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Homes for Our Troops

Updated on October 21, 2011

100 More Homes For Our Troops

Helping our Wounded Warriors

This is being written to help draw attention to a worthy cause, for the people who do not know about the Homes For Our Troops .

Learn About Homes For Our Troops

I don't know how many of you watched the Extreme Home Makeover program Monday night, about the wonderful lady in Fayetteville who has been and is now able to help more women because of the generosity of Extreme Home Makeover Jubilee/Marshall Family, and all the volunteers and vendors that made this possible, well it was a real tear jerker.

This is another program for our troops and I with a lot of very generous people were actually able to give our support in such a worth while cause, and I am so thankful and blessed to have gotten to know this particular Wounded Warrior and his family. I will tell you he is a wonderful young man that was tragically wounded, with brain trauma, but he and his family are true American heroes with their will and zest for life. I just wish I had the courage and stamina to carry on with the appreciation and just plain thankful that they are alive and still together as family.

I am asking you and your friends that if you are looking for a worthwhile charity or cause, I implore you to please go to their website and check them out. The homes they are building are designed and built to be handicap accessible to allow the families and the Wounded Warriors as much comfort and mobility as possible.

Sgt_Jonathan Robert's Story
Sgt_Jonathan Robert's Story | Source

SGT Jonathan Roberts Waxhaw,N.C. His Story

This is just one of the many personal stories that Homes For Our Troops have helped to read more stories go to their website:

On August 17, 2005 SGT Jonathan Roberts was struck by an 18 wheeler in Baghdad. Jon was on his way to pick up an officer from the airport when he rounded a corner and saw a semi truck coming straight at him. He went to swerve and ended up hitting a tree and then being struck by the semi.

After these two major jolts, Jon was rushed to a hospital in Bagdad where they performed emergency brain surgery on him. Jon spent the next 3 months in a coma and his doctors recommended that his parent's put him in a nursing home and move on. Eventhough many nurses, therapists and doctors gave up on Jon his parents refused to. By God's grace Jon is now starting to talk again and is walking with assistance

Homes for Our Troops Volunteers and Vendors

Homes for Our Troops

This site is also to recognizes the volunteers and vendors of this community, so I would ask that if you are moving to the Greater Charlotte, N.C.area or just plan on an addition or remodel to at least give the companies on the list below an opportunity to bid.

PLAN Drawings
David Wood Home Designs - David Wood

McGee Brothers - Sam McGee
T & C Footings - Todd & Chad Laney

Concrete Supply - Larry Wadell

Porta-Jon Inc.

Boggs Paving - Drew Boggs
Martin-Marietta - Brandon Lindsey

Metrolina Construction - Tony Hill
Tile & All, Inc. - Dustin Wilborn

D.L.Autry Construction,Inc.
CBS - Eddie Roberts
Multicraft Homes - Richard Croswell
Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, McLean, VA


Dumpster Services
Trash Control - Todd & Chad Laney

Gregg McAllister
WayneCo Roofing Co. - Daryl

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Plastics Division - Penny Crot
E & W Plumbing - Jack Elms

Byrum Heating & Air - Scott Byrum
HD Supply - Jason Schlappich
Quality Heating & Air - Jack McAlister
R&R Heating and Air Conditioning - Richard Plattenberger

Heritage Propane - Jerry Lindsey

Rinnai America/WB & Associates - Warren Klugman

Camelot Custom Homes - Dan Healy
Colonial Materials - Bobby Shoemaker

Construction Applicators - Crystal Barker

Hinson Electric - Ron Hinson
Long Wiring - Jack Hargett
Reggie Brooks Electrical - Reggie Brooks

Hearth & Patio - Don Marze
New Buck Corp. - Robert Bailey

Vintage Cabinetry - Neal Silas and Rick Duncan

Beck Builders - Bryon Beck

Home Depot - Danny Greene
Universal Forest - Terry Christopher

Lyf-Tym Building Products - Jerry Cuddy

Knights Hardwoods - Brad Knight
Hans Dreisback (JAARS)

Sherwin Williams - Glenn Nelson

Building Center - Charlie Hovis

Craig Miller Custom Homes - Craig Miller

C3 Construction Cleaning - Gail Bunn

Cyn-Mar Construction, Inc.- Mark VanKuren
Carolinas Construction - John Youngerman
James Pressley
Metrolina Construction - Rusty Tanner
Tad Dunn- REBIC
JAARS - Larry Zaugg
JAARS - Doug White
JAARS - Tony Trowbridge
JAARS - Martin Popp
JAARS - John Mark
JAARS - Rick Herr
JAARS - Doug Dorn
JAARS - Matt Caddell
JAARS - Russ Brandsma
JAARS - Earl Bowers
JAARS - Jene Ahrems
JAARS - Allen May
JAARS - Barry Joyner
JAARS - Boyd Adcock

Carolina Pest Management - Bob Beckham

Ted Dellinger - Dellinger Inc.
Jimmy Norwood
Marty Griffin - MD Griffin Company
Nancy McCoy Duncan (in honor of her brother)
Elaine Kitto (in honor of PFC Cameron Taylor, USMC)
T S Woodworks
Tommy Holevas - Holevas & Holton
Randy Tucker - Triple T Builders
Cindy Hahn - Cyn-Mar Construction, Inc.
Union County Home Builders Association

I apologize that I don't have the websites available for the the above volunteers and vendors, but I thought it was more important to get this information out first. I will be adding the websites and contact information at a later date.

I will also being writing a small snippet on the individual companies, the volunteers I just have to give them my many thanks and admiration for helping a cause so worth while.

If you could please forward this to as many people as possible, just get the word out about Homes For Our Troops

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