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Homeless in Brooklyn

Updated on November 30, 2017

People pass right on by..

On the subway, laying on later out newspapers on a cement floor with a heavy coat on that is full of rips. His hat is on his head covering his face. He is trying to sleep because it's easier than facing the day. It's 10:00am. There is no money, there is nothing to eat because he hasn't brought himself to beg or ask for it. He's in the greatest city in the world. There is a saying that if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere.

There are a lot of people getting off the subway. Most of them have far away look in their eyes. Thinking about whatever problems they have. Some pe opl e have no care in the w world, playing on their phones or reading a book. The train stops at a main station. Most people get off. They are in a hurry to get to their destination. They pass the guy sleeping on the bench. When you walk to the escalator there is the guy sleeping on the floor. Walk past him, walk up the escalator and onto the stairs. There is a man greeting people on top of the stairs. He is missing half a leg and he is an elderly man. I always say good morning to him mistly because ive been taught to respect my elders. I cant see how these people are going to make it through the winter. Its November now. Thanksgiving is done. Manhattan lit the Christmas tree lights last night on Wednesday. I am thinking about these homeless people. I wish there is something I could do. I don't have the know how, to speak to them. I want to walk up to them and tell them about some programs to help them but I'm afraid of them getting the wrong idea. Or what if I have it wrong in my head? What If they don't want help? I've seen a lot more than what I'm saying about. I just don't know how to approach it.

There are different programs they can go to and sign up at least for food. I heard that people don't want to go to shelters because of the conditions. Not too long ago I heard of a woman's child being attacked and raped. This is such a serious problem. There are a lot of shelters but not enough room for all the people that are in need. I want to he l.p. the people who don't have as my place to go. I think in some of the subways it's better than the shelters because nobody bothers them there. Sometimes riding in the train there are people that just ride thge train all day. They sleep there. In my heart I am praying and hurting for these people. What are we as a country? We are a country that has gone cold hearted toward strangers as a whole. I'm thankful that I have what I have, but I'm no better than anyone else because of this. God gave me a bleeding heart. I guess it would be easier if I didn't have one. Please, whatever you do, if you see someone in need, buy them a sandwich, or some hot soup and a coffee. Pray for them and give a little love from your heart. Not just in this season. But all seasons. Please donate to a social chastity that helps so many people with so many different ministries. Thank you. Happy Holidays. Remember the people who need us as a whole.


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    • primpo profile imageAUTHOR


      13 months ago from Brooklyn, New York

      ptosis That makes sense. In the day time, there are a lot of people around, I guess they feel safer. It's a shame that this goes on. It seems like it's getting to be more of a major problem. Besides food shortage, clothing. Its all over the news that a 92 year old man was arrested for feeding the homeless. People can't even step up if they want to now because the laws prevent it. What is wrong with this country? :(

    • ptosis profile image


      13 months ago from Arizona

      Homeless people sleep in the day because they have to stay awake at night, due to robbers, police, etc. That's why they sleep at bus stops in case they get assaulted - in the hopes somebody calls 911.


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