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Homeless but not Phoneless

Updated on November 16, 2012

Recently, I had begun to find it more and more difficult to find continuity of work in my trade (building).

In the last year I have been staying away from home anyway going where I could find work and I've always managed to find someone with a building project for me to jump on but this year for the first time ever there was a period when there was NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA!

Not only that - for the first time I have found people I've done work for unable to pay me outright or unable to pay the full amount.

It is frustrating to say the least.

The economic situation at present leaves a lot to be desired but it's kind of getting to be a bit of a tired story so I wont go on about it.

So there I was with no where to go, no money and only the petrol in my utility.

I spent one or two nights with friends (also finding it tough), a few nights on a mattress in a factory but not wanting to outstay any welcome anywhere one morning I found myself driving around aimlessly, parking here or there trying to work out what I would do.

I had kind of got to a point of resignation - not exactly quitting but being in a real pickle about how I was going to get out of my situation and get things back on track..and I was hungry on top of it all.

Hard to believe, I know for someone who the bank saw fit to give a house loan to a few years back.

This particularly fine morning I came across a gathering in a local park and found the Our Lady of the Rosary Charity handing out food to other homeless people.

Coming across this gathering lifted my spirits as it is so wonderful knowing that there is always someone or some organization prepared to help when you are in strife or down on your luck.

We got a great meal of sausages, gravy mashed potatoes and vegetables dished out by happy volunteers who kept everything really upbeat!

I met a couple of other homeless blocks who, like me, had really smart phones and the park shelter had a power outlet which some people were using to charge their devices.

That little detail was amusing.

One of the guys I met - a really nice self-confessed alcoholic - used to be a TV technician. Wow, I thought - that used to be a very sought after skill.

Alas, not now. No-one fixes TVs anymore so he was out of work but probably not only for that reason.

He had an impressive knowledge of smart phones. He could tell you which ones had good battery life among some other really useful info. He recommended an app that cut back on the amount of juice your phone battery uses. It is called Juice Defender. Another app he mentioned uses the movement in your phone to charge it's battery! Pretty cool I thought.

His friend had two smartphones and when I asked why he explained he owned one outright while his latest acquisition was a Samsung.

I thought - it is amazing - people who've lost so much or can give up so much but not their internet, phones and tech apps - we really love these things even if we are homeless.

I suppose paying for access to our social networks - phone and internet - will always survive an economic downturn.

It used to be said food. clothing and shelter are our basic needs but perhaps we need to add our PHONES to the equation!

It really says a lot about what people feel they cannot do with out! Friends, family and a device that connects us all - phones!

UPDATE (17/11/2012) - Homelss man jailed for charging cell phone in park!


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    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      Bitter fact of life, great analysis, voted up.

    • profile image
      Author 5 years ago

      BAGT thank-you, really appreciate your comment and prayers - I've been living with my sister and my friends so I'm a bit transient at the moment - I have to travel where work is as building work is getting harder to find! Hope you and your family are keeping well.

    • bayareagreatthing profile image

      bayareagreatthing 5 years ago from Bay Area California

      Pdog- What a great observation. So sorry to hear about your personal situation though. It has been a tough few years for many of us around the world, but some worse than others. I'll be praying for you friend.

    • profile image
      Author 5 years ago

      Hello Deborah - great to see you too. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      You know I have noticed that too.. Everyone I mean everyone has a smart phone or something similar.. and they will go without food.. amazing isn't it? great hub.. nice to see you


    • profile image
      Author 5 years ago

      so true Ana - you sum it up well - our phones have become a necessity really as we can't make the time to see each other in person as much as we would like. Thanks for dropping by.

    • profile image
      Author 5 years ago

      carol - thanks for dropping by with your kind comments - really appreciate it! My world has been turned upside down - hopefully I can crawl my way back to a more prosperous existence again!

    • profile image
      Author 5 years ago

      thanks sweetpie - your kind words mean a lot!

    • profile image
      Author 5 years ago

      drbj - thanks! My world keeps being turned upside down - thank goodness I wasn't phoneless because I got a call and I have started working fulltime again for a man who spares no expense on a huge new house with the most magnificent view - he's a great person too - really positive about everyone's work - is he related to you drbj?! LOL

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

      You have discovered a truism of modern life, pd. We may be able to live (although not well) without many of the necessities of life, but woe to those who try to take away our smartphones.

      You have written an amusing, even profound story but your real-life situation appears to be anything but amusing. Use that phone of yours to network with every soul you know to find a new opportunity. Your family and your phone are your support system. I know you are talented and motivated. Now display those traits to potential employers.

    • sweetypie1968 profile image

      sweetypie1968 5 years ago

      Keep your head up. I can truly emphasize. When I was in your situation, my phone stood as a symbol of my last real tie to regular society. If I had lost it, I would have felt disconnected and lost.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      It is amazing how things change. However having a cell phone gives you contact which is almost as important ans shelter and food Hope you find work that pays and things get back to normal for you.

    • profile image

      Ana Louis 5 years ago

      I guess the truth is, we don't want to be alone. We depend on our wireless connections to keep us connected to our families and fiends, or job sources. In today's world a person without a wireless connection is sort of on an island - separated form a world that is far to busy to see you in person. Sad really.

      Good article.