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Homeless in Kansas City: Resources and Reviews for Multiple Perpetrator Stalking Victims

Updated on February 12, 2020

No Trespassing You Homeless Person!

Have you been stalked out of your home then noticed that suddenly police are interesting in enforcing the law?- against you! Suddenly everywhere you go is now allegedly trespassing. (Photo perp edited after creation).
Have you been stalked out of your home then noticed that suddenly police are interesting in enforcing the law?- against you! Suddenly everywhere you go is now allegedly trespassing. (Photo perp edited after creation). | Source


While it might be an uncomfortable thought, many Americans are only a paycheck or two away from homelessness. Homelessness is something that can happen to almost any of us - a job loss, an unexpected serious illness, or even a natural disaster. Homelessness happens, and when it does you and your loved ones suddenly become aware of just how vulnerable you are without a place to call home. Suddenly, you no longer have a bed of your own, or a refrigerator, or a bathroom. If you are fortunate you have your own automobile.

By virtue of losing your address, you are now treated differently by many, as somehow insufficient, stereotyped by many as either mentally ill, addicted, or fiscally irresponsible, which may not be the case at all.

If at all possible try to prevent the homelessness from happening. Of course, there are situations in which it is actually the objective of organized cult-like groups to cause your homelessness, and the more they can cause you to believe it was your fault or blame the victim, the better in their opinion. The idea that homelessness could be due to organized stalkers is generally relegated to fantasy within the homeless shelter system. So you can expect either patronizing or gaslighting on a regular basis, meaning make believe "validation" or the invalidation of being told what you are experiencing is not so.

Whatever the reason, should you find yourself homeless this article is for you. Following are some of my experiences with homelessness in and around Kansas City due to being targeted and harassed by just such organized groups.

Multiple perpetrators stalkers will drug or poison a victim, even daily for years, never resulting in any known charges or even brief intermissions, then claim you are doing drugs and other such slanderous shenanigans. So, be sure not to get the wrong impression. I appreciate benevolence as much as the next guy, especially when I have been harassed, drugged, poisoned, gassed, stalked, etc., including in my own homes for years, but benevolence can also be a convincing mask for those looking for vulnerable pools of people to prey upon, or to continue their stalking campaigns, too.

Recall that cults are a menace to society, and it appears they will also pretend to be homeless people in order to keep the stereotypes going, ruining things for actual homeless people, stalk actual victims, etc. That is not to say that some homeless people are not out of line, too. Those who are preying upon the homeless will also attempt to intervene or prevent anyone else who is not in their network, who is truly trying to help from doing so, in some instances as if it is an Olympic event.

So, again, it is the cult-like groups who need to be brought to justice, at the top especially, not arresting minor scapegoats and claiming to be addressing the problem, while leaving the network structure in place. God only knows how much these groups cost society in a vast multitude of ways.

Also noted is that this article is featured, which means it should be indexed, but could not be found in a Google search with the exact title in quotes: "Homeless in Kansas City: Resources and Reviews for Multiple Perpetrator Stalking Victims."

Terms and Encouragement

Nothing contained in this article shall be considered legal or professional advice of any kind, nor shall terms be deemed to be legally defined. This brings us to our established habit of checking and defining our terms. The reviews will include experiences of employees or volunteers being "cranky."

Cranky shall mean being unnecessarily rude, engaging in directed conversation, striking one electronically, playing passive aggressive games, allowing access by perpetrators (especially in the middle of the night), spiking food, spraying drugs on or around you, gaslighting, being unnecessarily dominating or controlling, condescending, (non-verbal which is 80% communication, as well as verbal and situational brow beating is very much a part of perpetrators' routine, especially since "criticism is the fountainhead of control") or unpredictable, almost as if on cue, in behavior such as abruptly expelling someone from the shelter for no good reason, a fabricated reason, etc.


The goal is for you to internalize it, so be sure not to! Do your best, look your best, be your best, but mostly get your self-esteem from God Himself rather than the perpetrators you may be surrounded by. You are a child of God, and He sees every single thing that has or is happening to you. Don't judge yourself by what others have done to you. Psalm 56:8:

You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.

Perpetrators will try to take this from you, too, but if you are saved and sealed with the Holy Spirit, no one can snatch you out of God's hand. God is in control. I know these creatures are pathetic, and it is not fair, but God willing it will all be exposed soon, even in spite of the dirty cops.

God is furious with these creatures, and recall no one really gets away with anything, even if it appears they are for a time. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, He will repay. God is not willing that any should perish, but come to repentance. So, he may be giving some perpetrators time to repent, but His patience does not last forever. The minute He accomplishes His will, it will be over. If He allows it, He will use it, and He knows the entire situation.

Police Preface

Perpetrators will also tag team a victim, starting orchestrated confrontations in homeless shelters, one after another after another in my experience. This is to disparage, exhaust, and the larger goal of wearing down the immune system over time. Perpetrating staff will never be fair about this, and it may provide an excuse to kick you out, to call police (who might be anxious to jump up there and show off or for the opportunity to win their prizes and vacations, too), etc. The dirty cops will generally always know where you are, period, but also before any more innocent police presence. (And I grew up with cops!)

Shawnee Community Center

While Shawnee Community Center is not a homeless shelter, Evelyn did at one time help the homeless not be on the street. It takes a special kind of person, a gifted person, such as the late Evelyn of Shawnee Community Center, located at 11110 W 67th St, Shawnee, KS 66203, who had both a burden for the work she did tirelessly, and a passion for working with those less fortune.

Maybe it was Evelyn's many years of experience that provided her discernment as she assessed situations with empathy, and without condescendence. Maybe Evelyn was one of those rare gifts truly called to the mission. Whatever the case, Evelyn is sorely missed. May she rest in peace. To the best of my knowledge, her shoes are nowhere near filled in the new building, a dream she saw realized in her last years.

Shawnee Community Center became quite cranky the last time I saw Evelyn alive, walking over there from Mission out of concern, having lost her cell phone number due to my Verizon picture phone not being returned to me after the ordeal originating on or about May 23, 2014, in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas. Evelyn's face was flushed and pink, and she looked disoriented, in the office next to her office.

Evelyn's cranky daughter, who has been cranky for as long as I can recall, but without any known reason,Sylvia, told me she is in charge now and that I am not welcome there, should I choose to return she will call the police for trespassing! I did nothing but walk in and try to talk to my friend Evelyn.

Sylvia also stated for me not to ever try to go around her again (because she's in charge now). Sylvia always played little games and would lie to me when I would call to speak to Evelyn. So Evelyn gave me her personal cell phone number in order for me not to be harassed by Sylvia when I called, who for some unknown reason would lie and say her mother was not there, along with other rude comments and attitudes.

