand but not our greed. So called Market Forces or supply and demand will only determine the number of units one sells and has nothing to do with the price each unit is sold for.


There are some "Perks" in being made "Homeless" and they are Lessons of good Benefit to you. At least they were to me. The experience taught me a greater Empathy for the Homeless and Exposed me to the willingness of those in misfortune to stand by and offer mutual benefit to each other, It tended to raise my Spiritual Awareness. It was an educational experience which opened and erected in myself How one's thinking can be changed in that situation. The grace of full realization as to the damage that can be visited on those in misfortune by being discounted by one's Peers and society as a whole (Real and Imagined). The hurts are deep to those subject to despair and depression. WE are all in a way subject to in some degree to one or both of these "Maladies". Our Strength and our Faith has a determining part in how we handle the circumstance. Our self knowledge is now become deeper and greater. Adversity does build Character but can also destroy. One of those Graces could be the sense of human feeling one gets as folks who are in the same predicament step up with open Arms to offer help. The feeling of finally belonging the Human family. Real love and real concern. The Knowledge that folks can care. Because I had worked to help the impoverished, homeless, et the downtrodden, I was rallied around. The friars of the Atonement opened their Doors and so I had in a short space shelter over my head but the damage was done to my wife. I can now, also relate to my ancestors en Scotland and Ireland who were displaced in the Highland Clearances and of course the actions of the Overlords in Ireland during the Famine. Re- Trevelyan and his Ilk.

Insincerity and superficiality have been eroded and my self Knowledge has been increased. We should all go into a self examining and Self Knowing discernment. we may be surely awakened to our Real Selves.


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    • faith-hope-love profile imageAUTHOR

      John Ward 

      14 months ago from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

      Thank you "Road Monkey" and may the Good Lord bless you and protect. Paxe et Bonum.

      Thank you also my friend, Eric, I value your wisdom. My prayers are always with you. My blessings are forwarded to you in multiples.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      14 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      very well addressed. Certainly something that all good people should pay attention to in life.

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      14 months ago

      It's a terrible situation to be in. There is a saying that civilization is only 3 meals away from anarchy and that most people are only 3 pay packets away from homelessness and as you say, through no fault of theirs. I agree that adversity helps us understand others' situations and that greed is a root cause of many problems.

    • faith-hope-love profile imageAUTHOR

      John Ward 

      14 months ago from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

      I pray that this will cause some awakening in "Our Current Society"


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