I had been calling for a week or two, but Sylvia would lie to me regarding her mother's presence and availability. So I ended up walking for hours in order to check on my friend Evelyn. That turned out to be the last time I saw her alive.

There are different kinds of people who are involved with ministries, organizations, and programs designed to assist the homeless, and undoubtedly different reasons people are drawn to the positions or the volunteer opportunities. We hope that many have a burden to help, but remember there are always those with other motivations. So remember if you enter the homeless shelter system that not everyone employed or volunteering has a true burden to minister to the homeless or temporarily or permanently disadvantaged. Some are right down rotten.

The telephone number at Shawnee Community Center is (913) 268-7746.

Homeless Single Women

When I first became homeless at the turn of the season in the Fall of 2017, I was unable to locate a homeless shelter in Kansas for single women without minor children, without addiction, and not escaping an abusive relationship. However, I have since stayed at the temporary location of the 1020 Project in the winter of 2018-9 in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas, housed in The Branches Church at 13020 Blackbob, but ending April 1, 2019, Lawrence Community Shelter at their permanent location in Lawrence, and briefly, even the also infested homeless shelter in Topeka, Kansas, about a one hour drive from Kansas City. That shelter was so bad due to other "homeless" people especially, but also staff, that I literally determined to leave the area even if it meant on foot - and it did.

In my experience of looking, and being given resource lists in the last two years, the homeless shelter system in general in and around Kansas City has very little to offer the single woman who never or no longer has minor children at home. So, if you are not addicted or enduring domestic violence from your mate or significant other, but from multiple perpetrator stalkers, and have lost your ovaries (hormones also relating to the immune system), such as having them criminally ripped out by perpetrators, are menopausal, or chosen not to procreate, it appears you may be out of luck.

The exceptions are what appears to be an abundance of shelters for those addicted to something they are recovering from, such as alcohol or drugs, and there are also abuse shelters should a woman be escaping an abusive relationship, whether those are available for women without children will need to be verified.

The trafficking helplines and alleged resources are ridiculous in my experience, and provide no assistance whatsoever at all. The system may even be viewed as specifically designed to give the illusion to the public of fighting trafficking, but in reality cause multiple perpetrator stalking victims to conveniently "fall through the cracks." Another example is that police will not even acknowledge there is such a thing, but will generally begin talking about mental health issues if it is mentioned, so will other perpetrators in other positions.

I am mentally healthy, and previously stated to police in writing I am not afraid to prove it, but after the criminals, of course, since I am the innocent victim and the stalkers are the criminals. So, then the stalkers will go get perpetrating mental health individuals or agencies to cause it to appear not to be so. What actually needs to happen is that these police departments need to be cleared out, and until they are the public as well as more honest police officers' safety is at risk. Then, the house cleanings need to continue outside the police station.

The point of this whole stalking scheme is to prey upon, and even kill, while blaming the victim. These people are worse than vultures, methodically picking every morsel from the carcass of your life and body they can profit from. We have termed this mental health takedown scenario as high level gaslighting. This gaslighting article, Gaslighting Invalidation: Determined Diagnosis was published only days prior to Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas police doing just that, and lying and gaslighting in order to do it.

How easily could you be ushered into the program? Your healthy children? Grandchildren? This is not a statement of law, but of experience. Always consult a licensed professional with any questions.
How easily could you be ushered into the program? Your healthy children? Grandchildren? This is not a statement of law, but of experience. Always consult a licensed professional with any questions.

Homeless Due to Multiple Stalkers

If you are a stalking victim, recall that multiple perpetrator stalking cult-like members have to "learn you a lesson" regarding everything articulated, said, reported, written, etc., as well as so enjoying playing the victim while vilifying true victims and their smear campaigns.

Double Standard

Perpetrators will often reference what they are paying you back for, even when it is something that was never their business in the first place, and it will often be ridiculous things, in an attempt to justify their psycho behavior. They typically respect no boundaries, including laws. Whether it is a perpetrating individual or entity they behave as if the laws do not apply to them.

For example, Johnson County Public Library thought for approximately 15 years that the United States Bankruptcy Court laws did not apply to them. Westbrook Glenn, a Signature Community based out of New York, thought the codes in the City of Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas, The Kansas Landlord Tenant Act, etc., did not apply to them.

When perpetrating entities are reported, there often appears to not be one single thing done about it either. However, perpetrators will attempt to strictly apply the laws to victims. Police appear to be quite passively and actively instrumental in getting the situation turned around so that the criminals appear to be the victims or heroes, and the victims appear to be the criminals or nutcases - or both.

Endless Drama - No Effective Results

So while we live in an organized society, due to the widespread corruption, the stalking victim is expected to be the lone ranger year after year, burdened with many of the responsibilities and issues various entities are charged with, but failing to perform, in order to protect the public, while their lives, health, mobility, reputation, vitality, loved ones, careers, property, identity, records, etc., are chipped away at over time until there is nothing left - which is, of course, supposed to appear to be their fault. Curse God and die is what the perpetrators are after.

Some perpetrators will claim they are engaging in directed conversation, for example, out of fear for their lives, their loved ones, and to "help" the victim. While this may be the case in limited instances, their body language nearly always betrays their tales. Whatever the spin, the directed conversation continues every minute of every day everywhere you go.

Also, recall the cult tactic of redefining terms, such as "help" to mean "prey upon" and "love" to mean "hate" or "prey upon." Perpetrators also condition victims to various terms in order to appear innocent to others while actually harassing or threatening victims by directed conversation.

There are no other resources that I am aware of for multiple perpetrator stalking victims who have been stalked out of their homes as I repeatedly have been, with the possible exception of trafficking sites and numbers, and as I said the telephone numbers I have called have been no help whatsoever.

Escaping a Desperate Situation Video

Reporting Perpetrators to Police

We started out a few years ago trying to give others insight into the experience of being the target of a severe workplace mobbing here in KCMO, and being stalked by multiple perpetrator stalkers - words to describe the conduct, as well as ideas to make it easier and less embarrassing to report to police. Having grown up with cops, we gave police every benefit of the doubt, and were repeatedly proven wrong in multiple jurisdictions.

It was decided earlier on that if it must be this way for justice to prevail, and it absolutely should not, we would rather be the ones to endure it rather than a teenager or untreated childhood sexual abuse survivor. That's not consent or martyrdom, but a refusal to allow it to silence me as a mother and grandmother myself.

That was due to the alleged use of peeping tom videos circulated allegedly to and by police, with one marked jurisdiction vehicle after another coming into our jurisdiction at that time, allegedly to pick up peeping tom videos. Think of it as what a rape victim once endured the examination was of her sexual history rather than of the rapist's crimes. It was rather like that, but perhaps worse, in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas in 2015 and 2016.

We pretty quickly turned to the public ourselves with more specific details, as we continued to raise awareness on our now, once again as of April 2019, hijacked pages.

What we ended up with these four years later are volumes of absurd, ridiculous, and often right down unacceptable police behavior, culminating in what we have accessed as law enforcement as an entity completely and utterly failing at the very reason for it's existence as an entity.

As long as this incompetence and corruption continues, innocent men, women, and children are at risk, as well as more honest cops. Therefore, we advocate for the cleaning out of these police departments in order to protect the public as well as their own. The law needs to be effectively and honestly enforced in order to reign in the other individuals, entities, or organizations, which in our experience are often not all or none propositions either (regarding each and every person employed, for example)! The one or ones at the top may or may not be a different story, or may be a transitioning story, which may be a deceptive one at that!

It was asked publicly online of both Kansas and Missouri law enforcement how the following persons could walk into a police station, report being stalked by multiple perpetrators, and received timely, effective protection.

  • a toddler
  • a teenager
  • a housewife
  • an elderly person

It was further inquired as to how a stalking victim can effectively report police misconduct without reprisal from stalkers. So far, still without acceptable results, the answer is quite voluminous with all we have been through for years now! Actually, the answer appears to be they cannot because police themselves are so involved in multiple perpetrator stalking campaigns.

They've Ruined Our City!

Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to Kansas City

Video Note: While I realize homeless people may not be looking for cities to move to or avoid, this video really just gives visuals and some facts about the area. I grew up in this area, six generations of my extended family of origin have lived here, and I have lived in this area for more than half of a century.

I would not advise going to Westport, Kansas City, Missouri either. We used to say visitors went to Westport to be mugged and carjacked, and that was before 911.

Also, we have to be careful dating because our cops suck now, and God only knows what is running loose all over the place, or on the police force for that matter. It appears we were descended upon in the first place, perhaps because we were so open and friendly. We are not all racist, either.

Whatever you do, do not let your young people move here, as the revitalized KCMO, the Kansas City Power & Light District, is specifically designed to attract. Kansas City Power & Light was on the fourth floor of the Stinson building in 2005, during the workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking that repeatedly nearly ended my life. Thank God the Future Farmers of America do not visit KCMO annually anymore.

Babyboomers, do not move to Johnson County, Kansas either. It is not even safe to go to the grocery store or the library with your ovaries and your grandchildren because the police are so incompetent and corrupt.

You have to check your personal files daily to make certain identity thieves have not come into your home and stolen important documents, and it may only get worse from there! There are rigged neighborhoods filled with perpetrators just waiting for you to move in. There may be peeping toms videoing you, your children, and even minor grandchildren in your own bathtub.

Stalkers will meth even toddlers in their own homes by spiking food when you are not home. They let stalkers run around impersonating police officers, "arresting" people, too. Then when you try to report it police try to put you in the nuthouse, gaslighting you, to protect what appears to be one of their buddies.

Then, of course, don't forget the boats were put into Kansas City, Missouri, with all of the crime they are known for bringing with them, to help the schools, of course. Those are the same schools that have not had accreditation for more than five minutes at a time since then.

Playing the Servant Role

Playing the Servant Role Quote by Dr. George Simon
Playing the Servant Role Quote by Dr. George Simon | Source
Character Disturbance: the phenomenon of our age (Volume 1)
Character Disturbance: the phenomenon of our age (Volume 1)
We have promoted Dr. Simon for years on our pages and groups. Dr. Simon has been in practice more than 30 years, and when he shares his insight it is highly insightful and informative to his readers.

Homeless Shelter Reviews

This returns us to our established habit of checking and defining our terms. Again, the reviews will include experiences of employees or volunteers being "cranky." Cranky shall mean being unnecessarily rude, engaging in directed conversation, striking one electronically, playing passive aggressive games, allowing access by perpetrators (especially in the middle of the night), spiking food, spraying drugs on or around you, gaslighting, being dominating or controlling, condescending, or unpredictable, almost as if on cue, in behavior such as abruptly expelling someone from the shelter for no good reason, a fabricated reason, etc.

1020 Project Homeless Shelter in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas

The 1020 Project just seemed to appear from out of nowhere last winter, which they claimed was their second winter. This homeless shelter was co-founded by Dean and Barb (above video). Dean stated he was 30+ years over the Juvenile Department of Kansas City Missouri Police Department, and Barb, who is married to Mark, who helps with rides occasionally and is owner of a local Olathe car dealership. It is my understanding Dean retired or quit, leaving Barb to carry the load, but apparently Dean later passed away last year. The 1020 Project was temporarily housed in The Branches Church at 13020 Blackbob in Olathe, closing for the winter on April 1, 2019.

While you might think Barb is married to Dave, she is actually married to Mark. Dave is the alleged previously homeless guy who is on staff so all homeless people everywhere can aspire to be like Dave. Then, there was Jim and Jen of Lenexa, who invited me to their Bible study in their home, which appeared to highly upset one of their other guests. For various reasons I ended up leaving, walking to Panera's from there.

Mark and Barb purchased a building, that I guess Dave lives in, to permanently house the 1020 Project at the other end of Santa Fe, west of the Square off K-7. There were meetings, and it is my understanding a rather fierce fight against housing a homeless shelter at this permanent location in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas. It is also my understanding the city may purchase the property back from Mark and Barb. Should I hear otherwise regarding this winter, I will then post Barb's telephone number and the relevant information.

I found this homeless shelter, which was maybe 80 or so homeless people lying on cots in a big room in the church to be extremely cranky with constant directed conversation from staff, volunteers, and other homeless people. On a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being sunbathing on a beach and enjoyable and 10 being having a stroke, the stress level for me due to these factors was consistently about 7-8, recalling that long term inflicted stress is intended by perpetrators to help fry your immune system. Lawrence Community Shelter was even more stressful. Anyway, it appeared anyone could volunteer for the night, as well as volunteer to provide a meal to 1020.

While this is understandable that it is not currently so to the best of my knowledge, it is my opinion that these volunteers should be checked out a little better, and perhaps even some of the meals brought in by benevolent volunteers as well. This is especially true of the various people coming and going in the middle of the night or staying all night. Once again there was the same strange odor accompanying quite a few of the meals brought in by volunteers, regardless of what the dishes of food were.

Showers were not available at this location, and based on past experience I chose not to shower at the Salvation Army Family Shelter. So, staff took it upon themselves to talk to me as if I am some kind of idiot, regarding showering. This can be innocent, except that I did not stink. Recall that there was much previous commentary regarding peeping tom videos of myself, my child, and even my granchildren in the bathtub, with perpetrators claiming these videos were being passed around to everyone in my environment, which I should not have to explain to anyone.

However, just for the record, for several years now, since having males unknown to me make comments to me about my body out in public, and the commentary regarding the peeping tom videos being passed around by and to police in 2016, I have when I shower in my own home covered by body.

Even my current roommate and the apartment manager have made an issue of my showering, when I do not stink and my roommate threw all of my clothing away. Once again, it is a long recognized theme that perpetrators appear to profit from this privacy violation, claiming to have 150,000 bathtubs hooked up for remote viewing. Recall that this can be for perverts, pedophiles, sexual predators, Don or Jane Juan perpetrators, humiliation, brow beatings, public humiliation, leverage, medical as well as sexual, regardless of one's age, sex, fitness, or appearance.

For example, some of these sadistic perpetrators may have even enjoyed watching Wes, my late mother's boyfriend, shower her after chemo while she was vomiting and experiencing diarrhea. Some of these stalking predators are easily that far gone. So, resist the urge to stereotype it.

Perpetrators appear to profit from victims showering, so it is often be focused on by perpetrators, including also in Lawrence Community Shelter, where I went in 2019 weeks after leaving 1020. I was instructed by perpetrators to shower because a cop next door walking out of the police station said to, with the implied threat always looming of corrupt mental health workers attempting to use it as a measuring stick of mental health. This happened to be a black officer, and when I refused, it was acted out by another "homeless" female that she would "help" this poor cop. In this particular instance, this could have been perpetrator incriminating police. However, the ongoing theme is that police think and strive to be the emperors rather than public servants, who need to be held accountable.

Note that it took me ages after the 2005 workplace mobbing to be able to shower in my own home comfortably, when prior to this experience I showed every morning, and often took a hot bath at night. This is just one more example of how extensive the intrusion and violation can be by multiple perpetrator stalkers.

Everyone needed to be out of the church in the morning, and it was a nice feature that the shelter provided transportation all over town in the mornings and in the evenings, often late into the evening, arriving back at the shelter at 10 p.m. or later. This shelter also did very well with providing snacks, pizza, and other individually wrapped food as well certain clothing items for the winter. However, there was continuous, ongoing, directed conversation by both staff and "homeless" people.

If 1020 has opened for the winter of 2020, as it was said it would earlier in the year, I have yet to find any information about it.

Another example is someone with Alzheimer's. Should their concerns be taken seriously by police or automatically dismissed?
Another example is someone with Alzheimer's. Should their concerns be taken seriously by police or automatically dismissed? | Source

City Union Mission - CUM - Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri boasts a 500 bed men's shelter at City Union Mission, which, as a female, I have, of course, never stayed in. This is where most of the homeless people were coming from who were sleeping on the benches at 1200 Walnut prior to and during the revitalization of downtown, with bragging at that firm in 2005 (during the workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking that repeatedly nearly ended my life, targeting my child and even toddler grandchild, too) that they had even "gotten rid of" the homeless people sleeping in the park. Recall that Kansas City Missouri police were then riding on horseback through the downtown.

However, when my late brother, Bo, was struggling and suffering many years ago, apparently in ways completely unknown to me at the time, he absolutely hated and refused to go to CUM. As I recall after him staying there briefly, him telling of how they were required to get up in the morning and go out and sell little newspapers or fliers. He thought it was a cult of some kind that he never wanted to return to again.

After that one brief visit, Bo adamantly refused to return, and would have rather gone "nowhere." Shortly thereafter I donated a turkey, some potatoes, and other items for Thanksgiving, which they gladly accepted. However, that is the extent of my experience with CUM's 500 bed men's shelter.

The mailing address for City Union Mission is 1100 East 11th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106. Telephone: 816-474-9380.

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My brother, the late Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader in my apartment when we were young, before his beautiful blue eyes were so filled with heartache and pain. December 5, 1966 to December 2, 2006. May he rest in peace.The wrong date of birth.Gregory NMN Schrader's DeathGregory NMN Schrader's DeathMonkey Dance DefinitionJurisdiction Jumping, One AspectHijacked again in April 2019."What's gaslighting?" Flying Monkeys is a term taken from The Wizard of Oz, a movie in which the Wicked Witch sent her flying monkeys after Dorothy. It appears the wings on this photo have been photoshopped.Feigning IgnoranceOne definition of organized stalking.What's impersonating a police officer?Red Herring Definition, Logic.Imposed False Moral Dilemmas Double Bind Coercion Quote Dr. M. Scott Peck, People of the Lie Quote Dr. M. Scott Peck, People of the Lie Quote
My brother, the late Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader in my apartment when we were young, before his beautiful blue eyes were so filled with heartache and pain. December 5, 1966 to December 2, 2006. May he rest in peace.
My brother, the late Gail "Bo" Thomas Schrader in my apartment when we were young, before his beautiful blue eyes were so filled with heartache and pain. December 5, 1966 to December 2, 2006. May he rest in peace. | Source
The wrong date of birth.
The wrong date of birth. | Source
Gregory NMN Schrader's Death
Gregory NMN Schrader's Death | Source
Gregory NMN Schrader's Death
Gregory NMN Schrader's Death | Source
Monkey Dance Definition
Monkey Dance Definition | Source
Jurisdiction Jumping, One Aspect
Jurisdiction Jumping, One Aspect | Source
Hijacked again in April 2019.
Hijacked again in April 2019. | Source
"What's gaslighting?"
"What's gaslighting?" | Source
Flying Monkeys is a term taken from The Wizard of Oz, a movie in which the Wicked Witch sent her flying monkeys after Dorothy. It appears the wings on this photo have been photoshopped.
Flying Monkeys is a term taken from The Wizard of Oz, a movie in which the Wicked Witch sent her flying monkeys after Dorothy. It appears the wings on this photo have been photoshopped. | Source
Feigning Ignorance
Feigning Ignorance | Source
One definition of organized stalking.
One definition of organized stalking. | Source
What's impersonating a police officer?
What's impersonating a police officer? | Source
Red Herring Definition, Logic.
Red Herring Definition, Logic. | Source
Imposed False Moral Dilemmas
Imposed False Moral Dilemmas | Source
Double Bind Coercion Quote
Double Bind Coercion Quote | Source
Dr. M. Scott Peck, People of the Lie Quote
Dr. M. Scott Peck, People of the Lie Quote | Source
Dr. M. Scott Peck, People of the Lie Quote
Dr. M. Scott Peck, People of the Lie Quote | Source

Brief Sidebar on Bo

In 2016, The Year of the Police Report, I requested a homicide investigation be initiated regarding my late (biologically half, legally full) brother's death. The request was sent to the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, via U.S. Mail and electronically, to which there was no response. See more on reporting multiple perpetrator stalkers to police at Reporting Multiple Perpetrator Stalkers to Police, which will shortly become a live link upon publication.

Bo had not been in a homeless shelter for quite a few years by the time he passed three days prior to his fortieth birthday, but recall the goals of multiple perpetrator stalking campaigns is to cause the victim to become homeless, deceased or committed. Police consistently, across multiple jurisdictions, feign ignorant of the existence of these organized group stalkings.

Victimization Themes

Bo was on disability, another theme, with a suspended driver's license, another theme, and bogus mental health record, bingo. Recall that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the wealthiest industries in the United States, and that there are pharmaceuticals that can actually cause the condition for which they are prescribed, as well as the forced or leveraged consumption of prescriptions. It appears DoctorofMind, a physician who teaches other physicians about pharmaceuticals, we promoted for years, was either targeted or his YouTube channel was a few years ago.

This coupled with stalker technology, and the fact that they are allowed to continue uninterrupted, and so often actually aided by police, may be able to bring about the appearance of conditions. Misdiagnosis of conditions resulting from stalkers being diagnosed as other conditions has also been noted years ago. It was noted years ago the higher incidents of various conditions among scapegoated children of narcissistic parents, including panic attacks, fibromyalgia and others, which we were beginning to post when our big Facebook page was hijacked several years ago. (Note I am not a licensed physician).

Bo moved from his longtime jurisdiction (another long recognized theme, unless the cause of death is cancer or potentially (if indeed a certain death occurred in the home and longtime jurisdiction) even "This is an arc and I don't mean Noah's. Stay the hell out of Overland Park, b*itch!" - a threat received while returning, on foot, of course, (the loss of my automobile was also due to more stalker crimes) from trying to file police reports at OPPD, causing me to have to stop and lean on a pole for several minutes, with a uniformed police officer (believed to have been Mr. Smiley) standing down and across the street) of Kansas City, Missouri literally inches into Claycomo, Missouri, just prior to his death. When Bo died, being dragged 85 feet down I-35, which I suspect was to conceal SRA, it was barely in the Kansas City Missouri jurisdiction. There were no charges, of course. There is also some indication that Bo's eyes and heart were harvested.

The police and coroner's reports were excessively redacted, and do not believe this was out of consideration for loved ones. Bo had just moved apart from his wife, who was repeatedly called upon his unexpected death, to get the body. One is unable to "get the body" without funeral arrangements. Funeral arrangements are difficult, if not impossible, to make without life insurance or the cash to pay for the funeral. Note the trauma, too. The unredacted police and coroner's reports were requested in 2016, but never received, nor was there any response from police.


Perpetrators will often misuse HIPAA, (misuse meaning using the law against the spirit of the law) designed for protection, to keep loved ones from protecting their family members. For example, there was no one closer to my late Grandmother than myself, but I still do not know her cause of death even, with the Edwardsville, Wyandotte County, Kansas nursing home she died in, outside her longtime jurisdiction, citing HIPAA. Additionally, while the perpetrating attorney in 2005 handed me a stack of computer printouts at work stating, "These are medical records we're not supposed to have, so be sure to shred them," I was also unable to even call Liberty Hospital in 2005 to find out if my late mother was hospitalized, but a 45 minute drive was required instead - again, citing HIPAA.

Toxification of Victim

This moving into another jurisdiction just prior to death appears to be another theme, unless the cause of death is cancer, (note the hint of the appearance of this ex-marine being methed) which I have been threatened with, a multi-billion dollar industry. While police are playing games and assisting the stalkers, the victim may be poisoned, drugged, gassed (in home, car, or office), even for extended periods of time. Toxins are stored in fat cells, recalling that cancer is a multi billion dollar industry.

Electronic Strikes

The lined electronic strikes, believed to be radar or the current equivalent equipment, (as opposed to the pin light laser strikes psychos running loose all over the place especially love to strike parts of the body previously injured by perpetrators in order to inflict more pain), cause what has a similar appearance to cellulite. This is evidenced best by material with a small percentage of spandex in it.

For example, jean material with a small amount of spandex, the material will bubble in a line where you were struck, stretching it, and you may think you have lost weight, but as the strikes accumulate, the material has the appearance of dry rotting. I watched this progression on two pair of dark washed, winter weight new jeans in Mission. The strikes may also be evident on the skin. Yoga pants will stretch completely out. Leather being a natural material will dry out.

Based on personal experience, Mission Police Department is far from the only police department that will strike a stalking victim electronically. Fairway, Kansas is infested in our experience by aggressive perpetrating employees, including at least one in the city hall. Fairway PD will aggressive chase you around or sit in the Hen House parking lot to provide a clear shot for the longest period of time if you are walking through their jurisdiction. This is another kind of strike, resulting in nearly being unable to continue walking, as if the bone in your foot is ready to break, with my child having suffered a broken foot years ago. Merriam PD will also strike electronically, undoubtedly as well as others that may have been more discreet. Keep in mind there is more than one type of electronic strike. These are the strikes resulting in a line, generally across the body, especially the genitals, legs, buttocks, etc. The inflicted, prolonged stress due to police incompetence and corruption is another cancer factor.

Typos in Obituaries

There are more interesting typos surrounding this family of origin death, too. The most notable one being on his grave marker (DOB), but also in the obituary.

City Union Mission's Family Shelter

City Union Mission's Family Shelter picked me up a couple of miles from their family shelter. They took me to the shelter, and got me checked in when I was homeless a couple of years ago. There is a lunch room, as well as a television room, then various offices and classrooms. The television was blaring, something I have hated since I was a child. So, I asked and was granted permission to work on my laptop on my online content in one of the classrooms.

There was internet access in this classroom, which in appearance smacks of a high school classroom from the 1970's. It was very comfortable to me. However, a white male staff member soon discovered me quietly working in one of the classrooms. He decided me working quietly on my online content, my only source of income at the time, was against the rules suddenly, within the context of ongoing harassment and hacking of my online content and income that has gone on for years.

So, I think it was Dan who ended up kicked me out at about 9:00 or 9:30 in the evening, abruptly, in the winter. He banned me for three days, and put a note on my file that I would have to talk to him prior to being able to check back in. I have never tried to check back in, nor do I intend to. Note that prior to being stalked I did not have these problems with people, even in school I was often the "teacher's pet." Many of these situations are clearly orchestrated, which becomes exceedingly clear over time, regardless of where you are.

I donated quite a bit a stuff to CUM in June 2013 when I moved from my Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas, Westbrook Glenn, a Signature Community, based on New York, apartment, shortly after new management took over.

Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network

Interfaith is said to be approximately 30 churches working together to allegedly meet the needs of the homeless in Johnson County, Kansas. Application is made by telephone during which time you provide what may be a considerable amount of personal information for their review. Interfaith will then call you back should you be accepted. If you are not accepted, you will never hear from them again.

Being a lifelong resident of the area, graduate of several locate schools and universities, and a Christian with no criminal record, when I did not hear back from Interfaith I called to inquire as to why. Their phone is answered by volunteers who will basically tell you nothing, except that they are volunteers.

So, I asked the director of the program to return my call, which she did. I asked her about my application status and she stated it was not accepted. I inquired as to why, but she refused to provide any reason for the rejection of the application. I find this rather disturbing that 30 churches are working together, which apparently meaning pooling resources, finances, etc., and yet avoid any kind of reckoning, reasoning for their decisions on who to assist and who not to assist.

I find this especially disturbing based on my personal knowledge of the excessive numbers of those engaging in directed conversation and other such activities within our churches here locally.

So while I am a Christian, and this should certainly be considered "my Father's house" during this time of great stress and hardship, is the reason due to being targeted? If so, why is the church very literally burying its head in the sand rather than supporting its own in the heat of the battle? Or, is it worse than that?

I have three or maybe four times in the last two years or so contacted Interfaith, and my opinion is quite low based on those interactions and results, or lack thereof. Find Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network at 6315 W. 110th Street, Overland Park, KS 66211-1509; or telephone at (913) 345-2121. Good luck, and remember, whether you receive a call back or not, you ARE good enough!

Playing the Benevolent Servant

Feigning the Servant Quote by Dr. George Simon
Feigning the Servant Quote by Dr. George Simon | Source

Lawrence Community Shelter

Lawrence Community Shelter was full of aggressive directed conversation and manipulative headgames. One staff member, an obese male who self-identified as Native American, literally sat at the front desk playing video games and calling me profane names as I tried to use the computer, repeatedly. Again, things like this just generally never occurred prior to the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, although there are some questionable instances, such as with Claycomo Police Department the first semester of law school, Sprint during that same time as a customer, and some other previously articulated instances prior to this time.

The rules were not consistently applied. Additionally, the meals here also had that same strange odor several times. Lawrence Community Shelter is low on funding and had to cut back on the number of people they could accept the last I heard.

If you call 211 they will batch your through to Lawrence Community Shelter.

Restart - Kansas City, MO

Restart is a homeless shelter system that offers various programs. Based on recollection, it offers three months of shelter to the homeless in apartment like settings. Restart also offered, at least in the Winter of 2017-8, emergency overflow cold weather nightly shelter.

In this instance once police finished sabotaging everywhere else outside the homeless shelter system to get in out of the winter cold, even to the point of being mobbed by two police departments, seven uniformed officers in all, in the Gladstone Perkin's, who had just invited me the previous night to plan on staying with them every Monday night, but Gladstone police forcing me to the St. Luke's Northland, where I immediately refused medical attention.

There was directed conversation by one of the four young, white male uniformed Kansas City Missouri police officers as I entered Perkin's, these cops who stalked me to Perkin's that night, zooming in front of me into the parking lot. This was followed by another disparaging public display by three Gladstone uniformed officers, furthering the stalker agenda of determined diagnosis, and threatened me not to return to the Gladstone Perkin's under threat of trespassing charges (an echo).

Recall that the prior evening, Perkin's had just invited me to plan on staying with them every Monday night. There was absolutely no logical, common sense, legitimate reason whatsoever at all to force me to the hospital, except to further the stalker agenda of a bogus mental health diagnosis, as well as billing. Thus, we continue to advocate that these police department be purged of perpetrating police officers!

Restart cold weather overflow was not bad when the perpetrators leave you alone, nor was the food. However, there are also cranky employees or volunteers in this facility at Restart. My experience was for one of these employees to just start some issue with me then abruptly kick me out. The last time I was near this facility in a bad part of town, they refused to allow me to stand in the lobby in order to get out of the pouring, cold night rain. Therefore, I returned to KCI Airport where Kansas City Missouri Police cited me for trespassing.

Restart is located at 918 East Ninth Street Kansas City, Mo 64106. Their telephone number is 24-Hour Youth Hotline (816) 309-9048 and 24-Hour Access Line to reStart Inc. (816) 472-5664.

Salvation Army Family Shelter, Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas

In 1999 my child and I stayed at the Salvation Army Family Shelter in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas. This was the first time we had ever been to a homeless shelter. This shelter is not available to singles. Our stay was prior to them building their new building they are currently housed in. It is quite a bit bigger and nicer than the old facility, based on my recollection.

We stayed in a room with bunk beds, one for me and one for my child, as well as another family in another set of bunk beds. It was generally a place to sleep and shower, with both families sharing a bathroom. I am uncertain how their current facility is situated, as to whether families continue to share rooms or have their own rooms.

Everyone in the shelter was required to be there for dinner, which was often inconvenient. However, on one occasion the man in charge of the facility informed me that I would eat what was served as well as force my child to. He raised his voice to me, and I raised my voice back to him during this exchange of him shouting inappropriate orders. I could not figure out at the time how one group of middle aged women after another consistently fixed such bad meals. We were gracious about it, but I did not even dream at the time what the truth appears to be.

I responded that I was not going to force my child to eat a hotdog that was literally green, nor was he going to tell me what I put in my body, and certainly not in my child's body. I think this started over us not "cleaning our plates," but using our food stamps. You were required to apply for food stamps if you stayed there.

This same man, and I don't recall his rank, as Salvation Army has ranks like the U.S. Army, but he was the man in charge of the facility, also told me I should forget about the law school and get a job. Of course, I did get a job, and in the legal field. What he was discouraging me from doing was taking the Law School Admissions Test to apply to law school, telling me to forget law school. This was based on a conversation resulting from me having an LSAT book there at the shelter.

Then, the ladies in the office gave my minor child a little quilt some ladies had made for the children to sooth them during such a stressful time as homelessness. My child covered up with small quilt and was stuck with straight pins. There were what appeared to be a container of straight pins sewn into the children's quilt they gave my child as a gift.

My child and I ended up leaving the shelter as soon as I found a job as I recall. I found this to be a very unfortunate experience and insight, as I am quite certain The Salvation Army was founded by Christian "soldiers" with a passion for helping, especially other Christians.

I am not as aware of their current programs or their new facility. However, if more current information is obtained, this article will be updated. The Salvation Army Family Shelter is located at 420 E Santa Fe in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas. Telephone number: 913-782-3640.

After They Make You Homeless

After They Cause You to Become Homeless

Keep in mind while reading the following that it is typed by a mother and grandmother who grew up as the oldest of five. My opinion of what is potentially going on in this video would undoubtedly have been much different a couple of decades ago, prior to experiencing being targeted.

Video in Ontario, Canada: I would say this may be something or it may be nothing, but it is something due to the multiple perpetrator stalkers, as well as the potential double bind of staying in that homeless shelter or sleeping outside. However, it sounds like he still has a friend he can stay with, perhaps leaving a third option. Hopefully, his buddy is not a troll, too.

Victims Need the Words

Note the fact that he cannot find the words to articulate the behavior, such as gaslighting. This is what we have been striving to provide victims, originally in order to report it to police. However, police behavior then came sharply into focus.This is a statement of fact based on experience, not legal advice.

Lack of Family Support

Note the lack of support from his brother, and the imposed punishment of having to stay away from his mother for six months, who he stated got in the middle of the fight, as he is in the dead of winter out in the elements in Canada. It is also interesting that his punishment included staying away from his mother as well as his father, when his father was the one he was fighting with, based solely on the above video.

Bo was the only one in my extended family of origin who said I could stay with him, then my late Grandmother did in the following months. This was after we were stalked out of our Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas duplex, losing nearly everything we owned.

When Bo was young he lived with me several times, with what now appears to be a perpetrator working diligently to cause me to disallow same. Double bind coercion is a large part of multiple perpetrator stalking campaigns.

Isolation: Long Recognized Goal of Any Abuser

Note the statement that going to Tim Horton's is the only time he gets out of the house, but that is not allowed anymore. Imposed isolation.

Lack of Transportation and Driver's License - Implants

Note the lack of transportation and the suspended driver's license. While perpetrators will stalk you in your automobile, and do things like try to block you in on the highway, they prefer to hunt their prey on foot. It is my hope that this young man's feet and legs do not hurt from foot implants and being struck electronically on his legs. While it is unknown why this young man is without transportation, stalkers will sabotage automobiles, as well as orchestrating the complete loss of vehicles.

Orchestrated Dependence

Notice the dependence, which we have no background information on. Suspended driver's licenses is another noted theme, as previously stated. He still appears physically healthy.

Disability is a theme in the United States, which is often coupled with HUD, which appears to provide identity thieves with a home and income when they take over. Note that out of seven siblings and their spouses, the ones who were married in 2005-7, four of them are on disability, or were prior to death.

Bo and his wife had long been on disability by the time of the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, another sibling spouse applied for disability during that time after working his entire life, and another sibling went on disability in the following couple of years, after Bo's passing in 2006. Bo's physical injuries included, but were not limited to, both shoulders being injured in Wichita, Kansas when he moved away years ago.

There have been repeated attempts to cause me to become disabled or to be on disability, too. There was an attempt to put me on disability immediately following the 2005 workplace mobbing in 2006, which involved a great deal of criminal activity, including but not limited to Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri and Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas, resulting in no known charges or compensation. Additionally, I placed a 911 call from my late Grandmother's landline in Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County, Kansas, during this time to report being drugged and raped, and was gaslighted by the dispatcher.

Then there is the matter of millions of dollars in lost income, during the prime earning years of my life, when my transition into practicing law should have been as smooth as silk, as well as an eBay store, the books with the flash drive stolen several years ago in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, that contained the first half of the manuscript, and has still not been returned or the rest written due to the ongoing situation, as well as online pages, hacked Amazon bookstore and account, hacked Google and Blogger, hijacked Facebook pages, hijacked email accounts, etc.

Each time an attempt to make a move is made, the perpetrators drug me, as they did during the year of the police report prior to entering a police station, as well as often daily, and as they have continued to do anyway, for years, reported to police in 2016. Then, of course, my children, which includes grandchildren, injuries, pain and suffering, lost income that my child would have had being a nurse for more than a decade now, physical injuries, all of the children resulting from our bodies by any means returned, damages to our reputations, the still ongoing intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and on and on.

There is currently an attempt to cause disability from physical injuries. This also involved criminal activity, that when reported to Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas Police Department, the female uniformed officer gaslighted me, even as she was claiming not to know what gaslighting is, and was barely able to contain her grin (evidenced at the corners of her mouth) while doing so she was so proud of herself.

The nine page typed articulation of these crimes within the greater context, originating on or about May 23, 2014, in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, disappeared from my belongings last winter while at 1020 Project.

The multiple serious injuries are still untreated, unprosecuted to the best of my knowledge, and uncompensated for. On another attempt at OPPD also years ago now, I was able to submit some documents, in the always available at every police station 24/7, fine collection box, around the stalkers.

As a side note regarding other potential targeting, recall that the Babyboomers retiring and dying is the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of this country, the United States. That is largely due to the 401(k).

Displays of Power and Humiliation

Note the orders from the homeless shelter. Humiliation, generally public, is another theme. For example, Bo was on the local most wanted list broadcast locally when he was young.

Note he states the military even showed up causing it to sound like a big, disparaging public display, which police generally engage in, in my experience. Recall, while these were not tanks, that the first time U.S. tanks, for example, were used against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, was the widely televised, not being so familiar in that day, Waco, Texas case under Clinton. It also calls to mind the controversy years ago surrounding Clinton allegedly trying to change the military oath to the United Nations rather than the United States.

Power is a huge issue for stalkers, and they will seek to place victims in positions where perpetrators exercise power over them, including jail, homeless shelters, work, landlords, relationships, and mental institutions, as well as other instances - in increasing levels.

Police and Mental Health Workers/Record

It sounds like he may have a mental health record starting, which he sounds like he is brushing off because he knows it is bogus, but if he is being targeted it will almost certainly be used in the future by perpetrators, including police. Police in general are extremely eager to work with or call in mental health professionals when they are not needed.

I nearly become a psychologist myself, and may yet do so. It grieves me greatly to see the misuse of same, including me myself being perpetrated against by a psychiatrist from India, just like the then new middle-aged female pediatrician from India at KUMW during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking who gaslighted me regarding my then toddler grandchild.

Police will gaslighting you once you have become homeless due to their incompetence and corruption, by suggesting or inquiring of mental illness based solely on homelessness. Police may even have a mental health worker working right along side of them. It is currently my opinion that many of these cops know exactly what they are doing to innocent men, women, and children.

Police Activity

Bo was getting in fights at a young age, undoubtedly provoked by perpetrators, and I was getting him out of jail. Perpetrators want you to strike first to give the appearance of police "just doing their jobs," and with that potentially being true of innocent officers. However, in my personal experience police will press the charges against the victim even if the victim does not strike first, and perpetrators will orchestrate confrontations between two victims in order to divide and conquer, too.

He's saying the cops are awesome, but that he has had a lot of run-ins with them. I am in my mid-fifties, and I have been stopped by police more in the last four years, since the year of the police report, 2016, than the rest of my life combined, many times over. There is a little coordinated game perpetrators play, where they call police out of "concern" because you are walking.

(Of course, you are walking in the first place because their activity caused the loss of your vehicle and/or driver's license, in my experience, however it may have been orchestrated). Other times, this appears to be the police excuse for stopping and harassing you, that someone called "concerned" for you.

While this could be innocent at times, it pretty quickly becomes obvious in context of the situation to be another coordinated effort. Having access to your driver's license is of particular concern to perpetrators, and if they cannot get to it, the police will do it for them in my experience, with numerous cops asking me for my driver's license for absolutely no reason, one after another after another, during or around the time reporting stalkers was initiated, delayed 3 to 4 months in late 2015 under threat of arrest and incarceration, and continuing to a lesser degree.

Note I have no criminal record whatsoever at all, but a police record going back my entire life of only traffic violations. Some of these were called into question during the 55 articulations of a potential 80 in 2016, the year of the police report. Then, the trespassing charges issued at Kansas City International Airport two years ago, as my dream of living at the airport was shattered, (sarcasm) occurring in the first place due to prolonged police incompetence and corruption.

I wonder if this young man's (in the above video) story will change as it progresses because police play lots of games, including those designed to give the illusion of them doing their jobs while actually perpetrating. When you are mobile, even on foot, police often will stop you minutes after you step into their jurisdiction.Police also become more overt when they believe the victim is down too far to be able to do anything about it.

Satanist and Nazi Theme

He's identifying the predators, which he states there are hundreds of them, as satanists, Illuminati, and Nazis. I definitely would agree that satanists are distinctly involved, with a heavy Nazi theme. This is carried out by bringing the concentration camp to you, and having you visit one of their concentration camps by force on occasion, for a victim-blaming reason, of course.

Destruction of Video and Photograph Capability Theme

Note that this video is dated in 2015. I hope it is because all is well with him, and that the lack of any more recent videos than a year ago is not due to loss of equipment. Perpetrators want to be the ones taking the photos, and will steal or destroy cameras or camera phones. I have had 6 or 7 picture cell phones stolen in recent years. They may also have hijacked his YouTube or G-mail account. Note the free video making site that many were using to raise awareness went down a few years ago. It came back up, but is no longer free - Xnormal. You'll be much harder pressed to find one now that is free even for commercial use, let alone unlimited. Even $10 can be prohibitive to a stalking victim.

Destruction of Computer Equipment Theme

Perpetrators also steal or destroy computer equipment, which then leaves the victim to deal with the perpetrator filled public libraries. Our Johnson County Kansas Public Library never had Firefox, the only independent browser, updated during the year of the police report, 2016. However, a patron could manually check the status and update the browser, even though if you signed off it would have to be updated again. Now patrons are unable to even see the status of the browser or update it manually. This was the perpetrator-filled public library response to expressing concern about the matter regarding vulnerability to hackers. This concealment is consistent with any discernible results on any front of reporting stalkers to police.

Double Bind Coercion
Double Bind Coercion | Source

Raising Awareness

While there are likely various organizations and individuals participating in multiple perpetrator stalkings, what organizations are across this country in every town, as well as other countries? Other countries is stated because we have had fans from outside the United States even on our Facebook page, (hijacked again in April 2019, after moving from Johnson County, Kansas to Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas), Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother describe the patterns we recognized several years ago, too.

We received comments from other parts of this country, as well as outside this country, stating the police were helping abusive, narcissistic families of origin prey on and kill their own, with no way of escape. We noticed many years ago those in the scapegoat role of dysfunctional, narcissistic families of origin were often disadvantaged financially, physically ill, had their children turned against them, etc. This entire program is victim-blaming, so be very careful attempting to explain it away with psychology lower down the spectrum.

(Note that satanists online believe they own the word "scapegoat," with stalkers claiming that Satan won but was Jesus' scapegoat as a part of their alleged theology).

Recognition is Not Enough

Recall that I recognized several patterns quite a few years ago now, but that did not stop perpetrators from drugging and kidnapping me, while impersonating a police officer, resulting in multiple serious physical injuries intended to lead to disability and death, and with no known charges. All levels of law enforcement were notified of this situation in 2016. Recall also that I have a law degree, but perpetrators repeatedly attempt to force me to work fast food jobs.

Final Thoughts

If you are a stalking victim I would do everything you possible can not to enter the perpetrator filled homeless shelter system in Kansas City, Missouri and Johnson and Douglas Counties in Kansas. Of course, if you are a stalking victim stalked by multiple perpetrators it is almost certainly one of their goals to cause you homelessness. The known goals being causing the victim to become homeless, committed, or deceased.

In our experience the police make it quite difficult to avoid the perpetrator filled homeless shelter system in a methodical manner. First, by their enduring incompetence and corruption of not only failing (or maybe a more accurate word is "refusing") to arrest and aid in the prosecution of multiple perpetrator stalkers, but also joining in with the parasitic predators and perverts against the victim.

Then, in our experience it is the police who will actively and systematically make certain that the homeless stalking victim has no place to even get in out of the elements. This is based on personal experience, which can be articulated with examples. Thus, this could force one into the homeless shelter system.

Then, there is the never ending harassment by police once you become homeless due in the first place to their complete and utter incompetence and corruption over so many years. No matter the losses, injuries, trauma, or damage to you and your loved ones, including minor children, do not expect law enforcement to be the slightest bit apologetic about their complete and utter failure for the very reason for their existence as an entity, it appears because they are so proud of suceeding at this hidden cult-like agenda. Keep in mind it also appears perpetrating police officers may be running more fit officers in circles, as appeared to be the case in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas in recent years.

Police are quite the opposite of apologetic, which we find disgusting having known and been friends with police officers in the past. Therefore, we advocate for the cleaning out of these police departments that are failing, completely and utterly, at the publicly stated very reason for their existence as an entity due to what appears to be corruption and incompetence. Every citizen should not be left to determine whether the uniformed officer standing in front of them is trying to uphold the law to the best of their ability, a member of a cult or other corruption, or some lunatics allow to run around impersonating police officers.

Centralized Systems

Additionally, I recall a couple of decades ago as a firm employee being pressured into donating a small percentage of my income to United Way, which I did not agree with at that time, and after experiencing this system from the other end, am of the opinion that this system needs to be decentralized. I am of the same opinion of 30 churches joining together to create the Interfaith Hospitality Network, from which this born again Christian of many years found absolutely no hospitality whatsoever at all.

These are your dollars at work.

Single Stalker Victims Speak Out

The laws have to be enforced, too!

Kelly's Echo book is forthcoming should there ever be any effective restoration enough to write it, most likely at this point by an Act of God.
Kelly's Echo book is forthcoming should there ever be any effective restoration enough to write it, most likely at this point by an Act of God. | Source

This article is intended to raise awareness for stalking victims. It is in no way intended to incriminate or disparage anyone mentioned.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Kelly Ann Christensen


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